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How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Nonprofit Hell How Do You Deal With No Shows, The Critic, Obstructionism, Or Shadow Dancers Explore These Scenarios And , Along With Quick Solutions And RemindersIn This Humourous But On Point Book, Board And Nonprofit Leaders Are Guided Through Common Scenarios To Be Overcome In Order To Achieve Effective And Engaged Board Members Do A Emphasises Why It Is Critical For Leaders To Quickly Identify And Alleviate Pitfalls, And She Challenges Complacency Get The Stellar Board You Want Now, Not Some Other Day

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    A short but pithy and insightful read on dealing with and avoiding issues related to non profit boards Having shared many of the experiences first hand, I am grateful that she took the time to write a book and share her experiences and perspectives In today s world, non profits are still tasked with very important work and are often u

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    It was incredibly short It was a pamphlet on boardroom etiquette than a real book It also is a pretty niche y book, since it is written for people who are volunteering to serve on nonprofit boards Since it was free, I enjoyed it well enough, but wouldn t recommend buying it I don t think I even know anyway who fits the target audience

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