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He Wins, She Wins When You Get Married, You Expect Your Relationship To Be A Partnership In Which You Make Decisions And Face The World Together, United But Often A Husband S Perspective And A Wife S Perspective On The Same Issue Can Be Very Different And Unity In Decision Making Can Be Tough Should Spouses Take Turns Getting Their Way Should They Compromise Can They Avoid Making Decisions Altogether Dr Harley Says There S A Better Way A Way In Which Both Partners Get What They Want And Believe Is Best Every TimeIn He Wins, She Wins, Dr Harley Introduces The Revolutionary Concept Of Joint Agreement In Marriage That Keeps Both Husband And Wife On Equal Footing And Equally Satisfied This Win Win Model For Negotiation Starts With A Simple Rule Never Do Anything Without Enthusiastic Agreement Between You And Your Spouse Dr Harley Walks Couples Through The Five Most Common Sources Of Conflict In Marriage, Friends And Family, Career And Time Management, Finances, Children, And Sex , Applying The Joint Agreement Rule In Every Situation And He Teaches Readers How To Resolve Conflicts The Right Way, So That Not Only Are Those Conflicts Resolved Once And For All But The Couple S Love For One Another Actually Grows And Is Sustained For The Rest Of Their LivesAnyone Who Has Been Married Long Enough To Have A Disagreement Will Benefit From This Unique New Book From Everyone S Favorite Marriage Doctor

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    Another freebie from Christian audio.com Nice to listen to when I do dishes, or walk The author shares a great deal of practical wisdom, based on his 50 years of marriage, and decades of counseling.Basically, he tells couples to learn to negotiate with one another This really amounts to bargaining He insists that a couple should enthusiastically agree on everything, and do everything it takes to make that happen He applies it practically to various areas of

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    This book is just as devoid of the Gospel as His Needs, Her Needs Who would I give it to Probably hard core atheists who still believe in an idea of love and want some principles for maintaining respect and romance through conflict without any principles overtly connected to the Bible So, should Christians relegate this book to the rubbish bin Not necessarily Too often, committed Christians think all will be well if they just put their spouse s needs ahead of th

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    Title HE WINS, SHE WINSAuthor Willard F Harley, Jr.Publisher RevellOctober 2013ISBN 978 0800722517Genre Marriage relationshipsEvery conflict in your marriage is an opportunity to fall deeply in love.You ve probably heard a lot of advice on how to resolve conflicts in your marriage What you may not know is that if a resolution comes only in order to keep the peace, it s no resolution at all Marriage expert Willard F Harley, Jr., says there s a better way.What s diff

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    There are two parts to review in regards to this audiobook The first is content, the second is quality of narration.In regards to content, the book s premise seems fairly solid By the Marriage Doctor, this book seeks to help couples learn to negotiate effectively Being in my second marriage myself, and having fostered union contract negotiations a couple of times in the past, I can definitely see how Harley can compare the two.However, negotiations typically has the goa

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    I wanted to read He Wins She Wins for obvious reason I want to win While I m mostly kidding I was intrigued by the concept of my husband and I both winning I m of the belief that in compromise, everyone loses So I was curious to see what Mr Harley had to say about this.Interestingly enough, he did also feel that with compromise everyone loses but that there is a way for everyone to win What Yup, that s what I said When he went through the most common things couples fight ov

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    I am a big believer in reading books on marriage When I heard about He Wins, She Wins, I knew it was a book I had to read I m not a good negotiator My husband won t even play Monopoly with me, because I can t negotiate the trade of play property A whole book on marital negotiation seemed to be a good fit for me I m glad that I took the time to read it Harley gives many good points about making marriage negotiations work I m competitive by nature, so often my negotiation strateg

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    The main point of this book is inescapable husbands and wives should come to overwhelming agreement before doing anything of importance While I don t disagree with this, it didn t take a book of this length to get that message across It was actually well written, and I enjoyed listening to it There came a time, though, when I was wondering if the author was going to make some other point and he didn t The bottom line is that this book is way too long for what it says Either make a

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    Fantastic book on marriage One of the most essential books on the topic that I ve read It talks mostly about the negotiating dynamics within marriage, suggesting that the best outcome for any marriage is what a couple agrees on a win win or mutually beneficial decision Many times couples fall into default modes of sacrifice or domineering, and ultimately that creates problems within a marriage Really worth the read.

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    Some good guidelines on how to successfully negotiate, with some concrete examples and suggestions for specific situations However, I don t resonate with his Love Bank analogy, and his suggestions aren t really grounded in anything other than his considerable number of years of experience as a counselor.

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    In this book Dr Harley discusses how to really work on a marriage In this book he talks of disputes and looking for a way for both people to come out winning He mentions a lot of resources he has on his website This book is great for newlyweds or seasoned spouses.

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Willard F Harley, Jr., Ph.D is best known as author of the internationally best selling book, His Needs, Her Needs Building An Affair proof Marriage Over three million copies have been purchased, and it is available in twenty two foreign translations.Dr Harley earned a Ph.D degree in psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1967 and has been a Licensed Psychologist in