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Their Language of Love A Wife Worries For Her Familys Survival During The IndoPak War A Mother Is Horrified When She Learns That Her Daughter Wants To Marry Her American Boyfriend An American Housewife Living In Lahore Has A Tempestuous Affair With A Pakistani Minister An Aged Matriarch Travels To The USA To Discover She Must Confront A Traumatic Memory From Her PastFinely Nuanced, And Laced With Sidhwas Sharply Comic Observations, This Is A Stellar Collection Of Tales From One Of The Subcontinents Most Important And Beloved Writers

About the Author: Bapsi Sidhwa

Bapsi Sidhwa is Pakistan s leading diasporic writer She has produced four novels in English that reflect her personal experience of the Indian subcontinent s Partition, abuse against women, immigration to the US, and membership in the Parsi Zoroastrian community Born on August 11, 1938 in Karachi, in what is now Pakistan, and migrating shortly thereafter to Lahore, Bapsi Sidhwa witnessed the blo

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    The stories in Their Language of Love are rich and languid, told in a fashion that is engulfed in an affluent and graceful historic aura Bapsi Sidhwa s work is not new to me but I fall in love with her writing even every time I read her Her short stories are as

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    I did not know it was a collection of short stories I am prejudiced in that a very few great authors make really great short stories And Bapsi Sidhwa I had heard about her controversial, Ice Candy Man, that went on to become a movie by Deepa Mehta, controversial too or to

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    I wish I could say something about this Its a collection of short stories which unfortunately couldn t get me in, for those who are avid fiction and story readers might love this, but i am a bit disappointed except for few stories Still i will give it a 3

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    For starters i have no idea what the hell the whole book was aboutIt had eight short storiesThe first two centred around Zareen and her family.The first one being set in an Indo Pak war, with the dilemmas of the family that was always in the brink of a bomb threat Zareen s husband called t

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    I read this in just a couple of days while commutingI am used to the way Bapsi writes but these short stories definitely kept me entertained Fiction work but based on a real timeline it takes you through the historic journey of pre partition and after partition of India and Pakistan Pick it up, its

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    I usually do not read short stories but I am such a fan of Bapsi Sidhwa that I did read her short story collection Very well done and centering on her usual Punjabi characters.

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    Recently I read the book THEIR LANGUAGE OF LOVE Penguin Viking by Bapsi Sidhwa BS BS is one of the finest Pakisthani writer settled in the US Stories by BS usually details THE TRAUMA AND EXPERIENCES of people particularly Parsees affected by the Partition in the sub continent One of her novels have been made into a

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    My first of Sidhwa and not bad at all The stories fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces as shown in the cover , even though I felt that The Trouble Easers hardly belonged in a collection like this It has to be my favorite of all stories in this collection beautiful, poignant, meaningful Where others were slightly

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    I am not normally a fan of short stories I like thick, fat novels But, after attending the Lahore Literary Festival earlier this year and attending Bapsi Sidhwa s talk, I was motivated to pick up her latest book And it turned to be such a pleasant surprise It s an insight into a magical era of Pakistan which we didn t see but her ric

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    An amazing collection of short stories of Pakistan and India before and after the partition It includes different cultures and religions and the silent harmony and loud conflicts among them.

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