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Gone Here, From Bill Clinton, Is A Call To Action Giving Is An Inspiring Look At How Each Of Us Can Change The World First, It Reveals The Extraordinary And Innovative Efforts Now Being Made By Companies And Organizations And By Individuals To Solve Problems And Save Lives Both Down The Street And Around The World Then It Urges Us To Seek Out What Each Of Us, Regardless Of Income, Available Time, Age, And Skills, Can Do To Help, To Give People A Chance To Live Out Their DreamsBill Clinton Shares His Own Experiences And Those Of Other Givers, Representing A Global Flood Tide Of Nongovernmental, Nonprofit Activity These Remarkable Stories Demonstrate That Gifts Of Time, Skills, Things, And Ideas Are As Important And Effective As Contributions Of Money From Bill And Melinda Gates To A Six Year Old California Girl Named McKenzie Steiner, Who Organized And Supervised Drives To Clean Up The Beach In Her Community, Clinton Introduces Us To Both Well Known And Unknown Heroes Of Giving Among Them Dr Paul Farmer, Who Grew Up Living In The Family Bus In A Trailer Park, Vowed To Devote His Life To Giving High Quality Medical Care To The Poor And Has Built Innovative Public Health Care Clinics First In Haiti And Then In Rwanda A New York Couple, In Africa For A Wedding, Who Visited Several Schools In Zimbabwe And Were Appalled By The Absence Of Textbooks And School Supplies They Founded Their Own Organization To Gather And Ship Materials To Thirty Five Schools After Three Years, The Percentage Of Seventh Graders Who Pass Reading Tests Increased FromPercent ToPercent Oseola McCarty, Who After Seventy Five Years Of Eking Out A Living By Washing And Ironing, Gave , To The University Of Southern Mississippi To Endow A Scholarship Fund For African American Students Andre Agassi, Who Has Created A College Preparatory Academy In The Las Vegas Neighborhood With The City S Highest Percentage Of At Risk Kids Tennis Was A Stepping Stone For Me, Says Agassi Changing A Child S Life Is What I Always Wanted To Do Heifer International, Which Gave Twelve Goats To A Ugandan Village Within A Year, Beatrice Biira S Mother Had Earned Enough Money Selling Goat S Milk To Pay Beatrice S School Fees And Eventually To Send All Her Children To School And, As Required, To Pass On A Baby Goat To Another Family, Thus Multiplying The Impact Of The GiftClinton Writes About Men And Women Who Traded In Their Corporate Careers, And The Fulfillment They Now Experience Through Giving He Writes About Energy Efficient Practices, About Progressive Companies Going Green, About Promoting Fair Wages And Decent Working Conditions Around The World He Shows Us How One Of The Most Important Ways Of Giving Can Be An Effort To Change, Improve, Or Protect A Government Policy He Outlines What We As Individuals Can Do, The Steps We Can Take, How Much We Should Consider Giving, And Why Our Giving Is So ImportantBill Clinton S Own Actions In His Post Presidential Years Have Had An Enormous Impact On The Lives Of Millions Through His Foundation And His Work In The Aftermath Of The Asian Tsunami And Hurricane Katrina, He Has Become An International Spokesperson And Model For The Power Of Giving We All Have The Capacity To Do Great Things, President Clinton Says My Hope Is That The People And Stories In This Book Will Lift Spirits, Touch Hearts, And Demonstrate That Citizen Activism And Service Can Be A Powerful Agent Of Change In The World

About the Author: Bill Clinton

William Jefferson Bill Clinton born William Jefferson Blythe III was the forty second President of the United States, serving from 1993 to 2001 He was the third youngest president, older only than Theodore Roosevelt and John F Kennedy He became president at the end of the Cold War, and is known as the first baby boomer president, as he was born in the period after World War II He is the

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    As others have noted, Giving is inspiring in that it illuminates a myriad of ways that service can be offered, both in the United States and abroad I also was heartened to find out how much particular individuals and groups are already doing to fight AIDS, eliminate hunger, improve literacy, mentor youth, provide jobs and job training, etc And the variety of ways people approach problems is interesting to read about Unfortunately, I m often dismayed that there is so much suffering in the worl

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    It always pains me if I don t finish a book which is rare It was especially frustrating not to finish this book as I am greatly interested in giving back Unfortunately the book wasn t what I expected It was merely a string of anecdotes on different types of giving as opposed to concrete advice on how to going about fulfilling any of these yourself Those who would most benefit are those who have no concept about giving back and how small actions can make big difference There is a list of organization

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    I very much liked the premise of this book that you could, and should, give no matter who you are, where you are, what you have, or how rich you are There is almost always something you have that someone else needs I think I inherited from my grandfather an abhorrence to throwing things away As a result, I am always looking for new ways to get rid of things I don t need without just trashing them My favorite go to places are the public libraries books, magazines , battered women s shelters and day care cen

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    The first book I ve ever read that I found truly inspirational or that made me want to cry on every page.The stories of individuals making small differences in the world read large differences in their communities gradually segue into those of contributors to multi million dollar NGOs I was in the last chapter when I realized that Bill was giving us the tools to go out there and make the differnce ourselves.A lovely nonpartisan work by a man so obviously interested in changing the world for the better At times a

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    I can not remember the last time I read such a boring book The idea of inspiring people to serve and help is an excellent one and I had high hopes for this book.The major problem with this book is that it reads like a laundry list or a back patting name dropping list Bill Gates did this, Bono did this, I did this, and on and on and on It wasn t inspiring in the least, was repetitive, and not horribly practical.It didn t give ideas of things that any one person could do beyond the generic This billionaire politician cele

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    I was disappointed that Mr Clinton is not a better writer Everyone knows that giving volunteering are important vital to our world today However, this book is not what is going to convince this generation or the next or the last one for that matter to give It is a good resource list if you are looking for organizations to be a part of or to research for future giving but Mr Clinton s constant use of I and my foundation and Hillary and Mr Bush make for a pretty monotonous read The stories he does mention do illuminate the very

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    I really, really wanted to like this book I wanted to be inspired But it just read like a long, boring list of non profits After three chapters I started to skip around in the book, picking pages at random And they all seemed the same Bill Clinton knows so and so, who runs non profit A, that helps people in South AfricaBill Clinton knows so and so, who runs non profit B, that helps people in CambodiaBill Clinton knows so and so, who runs non profit C, that helps people in China.Not inspiring Just blah blah blah So disappointing.This

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    A very inspiring book about all the good that comes from donating your time, your skills and your money There s an entire chapter devoted to one of my favorite charities, Heifer International, and Clinton has a full list of charities and other organizations at the back of the book Luckily, all the info is also posted on his website, so I was spared the hassle of photocopying the resources section.What I enjoyed most in the book were the individual stories of donors and recipients At a time in the world when there is so much fear and worry,

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    I was excited to read this book as I was looking for a little inspiration to move me back into community service, but so far I have not found it I m 3 chapters into it and I think Bill has used the word I 500 times I am finding myself marking questions in the columns that express my frustration with his foundation, his emphasis on certain points and his wording of things I may have become partially swayed by the recent Newsweek article which talked about the book being WJC s attempt at a legacy other than Monica and impeachment I am going to conti

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    I was really disappointed by this I generally like Clinton I m halfway through his autobiography and was really impressed with his storytelling in that However, as someone committed to social justice and public service, I didn t find much inspiring in this book I appreciated the listing of resources, but I suppose I was hoping for philosophical insight into giving The last chapter partly appeased my desire, but really, there were only one or two parts of the book where I thought, Oh That s interesting I get about as much from the reflective narratives m

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