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The Blue Bear: A True Story of Friendship and Discovery in the Alaskan Wild With A Body Twisted By Adolescent Scoliosis And Memories Of The Brutal Death Of A Woman He Loved, Lynn Schooler Kept The World At Arm S Length, Drifting Through The Wilds Of Alaska As A Commercial Fisherman, Outdoorsman, And Wilderness Guide In , Schooler Met Japanese Photographer Michio Hoshino, And Began A Profound Friendship Cemented By A Shared Love Of Adventure And A Passionate Quest To Find The Elusive Glacier Bear, An Exceedingly Rare Creature, Seldom Seen And Shrouded In Legend But Only After Hoshino S Tragic Death From A Bear Attack Does Schooler Succeed In Photographing The Animal Completing A Remarkable Journey That Ultimately Brings New Meaning To His Life The Blue Bear Is An Unforgettable Book Set Amid The Wild Archipelagoes, Deep Glittering Fjords, And Dense Primordial Forests Of Alaska S Glacier Coast, It Is Rich With The Lyric Sensibility And Stunning Prose Of Such Nature Classics As Barry Lopez S Arctic Dreams And Peter Matthiessen S The Snow Leopard

About the Author: Lynn Schooler

Lynn is a critically acclaimed writer, guide, and outdoorsman whose work has been published in than a dozen languages His first book, The Blue Bear, was awarded the French literary prize Prix Litt raire 30 Millions d Amis His most recent non fiction work, Walking Home, won the 2010 Banff Mountain Festival s Best Mountain Literature prize His first novel, published under the pen name Lynn

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    I really feel like I should love this book There s so much that s right with it The Blue Bear is ultimately a story of admiration and love for a good man It s written by Lynn Schooler, a guide who makes his living taking photographers around the waters and glaciers of the fractured straits, islands, and bays near Juneau Alaska One of his repeat customers is a Japanese nature photographer named Michio Hoshino In the course of their working rel

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    I enjoyed some of the nature oriented passages, mostly because they engage my interests, but in the end this book felt contrived It tries to wrap itself around a central topic the author s friendship with a nature photographer but the topic is too lightweight to support a whole book The relationship in question is based on just a few shared trips, with details of the natural events witnessed than of interpersonal bonding between the two main charact

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    A really good story of a place and a person and a vision that are all powerfully solitary and unique Something about the relationship between the author and the photographer who was the subject struck me as creepy, though Reading nonfiction where you have that unreliable narrator feel is actually viscerally unsettling when it ends in the death of one of the subjects Two Coots in a Canoe An Unusual Story of Friendship.

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    Great book Schooler was a great guide as his writing introduced me to the Alaskan wilderness, his lifestyle and his friendship with Michio Hoshino I had never heard of Michio before and since I have read Scholler book, I can NOT forget him This fact proves Schooler s book achieved a great goal. But even beyond bringing me close to Michio, Schooler brought me close to his heart This author reads honest and smart I really loved the work.

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    I d heard great things about this book and even so it surprised me Schooler is earnest and genuine His mixing of history natural history with the story of coming to know photographer Michio Hoshino is a bit awkward The transitions between, for example, my story and here s some background about Tlingit culture are clunky but still, there s something here about the influence of friendship that is moving Something about the ways of seeing that is valuable.

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    Like a photo excursion along the Alaska coast A tribute to a relationship built between a guide and a client and the wild creatures and places that lured them But not a Disney cruise The dangers of the wilderness play as big a role as times of calm reflection.

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    Loved the photos of the blue bear and whales

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    I loved how he gracefully interwove the natural and cultural history of Alaska with the story of his friendship throughout the book.

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    Not a book I would have normally been drawn to Skimmed some bits, but he did go on about scenery and boating And bears are scary.

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    The Blue Bear by Lynn SchoolerI have not enjoyed a book this much in a very long time Excellent read.This nature adventure story takes place mostly in South East Alaska, but it is not like any other book I have ever read about Alaska Non fiction, and somewhat autobiographical, it tells the story of personal tragedy, natural history and friendship between the author and his photographer friend, Michio Hosino In a way, it is a wonderful tribute to Hoshino and his work.The book starts very slowly with Schooler s sol

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