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The Quest for the Golden Trout The Angler S Dream Of Fishing Pristine Waters In Unspoiled Country For Sleek, Healthy Trout Has Turned Fishing Into A Form Of Theater It Is A Manufactured Experience Much To The Detriment Of Our Rivers And Streams Americans Love Of Trout Has Reached A Level Of Fervor That Borders On The Religious Federal And State Agencies, As Well As Nongovernmental Lobbying Groups, Invest Billions Of Dollars On River Restoration Projects And Fish Stocking Programs Yet, Their Decisions Are Based On Faulty Logic And Risk Destroying Species They Are Tasked With Protecting River Ecosystems Are Modified With Engineered Structures To Improve Fishing, Native Species That Compete With Trout Are Eradicated, And Nonnative Invasive Game Fish Are Indiscriminately Introduced, Genetically Modified, And Selectively Bred To Produce Appealing Targets For Anglers Including The Freakishly Contrived Golden Trout The Quest For The Golden Trout Is About Looking At Our Nation S Rivers With A Critical Eye And Asking Questions About Both Historic And Current Practices In Fisheries Management

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    A comprehensive look at the trout fishing industry and the history that continues to influence policy decisions related to river management It is written in a manner that is accessible to all and is a must read for anyone who is interested in fishing, environmental issues or public policy Highly recommend.

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    What an awesome book I couldn t put it down.

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