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Going Against the Grain Louise Isn T Sure Where Her Life Took The Wrong Turning, But It S Not Shaping Up As Well As She Might Have Hoped She S Just Turned Thirty Two, Her Job As A Party Planner The Latest In A Long Line Of Occupations Might Kindly Be Described As Not Her Natural Forte, And She Watches Helplessly As Her Dynamic Elder Sister Charges Up The Career Path The Only Road Louise Seems To Be On Is The One Paved With Good IntentionsScatty, Disorganised, Bad At Co Ordinating Her Wardrobe, Louise Resolves That It S Time To Get It Together Even Her Boyfriend Is Part Time But Then She Discovers She S Succeeded At One Thing Getting Pregnant

About the Author: Linda Taylor

There are at least two Linda Taylors One is British and writes light romantic fiction.

10 thoughts on “Going Against the Grain

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    I first read this book in my early 20 s and I loved it 10 years later I thought I d re read it It was written in 1999 and I feel that it is a little dated One of the characters didn t know how to work a computer properly, she was young and I found this to be unbelievable I mean how many young twenty year olds don t know what a screen saver is And if you didn t there is no way you would last a day worki

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    After a few months of reading thrillers and vampire books I decided to have a little light reading and chose Going Against the Grain a chick lit The main character is called Louise, the I read the I loved her she was a little like my daughter same name Louise Both Louises had this aversion to growing up and neither one liked getting up in a morning which does not go down well with employers She ends up getti

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    I didn t get into it and have decided to put it on the book pile to give it another go later Glad I came back and tried again because I loved it The story is about real people, our chaotic lives and how we handle what we encounter It also show how we presume to know know how others think and feel and how too often we are wrong Loved Louise although felt like giving her a good shake at times.

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    The beginning of the book didn t really captivate me, but I decided not to let this book down, and it got and interesting Some scenes are quite predictable, so there s no suspense and surprise, but overall, a nice book to read

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    This book seems a bit unrealistic, but it was some nice mental cotton candy.

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    Dissappointing ending

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