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Forever ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group Ballantine Books in exchange for an honest review image error 5 Amazing StarsFull review posted Forever is the second book from the The World of Nightwalkers series of Jacquelyn Frank and i loved it I am not a big fan of paranormal and i never thought i will find another series to love so much This books made me buy all books connected with this series and i can t wait to read them.At the end of the first book Jackson Waverly dies and he is being reborn as the host for Menes the Egyptian pharaoh and the king of Bodywalkers.Till the blending with Menes is complete, Jackson has 3 weeks to still be able to stay in daylight and to be close to the woman he realized he loves Dr Marissa Anderson.In the same time Menes has chosen Marissa to be the host for his beloved it queen Hatshepsut s and cause Jackson loves Marissa the situation is perfect for both of them But what will take to convince Marissa to be give up everything she knows for something she doesn t even know yet.My thoughts about this book.The first thing i can say about this book is I liked the first book of this series but i absolutely LOVED this book Totally blew me away This book is amazingly perfectly written and not very often i see that happening Another reason to love this book is the amazing Egyptian world Jacquelyn Frank takes us I am big fan of they history and that s makes this series evenspecial to me.So if you are in research for a good paranormal book, this is the perfect book to start with, but you will have to read the first book in this series as they are connected with each other This review has been posted at courtesy to Random House Publishing Group via NetGalley. I am a fan of the Nightwalker series, and I liked the first book in this World of Nightwalker series However the occupations and relationships of the human s in this story requiresuspension of belief than the supernatural one s Marissa is a Doctor She went to medical school and became a Psychiatrist That means that she is a extremely intelligent and driven woman She works for the Police Department, so she is constantly dealing with the human psyche, especially the darker aspects Jackson is also her patient, and while he is very attractive this loving him from afar thing is ridiculous for two reason s One, he is her patient It is completely unethical for them to have a relationship Having a relationship with him if discovered would result in the loss of her job, and probably her license Reason number two, he is her patient She knows exactly how messed up he is Before he became a Bodywalker this man had some serious issues He is deeply suffering over the loss of his K 9 partner Now don t get me wrong, I love animals Dog s especially, but him not being able to function is not normal Now I m no medical professional, but I would think the loss of his dog hit him so hard because he barely has any human relationship s Jackson has his little sister, and his friend Leo who spends most of the time out of the country Nothing screams red flag like a single man in his 30 s who has no friends So Jackson should have been firmly placed in Marissa s no go zone In this book his and Marissa s story pick up after he become s a Bodywalker, a.k.a he is suffering from a severe personality disorder The conflict that draw s them together wasn t even really real And the book wrap s up with and ending that could only have been accomplished with a major case of Stockholm Syndrome, because Marissa for all of her intelligence never really questioned anything She never really went toe to toe with anyone and said Hell no, this is crazy, I m not doing this When she should have been kicking and screaming, she would calmly disagree for a hot sec and then do a 180 and agree with whoever she was talking to How she lived this long with out some man grabbing her up and convincing her to cater to his every whim is a miracle.Jackson Menes was not likable to me in this book at all In Forbidden he was a slightly overbearing big brother, but he came across as a loving and honorable man Even though he was extremely distraught over the loss of his K 9 partner Chico, it didn t seem like the dog was his only friend Jacskon joining with Menes made him a jerk, in this book he is a manipulative ass For someone who supposedly cared so much for Marissa spent an awful lot of time disregarding her wishes and well being for Menes motives.This book feltlike a filler, the lack of actual conflict faced by the lead character s made this story feel like it should have been a novella All that being said, am not done with this series I am hoping this was just a fluke and the next book will get us back on track. Nice abs, huh I m so glad that I finally discovered Jacquelyn Frank Yes, I know, I m a bit behind in my series reading I absolutely adored Forbidden, the first book in her World of the Nightwalkers series As I settled down to read Forever, I knew I was in for a treat.The plot picks up right where Forbidden left off, but this book focuses on the hunky Jackson Waverly and his love interest Marissa Anderson Jackson is a K 9 officer in the Saugerties police force He loves his job but is grieving for the loss of his last K 9 partner Jackson is undergoing the transformation to become host to the Egyptian pharaoh Menes Throughout his transformation, Jackson becomesandpowerful but he is weakened by the sunlight Marissa is the police psychiatrist I loved Marissa she is very cerebral and analytic Every step she takes is carefully weighed.I loved Jackson and Marissa From all the descriptions of Jackson, who could blame Marissa Reading some of the descriptions made me want to take a cold shower Pretty He s a god He s the kind of guy that makes you wish to be a bar of soap in his shower These two have a strong attraction which is compounded by Menes yearning for his love Hatshepsut Think of it as a kind of foursome with two bodies And wow, Ms Frank can write some passionate and hot alpha male love scenes The build up is exquisite I knew then that I had died without ever knowing what it meant to live Knowing I d had sex, but never made exquisite love, that I d known lust, but never true passion I knew longing, frustration and craving too well and satisfaction not at all I came back for those reasons, but mostly Marissa, I came back for you The author creates such an intriguing world and manages to create her own unique mixture of Egyptian mythology and the paranormal The background story is full of conflict, war, and betrayal The Bodywalker lore is interesting Bodywalkers are practically immortal, reincarnating themselves once they find a human on the verge of death They then merge their spirit with that of the human.I think that I enjoyed the inner dialogue of the characters the most As Jackson transforms into Menes, the two minds merge and work together Menes almost seems accommodating to Jackson, allowing him to love Marissa.There were some awesome battle scenes complete with all sorts of paranormal creatures I loved the gargoyles the best, especially their cute gargoyle names with the extra letter H s.I am really glad that I found this series I would recommend Jacquelyn Frank s World of the Nightwalkers series to paranormal romance lovers, especially those looking for some summer reads for the pool or cottage Thank you to Edelweiss and Ballantine Books for a review copy of this book.Review posted on Badass Book Reviews. Forever picks up right where the first book in the series Forbidden ends King Menes has been incarnated through Jackson Waverly, a police officer, who was introduced in Forbidden It is ideal to start the series at the beginning, but Frank provides enough exposition throughout this second book for readers to become comfortable with the storyline and ongoing conflicts Jackson and Menes have gone through the process of blending and, now, along with fighting against his enemies, one of Menes priorities is to find a host for his beloved Queen Hatshepsut image error On continue de fouiner dans les tr fonds de la PAL, bof, un c t Goa uld qui me g ne franchement. After Being Brought Back From Death, Police Officer Jackson Waverly Receives The Shock Of His Life He Has Become Host To A Bodywalker, A Spirit That Is Reborn In Flesh And Blood, And Part Of A Proud, Ancient Race That Uses Its Extraordinary Gifts To Battle Dark, Evil Forces Jackson S Spirit Is A Powerful One None Other Than The Egyptian Pharaoh Menes, Who Longs To Reunite With His Eternal Love, The Egyptian Queen HatshepsutWhile Menes Is Obsessed With Finding The Perfect Vessel For His Queen, Jackson Cannot Stop Thinking About Dr Marissa Anderson, The Gorgeous Precinct Shrink Who Keeps Pushing Him To Confront His Grief Over The Loss Of His KPartner But What Marissa Really Arouses Most In Jackson Is Intense Desire, Which Is Exactly What Menes Is Looking For To Fight A Great Enemy, Pharaoh And Queen Must Join But To Host Hatshepsut, Marissa Will First Have To Die Fate Has Given Jackson A Profound Choice Save Marissa From Menes Plan Or Keep An Entire Species From The Brink Of Extinction Jacquelyn Frank has returned to the world of the Nightwalkers Forever is book two of her Bodywalkers leg of the Nightwalkers I am beginning to believe that she will be telling the story of each Nightwalker Species then gradually tie them all together This is beginning to get really interesting as we have heard from the Demons, the Shifters, the Vamps, the Shadowdwellers and now are getting some inside peaks into the lives of the Bodydwellers that leaves seven species unaccounted for hmmmm.Jackson Waverly is a cop. it s who he is, what he does He has spent years as a canine cop and after the death of his first dog he went into serious depression It didn t help that about that time his sister went missing and was presumed dead When she came back to life sharing her body with another soul, let s just say he wasn t thrilled But when he was close to death and the same option was offered to him, Jackson accepted the soul of Menes, the leader of the Bodywalkers Now all he has to do is learn to merge their souls, figure out how to leave his job and oh yeah. convince the sexy psychiatrist that she too wants to become a bodywalker Dr Marissa Anderson has spent as much time peaking out her window watching the ever smexy officer Waverly train his new police dog as she has spent treating her patients While she is attracted to him she is determined to keep him at arms length, professional behavior and all that Only her hormones seem to have something entirely different in store for her When Jackson is forced to fight off an evil gargoyle in front of Marissa she is abruptly brought into the Bodywalker world One of them escaped and is aware that she meansto him than just another human being Now they must leave the world both are familiar with and begin a new life in the Desert of the southwest A place where bodywalkers feel most comfortable Menes, wants to convince Marissa to allow a melding with the great love of his life immediately but Jackson is still in protection mode and wants only for Marissa to be safe Talk about an internal battle..This was just a good book Dealing with the names involved in this series was like taking a step back into ancient Egyptian culture and Ms Frank does an excellent job of keeping their personalities. and yet explaining that with each soul merge they have had over the centuries, they have changed and grown Excellent concept if a bit odd. but she also deals with the differences between a symbiotic relationship and one where the original owners of the body areor less subjugated and destroyed On top of their eternal battle between the Politics the good bodywalkers and the Templars the evil bodywalkers a new evil is brought into play and the need to find the rest of the Nightwalkers is becoming dire Yeah a really good book. You can read this book without reading the other Nightwalker Series but you are gonna want to read them all eventually. Happy ReadingShauni This review is based on the ARC of Forever provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on May 28, 2013 Jack Waverly was killed in an explosion, but in death he is offered a rebirththe catch he has to share his body with another soul, the great pharaoh Menes Menes is a Bodywalker, a leader of an ancient race that co exist inside another human Menes and his queen Hatshepsut have decided to return to the mortal world once again and Menes must find another vessel, human to host his queens soul.Jack is a police officer and has recently lost his K9 partner Jack is obsessing over the hot Dr Anderson, the doctor assigned to evaluate Jack s mental health Both Menes and Jack are drawn to Marrisa Anderson and when she witnesses an attack that includes gargoyles Jack must come clean about the Bodywalkers and the danger Marrisa now faces Menes wants Marrisa to be Hatsheput s host but to do that Marissa must die Jack wants Marrisa because he s fallen in love with the spunky doctor that hides behind her emotional guards An enemy releases an ancient evil,powerful than any Bodywalker Hatsheput and Mene s must come together to save the mortal world from destruction Adversaries must call a truce The Bodywalker clans must reunite Forever was an action packed adventure Dark and heart wrenching choices must be made in this installment of The World of The Nightwalkers series There is a perfect blending of character strengths and flaws between Jack and Menes souls making him one very hot and uber alpha leader of the Bodywalkers The relationship between Marissa and Jack is hard won and tenuous but when they come together it is explosive and extremely passionate Jacqueln Frank s stunning imaginative tale will blow you away in a world where Egyptian kings and queens still walk among us.This ARC copy of Forever was given to me by Random House Ballantine Books in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication on May 28, 2013. I ve read everything that J.Frank has published even the stuff under Jax pen name and enjoyed it Mostly because she really knows how to build a believable world that is so convincing and real, it makes me want to revisit it over and over again.With this new spin off series in the World of Nightwalkers, I had a little trouble with the world I never quite believed in it and I have this vague impression that neither did the characters Usually when I get a new J.Frank book, I devour it in one sitting, but it took me 3 days to finish Forever And while I did like the love story and the main characters, I was never fully invested and I kept feeling like something wasn t quite right.POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD It bothered me that the heroine s bodywalker didn t make an appearance until the very last chapter in the book when she was such a huge part of the love story That I believe is the biggest issue I have with the book It was well written, as always It flowed, had great pacing and all the hallmarks of a Frank favorite, but I didn t buy the relationship in the end.I would like to point out that I have no issues with the menage a quatre concept if it is well done I ve read some brilliant and beautifully emotional menage stories that are favorites of mine So that isn t what puts me off I just don t think the author was as comfortable with the concept because I was feeling uncomfortable while reading about it Of course, that s just my impression I actually felt a bit disgruntled almost cheated, because I had never failed to get that feel good feeling with this author and she had always been an automatic buy for me While Forever is still miles ahead of many of the books in the genre, I will most likely not re read this book It won t make it to the keeper shelf I would recommend that you read the first Bodywalker book Forbidden, before this one It was much better in my opinion I RECEIVED A COPY OF FOREVER FROM NETGALLY IN EXCHANGE FOR A HONEST REVIEW.

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