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Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment This book surprised me I didn t know as much as I thought about the experiment, a victim of modern misconceptions I didn t realized that it had started out as a humanitarian relief program that transformed under changed leadership and lack of funding The callous reactions of modern doctors involved in the program surprised me too As late as the 1970s, despite the blatant deception, rationalized science and obvious uselessness of the experiment, they still didn t believe that they did anything wrong That boggles my mind I was also surprised to learn that the sharecroppers in Macon Alabama were still as poor in the seventies as they were int he thirties It reads a little dry, but the content is afascinating look at why marginalized groups are justifiably distrustful of government health institutions and a detailed examination of racsim and medical ethics in twentieth century America. What a terrible story I don t mean terrible in the sense that the book was bad but in the sense that I can t believe this actually happened For 40 years black men with syphilis in Alabama were a part of an experiment in which they were seen by doctors but not treated for their disease, even after penicillin became widely available as a treatment for syphilis The worst part of the entire thing no one ever told these men that they had the disease they thought they were being monitored because they had bad blood The requisite stuff would I recommend it Yes, definitely Who should read it Well, personally I think anyone with a conscience, but it is at times very difficult going reading wise It is a history, not only of the experiment at Tuskeegee, but the author sets it all up with a history of the disease of the Public Health Service, and most interestingly, a history of medical care for African Americans going back to slavery days So it may not be everyone s cup of tea.This would have been outrageous on a basic scale if the originators of this experiment were working alone, but as the author shows, it seems that the work was well known in medical circles The work was documented over the 40 year period in medical journals, discussed at medical conferences and was not simply the product of the Public Health Service but had the backing of Tuskegee Institute and you have to ask yourself WHY , especially during the 1950s and 1960s when Alabama was a hot spot in the civil rights movement , the Veteran s Hospital, multiple medical practitioners both African American and White throughout the state who signed death certficates and let the principals know when a certain subject was hospitalized or died, and the list goes on and on The author also discusses the ethical question and shows clearly that beginning in the 1930s, physicians covered each other basically made up their own ethics as they went along Even after it was discovered that Nazi scientists were doing human experimentation at the concentration camps, and after the Trials at Nuremberg when human experimentation was brought into public view, the scientists conducting the Tuskegee experiment didn t have any qualms about continuing the project Alabama passed several laws requiring the reporting of infectious disease and still somehow through all of the revisions of these laws, the Tuskegee people were not held accountable nor were they required to follow the law.I would have to add that this study was completely racist some of the justifications given in the course of the study just floored me For example, on page 23, the author notes that physicians realized that it would be only natural for African Americans to have the highest incidence of syphilis since personal restraints on self indulgence did not existthe smaller brain of the Negro had failed to develop a center for inhibiting sexual behavior, and on 24, the Negro man will not abstain from sexual intercourse if thre is the opportunity for indulgence On page 48, re the white image of black sexuality Blacks suffered from venereal diseases because they would not, or could not, refrain from sexual promiscuity One further justification for the experiment was as a comparison between untreated syphillis in African American people and untreated syphilis in Whites there had been some sort of experiment done prior to this in Norway with white people.I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I was totally outraged after reading this book And I think that is a good thing.If you want to add another chapter to your knowledge of African American history, PICK UP THIS BOOK read 2 01 2005 FromTo , The United States Public Health Service Conducted A Non Therapeutic Experiment Involving OverBlack Male Sharecroppers Infected With Syphilis The Tuskegee Study Had Nothing To Do With Treatment Its Purpose Was To Trace The Spontaneous Evolution Of The Disease In Order To Learn How Syphilis Affected Black SubjectsThe Men Were Not Told They Had Syphilis They Were Not Warned About What The Disease Might Do To Them And, With The Exception Of A Smattering Of Medication During The First Few Months, They Were Not Given Health Care Instead Of The Powerful Drugs They Required, They Were Given Aspirin For Their Aches And Pains Health Officials Systematically Deceived The Men Into Believing They Were Patients In A Government Study Of Bad Blood , A Catch All Phrase Black Sharecroppers Used To Describe A Host Of Illnesses At The End Of ThisYear Deathwatch, ThanMen Had Died From Syphilis Or Related Complications Bad Blood Provides Compelling Answers To The Question Of How Such A Tragedy Could Have Been Allowed To Occur Tracing The Evolution Of Medical Ethics And The Nature Of Decision Making In Bureaucracies, Jones Attempted To Show That The Tuskegee Study Was Not, In Fact, An Aberration, But A Logical Outgrowth Of Race Relations And Medical Practice In The United StatesNow, In This Revised Edition Of Bad Blood , Jones Traces The Tragic Consequences Of The Tuskegee Study Over The Last Decade A New Introduction Explains Why The Tuskegee Study Has Become A Symbol Of Black Oppression And A Metaphor For Medical Neglect, Inspiring A Prize Winning Play, A Nova Special, And A Motion Picture A New Concluding Chapter Shows How The Black Community S Wide Spread Anger And Distrust Caused By The Tuskegee Study Has Hampered Efforts By Health Officials To Combat AIDS In The Black Community Bad Blood Was Nominated For The Pulitzer Prize And Was One Of The NY TimesBest Books Of The Year Educational but not overly academic It definitely helps you understand how this could have happened, how people could justify participation and how to never let this kind of outrageousness ever happen again Muchnuanced than expected. This is a very interesting read, it can be a little difficult and dry at times but it was not what I was expecting This was a documented and publicized experiment that continued for 40 years An eye opening read on the treatment and protection of people participating in medical science experiments. Used this book for the graduate level community health course Excellent for discussion By looking at this book as a case study for learning from mistakes, it gives great examples of how community health initiatives could should be done to improve trust and in the end health between providers researchers and the community. great story, not told in a gripping fashion AIDS chapter seems forced, no real transition there for me. Although a bit slow moving at times, this is a very important book with a lot of humanity for all the difficulty of its subject matter It makes itcomprehensible, without ever justifying, how it could happen that human beings were willingly kept untreated, and able to spread, a horrible disease Some of those conditions are human pride of course, and a tendency to continue down a path once it has started, but it is also clear that it is poverty and a lack of education that makes these kinds of abuses possible, and the book does a nice job of conveying the broader problems to society, without forgetting the impact on the individual.The other interesting fact from the book, which is missed in a lot of information about the experiment, is that of the original test pool, all of the men had received some treatment for syphilis, so even though the stated purpose was to study untreated syphilis, that never happened it only prevented treatment from happening, including after better treatments became available It is amazing and awful. A must read for all aspiring biomedical and behavioral researchers I couldn t write my dissertation without it. Proof that at least one historian did something useful once, rather than writing about things like Western movies This was an informative, rage inducing case study of racist medical experimentation in America, whose research also went to support the class action legal action brought about by the victims and their descendants.

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