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Unthink In The Tradition Of A Whole New Mind And The War Of Art, Graffiti Artist And Corporate Thought Leader, Erik Wahl Explores The Power Of Creativity To Achieve Superior PerformanceSomehow We Ve Come To Believe That Creativity Is Reserved For The Chosen Few The Poets, The Painters, The Writers The Truth Is Creativity Is In All Of Us And Re Discovering It Is The Key To Unlocking Your Fullest Potential Unthink Is A Book That Pushes Us Beyond Our Traditional Thought Patterns Unthink Is A Book That Will Inspire Everyone To Realize That We Are Capable Of So Much Than We Have Pre Conditioned For Creativity Is Not In One Special Place And It Is Not In One Special Person Creativity Is Everywhere And In Everyone Who Has The Courage To Unleash Their Creative Genius

About the Author: Erik Wahl

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Unthink book, this is one of the most wanted Erik Wahl author readers around the world.

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    Erik Wahl is a graffiti artist who no longer sells his art He is on the corporate speaking circuit and in the course of an hour will paint 3 different pieces, each one done in 3 minutes He will then give one away, then do an ArtDrop hide a painting somewhere around the city and tweet clues to it s location, and perhaps donate the last one At least that s what he did when I saw him a Gartner Conference

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    Good book One of my favorite passages is on page 44, The hunger for creativity you feel as an adult is a lot like phantom pain Many people have an emptiness that they just can t explain That passage could be the answer those people are feeling the phantom pain of their creativity shriveling and dying Just like a muscle, creativity must be used or it withers to nothing, leaving us with unexplained pain

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    I found this book to be a lot of fluff There is nothing you haven t heard before You would be inspired by reading a motivational quote which he inserts often throughout the book.

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    I made the mistake of thinking this book would be about creativity As an art teacher, I thought I might use some of what I read to inspire my students Unfortunately, this book is targeted towards people who find themselves stuck in a job they don t enjoy, and how to turn their situation around and the advice seems to be quit the job and find something you love to do, no matter how daring that might be Oh, a

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    This read like a biography than a plan to rediscover your creative genius.

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    Disclaimer I received this book free to review and share my thoughts and no, this does not affect my honest opinion about the book.I loved Unthink by Erik Wahl a lot than I thought I would and that in itself is a lesson not judging a book before you read it I ve read so many business books, new era of business and traditional, as well as a few on creativity and self discovery but there were parts in Wahl s Unt

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    I wasn t quite sure what to think of this book It s basic message is to do what you love and find your inner artist and buck convention but in a sort of business minded manner The author s prescriptions for embracing this mindset are typical platitudes such as be spontaneous, be creative and others I think I would like to see his presentation in person that he alludes to numerous times throughout the book he appa

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    Too much repetition of the same idea Behave like a kid Explore Trust your creativity That s it.It s like a long article where the author cites other authors At least 3 4 times per chapter For 10 chapters.So, when he cites other ideas, then he gives example and then he explains them.To make it clear you will read or less the same thing 3 times Each chapter.Why did I read it till the end then Cause I was at a live e

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    I used to think being a rebel at work was the reason I never got ahead at most of my jobs Now I realize, I am just an innovator, not happy with the status quo Makes me wonder how many of the companies that I have worked for could have done monumentally better, had they seen the vision I saw for them I have always been a visionary, from my days as a paste up artist back in 1984, when I saw the first Macintosh computer

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    This was very interesting I consider myself to be creative, but not necessarily an artist I write fiction and have the constant urge to craft, but I have not really tapped into my full potential This book is inspirational in the sense that it tries to get you to see the world in a completely different way I am still in college and therefore do not have a monotonous job to apply these lessons to, but if I had been in a

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