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Diary of a Freedom Writer Survivor A Word Continuously Thought Of When Reading This Memoir Upon The Release Of The Freedom Writers Diary And Film Adaptation Starring Hilary Swank In , New York Times Bestselling Author Darrius Garrett Realized That Both Book And Movie Tell The Freedom Writer Story As A Whole, But Not On A Personal Level During Speaking Engagements, The Same Questions Always Surface Did Ms Gruwell Change You How Did You Make It Out Of The Gang Life What Stopped You From Killing Yourself Darrius S Answers Are InsideDiary Of A Freedom Writer Takes You On A Journey Beyond The Classrooms To The Treacherous Streets Of Long Beach, California An Innocent Little Boy Born In Poverty And Raised In A Violent Environment, Darrius Became A Product Of The Streets, Written Off By The School And Judicial Systems Alike, Growing Up In An Environment Full Of Gangs And Drugs He Spent His Life Searching For A Father Figure Until He Became A Freedom Writer, Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author, And Finally A Father Himself His Story Is That Of A Man Realizing His Experiences Are What Made Him The Man He Has Been Seeking To Be All His Life Upon Beating The Odds, Diary Of A Freedom Writer Serves As Proof That Darrius S Story Of Struggle, Life, Change, And Hope Will Uplift, Educate, Encourage, And Inspire

About the Author: Darrius Garrett

In a few short years, author, songwriter, motivational speaker and freedom writer Darrius Garrett transitioned from the hood to humanitarian, reaching heights he once could only imagine As an inner city youth of Long Beach, Calif., Garrett could easily have become a product of his environment but rose instead to become a pillar of his community He became a New York Times bestselling author at a

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    I got the opportunity to read this book as an eBook today So I made it a point to get on here and give a review I love this book My opinion is that its better than the original Book Freedom Writers Diary only because i felt bad for the students in the book,and at times I felt there was unnecessary cursing in some stories then I watched the movie and became a fan

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    This was such an enlightening and inspirational book The author wrote from the heart and I could see the face of Marcus from the film as I read this book The story about his life and the behind the scene story of the Freedom Writer experience was captivating I have become a true fan of Mr Garretts writing and plan to tell everyone that I can about how great this book is

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    I truly love this bookI appreciate the struggle that the Freedom Writer wrote about and his story of being homeless I can honestly see this being another Freedom Writer movie

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    Could not put it down compelling and relevant I was struck by the raw honesty of the struggle to survive against all odds In this autobiography of his life to this point and the Freedom Writers Experience , Darrius opens it up and speaks to souls of all ages Having purchased a pre release copy I have got to have a classroom set Well done Darrius your Mom is smiling and we are all proud of

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    This was such an enlightening bookI can tell this young man wrote from the heart as I read I could see the face of the young man Marcus in from the film I truly enjoyed this book and plan to share with my students when the school year starts back I have so many Darrrius Garretts in my class that will be motivated by Mr Garrett story Great job sir.

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    The Bomb.com

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    Many of us have probably seen the movie The Freedom Writers Yet how many of us have wonder about the people behind The Freedom Writers Diary of a Freedom Writer The Experience takes us on an in depth look into Darrius Garrett s life and how Erin Gruwell helped change not only his life but every member of The Freedom Writers I was always curious about the people behind The Freedom Writers When Darrius Garrett asked

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    I received this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads giveaway I was already familiar with the Freedom Writers story having seen the movie and also having had the opportunity to see Manuel Scott speak at an orientation for teachers Darrius Garrett s book presents a fresh perspective on the story and allows you to take a walk in the life of one of the Freedom Writers Not only does he take you into Erin Gruwell s classroom,

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    Raw, simple and honest LOVED IT Facts this book is a memoir not a diary of one of the Freedom Writers see movie , Darrius It tells the story of a boy growing up under the influence of drugs and gang violence Then he meets a teacher who changes his life forever While the movie focused on the teacher and the class, this book is Darrius s chance to tell the world of his personal story Terrific result A fast, yet effective read Darrius

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    Authentic, raw, and inspirational I admire the courage that Mr Darrius Garrett had to not only share his story with the world, but to also rewrite the path he would take in life There were so many wonderful quotes that I underlined throughout the book that really made me think Thank you Darrius, for sharing your compelling and courageous story with us I love how you talked about how Faith kept you going in the end of the book Faith has been

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