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North of Hope When Shannon Huffman Polson S Parents Are Killed By A Wild Grizzly Bear In Alaska S Arctic, Her Quest For Healing Is Recounted With Heartbreaking Candor In North Of Hope, As She Retraces Her Parents Final Days Along An Arctic River Searching For Her Own Sense Of Peace And Meaning In The Journey

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    In The Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion makes the comment that, considering that grief is something we all experience, the literature of grief is relatively small I forget how she phrases it exactly I think we can add North of Hope to the

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    Shannon Huffman Polson writes of the horrific death of her father and stepmother, who were mauled by a grizzly bear in the Alaska wilderness She writes to come to grips with the tragedy, to try to understand what cannot be understood This book might mak

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    I met Shannon in person last winter at a book signing event for Seattle7Writers, and had the pleasure of listening to her speak about her book and read from it.Her candor and heart is felt while she reads from the book, and you can also feel it beating when you r

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    North of Hope tells Shannon Huffman Polson s eloquent story of her parent s horrific death and the year of her mourning Memoirs of grief endured are necessarily personal and particular and this book is no different However, well written memoirs of suffering, traged

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    North of Hope is an incredible, beautifully written journey of grief and healing The author, Shannon Huffman Polson, retells the tragic story of her father and stepmother s death in the Arctic, as well as her own personal journey into the Arctic a year later to complete the adventur

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    This is a beautiful compelling book that I could not put down until I finished The book begins with the author s loss and her attempt to finish the Arctic trip her parent s did not The literary prose used to tell this story and the style she uses to take you through different times while movi

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    The plane fell from the clouds toward the dirt airstrip in the Inupait village of Kaktovik, Alaska I braced myself against the seat in front of me Windows aged and opague blurred the borders of ice and land, sea and sky 19 One year after her father and stepmother are killed by a grizzly bear in the rem

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    A journey of passionate grief and healing.When I first came across North of Hope, I had mixed feeling about reading it One part of me was very interested in learning the story of Polson and her parents, another part of me was not sure how much I would appreciate it I will now have to say that North of Hope is co

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    This is exactly my kind of novel adventure blended with memoir blended with historical and geographical research A little heavy in religion for me, but it s understandable given the situation I loved this book One issue i have with the book is the author continually pointing out that Sally is a larger woman it didn t matt

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    Shannon Huffman Polson s sobering yet sentimental memoir North of Hope is an extraordinary voyage of self discovery for the author On June 25, 2005, the writer s father and stepmother were declared dead after a bear attacked them in Alaska s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge A wave of grief and anger enveloped Polson Each day, she ca

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