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Rubyfruit Jungle Rubyfruit Jungle Wikipedia Rubyfruit Jungle Brown, Rita Mae Livres NotRetrouvez Rubyfruit Jungle Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Rubyfruit Jungle Broch Achat Livre Fnac Rubyfruit Jungle Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Rubyfruit Jungle Roman Lesbien Arcencielle Rubyfruit Jungle Est Un Rcit Autobiographique Sur La Jeunesse Et Le Passage L Ge Adulte En Tant Que Lesbienne En Amrique La Place Trs Explicite De L Homosexualit Fminine Dans Le Roman Est Remarquable Pour L Poque De Sa ParutionRubyfruit Jungle Est De L Argot Pour Les Parties Gnitales De La Femme Rubyfruit Jungle Study Guide SparkNotes Rubyfruit Jungle Is A Novel By Rita Mae Brown That Was First Published InRubyfruit Jungle By Rita Mae Brown Goodreads Bawdy And Moving, The Ultimate Word Of Mouth Bestseller, Rubyfruit Jungle Is About Growing Up A Lesbian In America And Living Happily Ever AfterRubyfruit Jungle A Novel Because Its Heroine Dares To Be Her Unique And Spirited Self, Despite Society S Biases About Class And Sexuality, Rubyfruit Jungle Has Helped Generations Of Readers To Do The Same If You Don T Yet Know Molly Bolt Or Rita Mae Brown, Who Created Her I Me And RubyfruitIMDb Directed By Sadie Benning Interpretation Of Rubyfruit Jungle Rubyfruit Jungle Symbols SparkNotes The Drainpipes In Rubyfruit Jungle Suggest The Birth Canal Leading Back To The Womb Of Molly S Childhood, When She Led Ainnocent, Idyllic Life Molly Mentions Drainpipes The First Time When She Dreams Of Leaving The Hell Of New York By Sewer To Return To Warm And Peaceful Fort Lauderdale Rubyfruit JungleBrown, Rita Mae Back In The Late S Everyone In The Women S Collective At Uni Had Read Rubyfruit, Which Is Why Rita In Educating Rita Is So Named It Provoked Snobbery Then, And Probably Still Now A Book That Makes You Laugh So Much Cannot Be Serious Literature But Rubyfruit Has A Lot Of Serious Points To Make And Is Great Fun Along The Way, Guardian

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    I read this book the year it was published. I was a young woman of 21, and it was during a time when it was still considered shocking, by most of mainstream straight America,to be gay. My sister had recently come out to me, and my head was spinning. We were very close, and she was much older. Her "roommate" of man

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    i swear i already wrote a review of this book but maybe not.

    okay, so you're young, you've suddenly realized you're a lesbian. one out of every two people you talk to in the next year are going to recommend rubyfruit jungle. it is THE coming out book. i wonder if gay men have an equivalent. anyway. personally, i

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    Fast moving and dynamic, Rubyfruit Jungle vividly sketches the coming of age of a lesbian in postwar America. The autobiographical novel follows Molly Brown, the adopted daughter of a destitute family, as she grows up in Florida struggling with her sexuality and later as she runs away to New York to pursue a career as a filmmaker and

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    I read this book by accident. Literally and metaphorically, as was trapped in a foreign hospital without anything to read. After pleading with anyone who'd listen (in bad German), one of the nurses said she had one English book at home and this is what she brought me.

    By the look of the 70s cover and dreadful blurb making it out to

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    I read this for my LGBTQIA literature, culture and criticism class, and from it grew a bit of a debate about its artistic merit.

    There's definitely quite the case against Rubyfruit Jungle. It hasn't aged particularly well. There's a scene where Molly actually says that "sex with women is dynamite." and many other moments where outdated slang

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    I really debated whether to give this one or two stars because my intense negative reaction to the book doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't written decently.

    However, I definitely can't award it anything higher than a two because it was awful in many ways. Here's a list in no particular order why I dislike this novel:

    1. Putting down butch l

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    Seeing as I've been dating women for awhile, I figured I'd finally read this classic of lesbo lit. My review in one word, "eh. . ."

    I mean, Brown's got a great handle on a fierce character, and there are streaks of beauty in this jammed story, but the main problem it has more ego than Ayn Rand (whom I love, btw). Rae's main character, Molly, is strong willed, d

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    After Six of One, my favorite of lesbian legend among women Rita Mae Brown's witty, delightful books. The fact that the yo

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    It always amazes me how much you can gain even from the smallest book— if it is written right.
    I am not exactly predestined to make profound statements here. Compared to the main character I have the wrong sex and am in the wrong age. I also live in the wrong country, at the wrong time, and was not brought up by foster parents. Over and above I’m heterosexual. So what attracts me to Mo

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    I'm seriously reconsidering this Fallback Friday idea. If the old books are all like this one, I don't think I'll be able to handle it.

    This book was a flat out mess. I'm sitting here so angry after reading it.

    I did not like Molly Bolt. Not even a little bit.

    This story follows Molly Bolt from when she was 11 all the way until her mid twenties. We read her life in sec

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