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Metaphor & Memory Her best work The prose in The Seam of a Snail is unprecedented. Un libro de ensayo que se disfruta como alta literatura por c mo est escrito Interesantes reflexiones sobre lenguaje, cultura e historia, en la primera parte, y curiosos an lisis de biograf as de diversos autores y autoras, donde el bi grafo cae tambi n bajo el escrutinio impasible de Ozick.La autora que se deja entrever, sin embargo, me ha provocado mucho rechazo Los ensayos est n originalmente publicados entre los a os 80 y principios de los 2000, y muestran un rechazo elitista a las por entonces nuevas tecnolog as, as como un fuerte desprecio por la cultura popular, sin atender a todos los matices que merece algo consumido por miles de millones de personas en todo el mundo. Esta colecci n de ensayos est dividida en dos partes la primera, metaliteraria, la puede disfrutar cualquiera que lea o que escriba o incluso que haga las dos cosas La segunda, m s criticoliteraria, se disfruta m s conociendo a los autores pero tiene una vertiente m s personal que, incluso si no es as , puedes identificarte con ella, especialmente en los dedicados a Henry James Como experiencia es un gusto y como hallazgo, una delicia Algunos ensayos son tan delicados, est n escritos con tanta lucidez, que podr an ser al mismo tiempo ejemplos de lectura, de composici n y de estudio. After reading Ozick s collection of essays entitled Portrait of the Artist as a Bad Character, I wanted to readof what she had to say about literature and its link to culture I was disheartened to see that the collection Metaphor Memory had been plundered to make up a large portion of the first collection I d read That collection was filled with an autobiographical element as a whole it was a personal testament to the art of writing and reading In this earlier collection of essays, there were clearly a good deal of theoccasional pieces, ie, literary reviews of contemporary works for periodicals.Nonetheless, I contented myself by re reading the exceptional essays The Question of Our Speech, Ruth, and Metaphor and Memory as well as the reviews, all of which are farerudite than any that might appear in the Arts Leisure section of one s local newspaper Henry James Unborn Child is a thrilling imaginative re creation of the circumstances surrounding the composition of a short story that James had left unfinished and which was recently unearthed Why, she wonders, in a field that is crowded with post graduates seeking to make a mark, has no one taken the time to lookclosely at this particular story Her psycho analytic interpretation itself is a masterstroke of story telling, of truth telling that is at the heart of fiction writing, the fabrication that entertains and enlightens.Her review of Shmuel Yosef Agnon s newly translated novel Edo and Enam in her essay S.Y Agnon and the First Religion is an extended commentary on the parameters of translation and the expulsion of the Greek sybyline first religion from the Judaic Law, metaphorically a call for those in exile to return to Jerusalem Lofty speculative stuff, but entertaining.What Drives Saul Bellow is a review of his collection of novellas, Him with His Foot in his Mouth, which resolves into a discussion of Bellow s uncanny ability to observe and record, to combine street smarts with the overriding bliss of learning Ozick s words about Bellow And Bellow s quick witted lives of near poets, as recklessly confident in the play and intricacy of ideas as those of the grand Russians, are Russian also in the gusts of natural force that sweep through them unpredictable cadences, instances where the senses fuse A hoarse sun rolled up , single adjectives that stamp whole portraits, portraits that stamp whole lives hair from which the kink of high vigor had gone out , the knowing hand on the ropes of how thing work, the stunning catalogues of worldliness commodity brokers, politicians, person injury lawyers, bagmen and fixers, salesmen and promoters , the boiling presence of Chicago, with its private recess for seduction and skulduggery Ozick is no less discerning, erudite, and entertaining with reviews of Primo Levi, William Gaddis, J M Coetze, et al., and in a series of essays about modernism, post modernism, and what literature might look like after the muse departs.All good stuff, made less impressive because so much of what is best here is also the substance of her later collection, for which I had these concluding words in my Goodreads review All the essays are worth their reading, and each holds in it the seed of Ozick s essential premise the ability of literature to edify and even redeem the attentive reader. La manera en que Ozick se expresa y desarrolla sus ideas es genial Dura, inteligente, antip tica, honesta y humilde Imposible que no simpatizar con ella o su pensamiento despu s de leer sus ensayos. Ozick concentrate Smarter than you will ever be Essays on authors are the strongest On abstract topics are less strong and tend to wander Ozick is a better thinker than feeler but owe man, what a thinker Like watching Evil Kneevil of the mind leap over 15 cars. From The Author Of The Messiah Of Stockholm And Art And Ardor Comes A New Collection Of Supple, Provocative, And Intellectually Dazzling Essays In Metaphor Memory, Cynthia Ozick Writes About Saul Bellow And Henry James, William Gaddis And Primo Levi She Observes The Tug Of War Between Written And Spoken Language And The Complex Relation Between Art S Contrivances And Its Moral Truths She Has Given Us An Exceptional Book That Demonstrates The Possibilities Of Literature Even As It Explores Them

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Recipient of the first Rea Award for the Short Story in 1976 other winners Rea honorees include Lorrie Moore, John Updike, Alice Munro , an American Academy of Arts and Letters Mildred and Harold Strauss Living Award, and the PEN Malamud award in 2008.Upon publication of her 1983 The Shawl, Edmund White wrote in the New York Times, Miss Ozick strikes me as the best American writer to have emerg