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Wicked Way Interactive 1 I devoured this book I loved the dynamic between Claire Martin, and the changing dynamic between her and her husband And then, there s Martin s wife each character affects the story so strongly that to take one out it might not work Now, when you have a choice of things for Claire to do, that s when it gets interesting The dynamics shift even further.Now, if you re like me, you ll go back and choose your second pick option after you ve read through the first, just to see what s different I did that with the Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid, too I can t wait forof these books Have You Ever Wished You Could Change The Ending Of A Book Have You Ever Wanted To Give The Heroine Of A Story A Little Shake And Tell Her To Smarten Up Well, Now S Your Chance WICKED WAY INTERACTIVES Is An Exciting New Erotic Series By Daire St Denis Where You The Reader Actively Participate In The Story S Outcome Get Started Now With The First In The Wicked Way Interactive Series SEX, SPIES AND PHOTOGRAPHSClaire Marshall Has A Hot Husband, A Nice Home In The Burbs And An Assortment Of Hobbies To Keep Her Busy She S Perfectly Happy, Right Right So Why Can T She Stop Spying On The New Neighbor Next Door When She Finds Out He Specializes In Boudoir Photography, She Employs His Services To Help Spice Up Her Love Life With Husband, John However, Things Heat Up Beyond Claire S Imagination When The Neighbor And His Exotic Wife Turn Up At Their Place And The Two Couples End Up Involved In Much Than A Photo ShootThe Relationship That Develops Between The Neighbors Is Like Nothing Claire Has Ever Experienced, Forcing Her To Realize She S Been Living A Lie, Biding Her Time In The Burbs, Waiting For Something To Happen Well, Now Something Has Happened And She S Faced With An Impossible DecisionClaire Needs Help Your Help Will You Help Her In This Exciting New Erotic Format, You Get To Make The Decision For Claire You Get To Decide Whether Claire Will Find Her Happily Ever After Or Something Else Altogether Welcome To Claire S Life Welcome To WICKED WAY INTERACTIVE Books By Daire St Denis This is one super hot book In comparison, that 50 Shades book seem a little modest But what really makes this book stand out besides the excellent writing is the interactive ending St Denis leads the reader to a major turning point in the main character s life, then lets us decide what she should do When I reached the end, of course I couldn t resist going back to the major turning point and seeing what would happen if the character made the other choice.What I found brilliant about this book was that each ending led us to a completely different place, with endings that were both totally satisfying. Wow, I was not expecting this book I have read Ms Dt Denis work before, but this one blew me away It was very real, exploring problems in a marriage that seems shiny and perfect on the surface And above all HOT HOT HOT And the dual endings Genius Remember those choose your own adventure books when we were kids The one where the bottom of the page says if you wish to traverse the dark cave go to page 96 and so forth until you died by scorpion bites Think less scorpions and that s pretty much what you ve got here Daire St Denis has upped the game in erotic romance This ain t no knock off of Fifty Shades of Greyso that makes this fun I got to pick my ending I actually read both of them it s what a good reviewer would do, natch and have my favourite Which one it is won t surprise anyone who knows me.Okay now for the serious bits I had a bit of trouble getting into this at first And I think that s because of Claire It took me awhile to warm up to her I couldn t really connect with her I found her a little standoffish even when she was getting her panties ripped off I didn t particularly care for her husband ohdoes that give away my ending pick as I thought he was kinda douchey when he wasn t ripping her panties off Martin, however, was deeelish I did keep forgetting he was French until a couple of phrases were thrown in but he was justlikable So much so I wish I had been in his head, saw how he saw Claire, her husband, his wife Had I liked Claire a bit , this would ve been higher Actually in the ending I loved best I actually did start to connect with herAnd I wish that connection had come sooner Perhaps it s because she actually did something and discovered her sense of self worth I m not sure it just took me until the Martin option to really like her.And this authorshe knows how to write goooood sex The words steamed up my Kindle so much I saw a trickle escape out of the top And I love it when authors try something new, break from the mold I mean I got to pick who Claire picked How awesome is that Kind of a choose your own orgasm Oooh can you do that next Yet again wishing Goodreads gave me 1 2 star options because this is a 3.5. Loved Loved Loved Addictive from beginning to end Remember the choose your own adventures you read as a kid Now you can read them as an adult and enjoy the steaminess all at the same time Be ready to choosethan one outcomes

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