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Haywire From The Moment Of Its Publication In , Haywire Was A National Sensation And A Bestseller, A Celebrated Hollywood Memoir Of A Glittering Family And The Stunning Darkness That Lurked Just Beneath The Surface Brooke Hayward Was Born Into The Most Enviable Of Circumstances The Daughter Of A Famous Actress And A Successful Hollywood Agent, She Was Beautiful, Wealthy, And Living At The Very Center Of The Most Privileged Life America Had To Offer Yet At Twenty Three Her Family Was Ripped Apart Who Could Have Imagined That This Magical Life Could Shatter, So Conclusively, So Destructively Brooke Hayward Tells The Riveting Story Of How Her Family Went Haywire From The Trade Paperback Edition

About the Author: Brooke Hayward

Brooke Hayward born July 5, 1937 is an American actress and writer.Born in Los Angeles, Hayward is the eldest, and only surviving, child from the marriage of former agent turned film, television, and stage producer Leland Hayward and actress Margaret Sullavan Hayward s autobiography, Haywire, was based on her experiences as a child with two world famous and iconic parents Margaret Sullavan die

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    This memoir just goes to prove that being born with a silver spoon in your mouth doesn t guarantee that your life will be smooth or free from grief Brooke Hayward is the only surviving offspring of the union of wealthy producer Leland Hayward and actress Margaret Sullavan The Hayward kids had nothing but the bestcars, schools,

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    This was just recently re released I read it when it first came out and I was a kid I now know I didn t understand half of it It is such a tragic story of a dream family Who wouldn t have wanted to grow up in the 1930 s and 40 s in Hollywood with your mother a famous movie star and your father one of the biggest power players Three ou

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    read this when first came out and was completely drawn in Very good book

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    Hayward s memoir tells what it was like for her growing up in the golden age of Hollywood, where she grew up with the Fondas as playmates while her parents were hanging out with Jimmy Stewart and other Hollywood types And of course it all went horribly wrong Here is an excerpt from my review Brooke s mother was film and stage actress Margaret Sulla

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    Brooke Hayward s memoir, Haywire, caused a sensation when it appeared in 1977 There had never been quite such a frank account of family dysfunction, certainly not from such a famous source Daughter of celebrated producer Leland Hayward and stage screen actress Margaret Sullavan, Hayward grew up in a privileged world edged with tension and teeming with dar

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    This book was a gift in ways than one Gift 1 My friend Janet sent it to me Gift 2 It reminded me how significant a memoir can be Publicity positions this book as a Hollywood memoir you know the kind, lots of name dropping and gossip , but that really undermines what Hayward accomplished She is a good writer And even though her parents were a famous agent and th

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    This book has followed me around for 30 years I finally decided to buy it and read it and I am glad that I did This is old Hollywood i.e the days of Henry Fonda, Margaret Sullavan and Jimmy Stewart told by Brooke Hayward the daughter of Leland Hayward and Margaret Sullavan While this newly attained knowledge will not change my life in any way, I was still happy to have

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    Brooke Hayward is the eldest daughter of Hollywood royalty, and this is her story of growing up in a family that is rich with talent, intellect and sadness Her mother was Margaret Sullavan, a brilliant actress much loved by many, and married by four, including Henry Fonda, William Wyler, and Brooke s father, super agent and producer Leland Hayward He was the Toscanini of the

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    This book is a memoir by Brooke Hayward, the privileged daughter of actress Margaret Sullavan and producer Leland Hayward I wanted to read this book because I love a couple of Margaret Sullavan s movies and I was curious about her life and family The book is written in kind of stream of consciousness style that jumps around a bit clearly, she was not a professional writer She writes

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    I loved this book because I have thing about famous dysfunctional families This one was def crazy The author writes about her family in a poignant and lyrical way that reminds me of how Fitzgerald would have written if he had been a member of this family Her insights into her mother, father, brother and the torturous, ill fated relationship between her sister and mother are stunning They s

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