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Phantastes: A Faerie Romance CS Lewis Said That Upon Reading This Astonishing Th Century Fairy Tale He Had Crossed A Great Frontier, And Numerous Others Both Before And Since Have Felt SimilarlyIn MacDonald S Fairy Tales, Both Those For Children And Like This One Those For Adults, The Fairy Land Clearly Represents The Spiritual World, Or Our Own World Revealed In All Of Its Depth And Meaning At Times Almost Forthrightly Allegorical, At Other Times Richly Dreamlike And Indeed Having A Close Connection To The Symbolic World Of Dreams , This Story Of A Young Man Who Finds Himself On A Long Journey Through A Land Of Fantasy Is Truly The Story Of The Spiritual Quest That Is At The Core Of His Life S Work, A Quest That Must End With The Ultimate Surrender Of The SelfThe Glory Of MacDonald S Work Is That This Surrender Is Both Hard Won Or Lost And Yet Rippling With Joy When At Last Experienced As The Narrator Says Of A Heavenly Woman In This Tale, She Knew Something Too Good To Be Told One Senses The Same Of The Author HimselfNewly Designed And Typeset In A Modern By Inch Format By Waking Lion Press

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    The first time I read this I was a newly married 18 yo My husband was taking a class at college titled Oxford Christians and I may as well have taken the class myself because I read every single life changing book Dr Kay Ludwigson assigned And of all the books by all those wonderful Inklings and hangers on, this book, Phantastes, captured my imagination and began

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    It s like a dream You just find yourself somewhere and you wander on.Not like a quest, with a destination and obstacles along the way.No You just find yourself walking without a destinationand when you get somewhere someone was expecting you,someone who had sent you somewhere, although you don t know why or where or howand it doesn t bother you much that you don t kno

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    I like a good faerie story, a nice romp in fairy lands I especially like reading older fantasy novels to help this graph I have in my head showing the progression and evolution of fantasy in literature MacDonald s book here, published in 1857, seemed like a good one to pick up it s an early fantasy novel with an introduction by C.S Lewis, possibly the world s first MacDona

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    On his twenty first birthday, Anodos entered his father s study and opens a drawer where a little woman that claims to be his grandmother grants his wish to go to fairy land With many tests to pass, will he pass them all to make it into Fairy land or is all just a fantasy Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good read and my first ever read by George Macdonald It

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    I know that I read this once before, many moons ago But my only recollection of it consisted in the fact that I had read it I recently decided to read it again because of the impact it had on Lewis Having done so, I can only conclude that Lewis saw a great deal in it than I was able to, although I did enjoy it particularly the last third There are some great moments But it struck m

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    While I read this book several years ago the 2006 date is a best guess , I d actually started it back in 1990 and didn t finish it at that time It gets off to kind of a slow start, and one element in the storyline was initially off putting to me but no spoilers here However, I m glad I decided to give it a second and fairer chance it proved to be a solid three star fantasy that I enjoyed

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    In many ways this really isn t a good book The style borders on choppy and dense The story doesn t always flow MacDonald routinely makes excurses without telling you ButThe mythopoeic prose is its redeeming quality MaDonald bathed the book in sacramentality Every leaf, grove, and spring refleted redemption and MacDonald is a talented enough artist that he can show redemption without telling y

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    Fantasy in water colors by the great maker of myth.

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    Absolutely the most incredible book I ve ever read I m pretty sure it will stay my favorite forever You know those things in life books paintings scenery etc that are just so beautiful that you know you couldn t accurately describe them That is what this book was, to me I know that you re not supposed to over sell books, because then everyone s expectations will be high, or whatever I don t care This b

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    A friend and I decided to have family story time each evening as a new bedtime routine to help us fall asleep calmly in the midst of interpersonal and academic stress We chose this classic tale, picked up by C.S Lewis at a train station he later said that it influenced his writing greatly it s a fabulous read aloud story because the writing is just so darn good, especially in the introductory chapters We h

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