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Lord of Midnight (Dark Champion, #3) The Same Rebellion That Leaves Clarence Of Summerbourne Dead Also Leaves His Castle And His Daughter, Claire, Forfeit To The King S Champion Renald De Lisle Arrives At The Castle Gates As A Warrior, Takes Possession Of Claire Like A Conqueror, And Sets Her Heart Racing As Her Lover Amid Moonlight And Velvet, She Becomes His Bride Atop Tangled Bedclothes She Discovers Passion But Then She Learns Renald S Terrible Secret And Vows Revenge Against This Man She Wed, This Man She Loved With All Her Heart I thought the dialogue and writing skill were quite impressive, however the fact that the hero killed the heroine s father, was not something I could ever view beyond It was not to my liking, and I could hardly view the hero as anything than the man that killed her father I don t consider it as murder, it was an honorable fight and whatnotbut the fact that the hero took on this pristine characterization, despite the killing, was just too much to find plausible He simply was not redeemable in mine eyes. The same rebellion that left Clarence of Summerbourne dead also left his castle and his daughter, Claire, forfeit to the king s champion Renald de Lisle arrives at the castle gates as a warrior, takes possession of Claire like a conqueror, and sets her heart racing as her lover Amid moonlight and velvet, she becomes his bride atop tangled bedclothes she discovers passion Then she learns Renald s terrible secret and vows revenge against this man she had wed, this man she loves with all her heart.This was just ehhh it was good but nothing that really stood out noting really that special or note worthy the first book in this series was much better Clearly not a favorite medieval romance the characters were insipid and flatly drawn, and I really didn t care one whit if our hero and heroine got it on And the book started with a sword through the chest and ended with a beheading Not that this is necessarily bad, as I am quite okay with violence, but it seemed as if the author herself didn t really seem to care for her main characters either Pass on this. I LOVE Jo Beverly books She has a way of writing that just sucks the reader in and I dare you to try and put her books down once you start them This was the first of her books I read She has become an addiction of mine.

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