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Northern Lights / The Subtle Knife / The Amber Spyglass The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, And The Amber Spyglass Are Available Together In One Volume Perfect For Any Fan Or Newcomer To This Modern Fantasy Classic SeriesThese Thrilling Adventures Tell The Story Of Lyra And Will Two Ordinary Children On A Perilous Journey Through Shimmering Haunted Otherworlds They Will Meet Witches And Ard Bears, Fallen Angels And Soul Eating Specters And In The End, The Fate Of Both The Living And The Dead Will Rely On ThemPhillip Pullman S Spellbinding His Dark Materials Trilogy Has Captivated Readers For Over Twenty Years And Won Acclaim At Every Turn It Will Have You Questioning Everything You Know About Your World And Wondering What Really Lies Just Out Of Reach Great fantasy, amazing story I think of all three books, I loved the first one Northern Lights the most because it introduced me to this amazing world, and it felt the most wintry to me with its polar bears, snow and magic That being said, the two other books, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass , were really good as well, and especially the second book kept my interest peaked This is one of those series that is written for children on the surface, but that is highly relevant and readable for adults as well as it contains layer upon layer of meaning and symbolism I m sure that you can read this trilogy again and again and still constantly discover new things I certainly felt like a was missing out on a lot while reading just because so many things happened, and I knew there was to them than what I realized I was constantly surprised at how intricate this series is and how relevant it is to everyone in our world It might be fantasy, but it is definitely true as well This is a children s classic and I m obviously not a child any But still, I m very happy that I finally got around to reading this trilogy that so many people hold close to their hearts. I can t believe I had never reread this series Such a fascinating world, such a good story Until recently, this series had somehow flown under my radar It wasn t until I saw the trailer for the upcoming The Golden Compass movie that I was introduced to Lyra s world The trailer made the movie look AMAZING, so naturally as I always do , I thought I MUST read this book His Dark Materials creates a beautiful, vibrant world with characters as deep as if you had known them your whole life The books themselves deal with heavy subjects Nuclear Physics, Parallel Worlds, Quantum Particles and Theology snuggle right up against equally introspective looks at Love, Friendship, Loyalty, Family and Honor Quite frequently, I found myself looking at the cover of these books again and again to ensure that I was indeed reading a children s novel When did this genre get so deep I don t remember reading anything this remarkable when I was younger No offense to you, Encyclopedia Brown, my dear friend.While I hesitate to compare to Potter, I want to point out one main difference which I think is very important to anyone thinking about purchasing this series for their intrepid young reader.while HP deals with the strong ideals of good vs evil, HDM leans heavily into the actual concepts of both, dissecting each, questioning the origins, challenging the pedestals each stand on In HP, evil is simply evil HDM doesn t assume any such nonsense If there is evil, it forces the reader to consider why they think that something is evil Is it really Or are you just looking at it from a different perspective Also.for those who thought the HP series was too religious, reader beware of the HDM series Pullman isn t vague He labels his players in the battle of good vs evil calling the church, the creator and religions out by name Note this example In book three, this sentence appears The Christian religion is a very powerful and convincing mistake, that s all Again I wondered if this was merely an adult book cloaked in child s clothing as I lapped up every word I thought that the struggles between the Church, The Authority, the Creator, Dust, The Council etc were deep but thoroughly engrossing I embraced how Pullman questioned the very beginnings of organized religion and of the creator himself He turned everything on its ear Ghosts, Angels, Witches and even Death He is essentially challenging every reader, regardless of age, to look at the world around you Why do we trust, why do we believe, what is faith, what is truth Maybe things are different than what they seem Perhaps there is out there than our extremely limited view of physics, theology and cosmology is currently telling us Maybe the world isn t round after all Maybe it s infinitely layered and unbearably beautiful than we ever knew I m putting this in my top five for now Those of you who know me know that this category fluctuates a bit here and there New favorite reads come along, old one s fade away as I forget why I loved the world it painted for me But for now, this series goes in my five Because, as with every other book in my top five, the characters stayed with me long after I closed the back cover I cared about them, I felt like I had made new friends and was physically sad to say goodbye to them And THAT is what makes a book better than just good That is what makes it endearingly wonderful, to the point that you carress the book s cover lovingly everytime you come across it And becomes one you would recommend to others without hesitation. Day late and a dollar short with this one.My hope was to have read and reviewed His Dark Materials trilogy before the film adaptation of the first third, The Golden Compass, came out last Friday And I would have too if it weren t for that sheer enormity of suckiness that was the third book in the series The Amber Spyglass sigh But then, life doesn t actually work out perfectly for us as often as we d like Sometimes there are earthquakes that level cities in Turkey Sometimes Spinach is found to test positive for Salmonella Sometimes a country introduces democracy to another And sometimes, just sometimes, Philip Pullman writes a book.Now I don t want it to sound like the series is the worst ever written It s not It s not even the worst I ve ever read Not entirely anyway The fact is there are three books and they should be treated separately before we get to the series as a whole So then, to the review times three Oh yeah And there ll be some spoilers in there Not that it matters Seriously.The Golden CompassA third of the way into Pullman s first installment of His Dark Materials, I was excited While Pullman wasn t the most eloquent of writers and his characters had yet to really develop at all, it was clear he had an exciting imagination and was as good at world building as nearly any fantasy author He had developed an alternate history for our world that while completely foreign was largely analogous to our own that it didn t seem like a different world entirely They have science and electricity and particle physics and everything they just call it by a different name.The real joy and conceit of the series though is Pullman s use of daemons, animal expressions of every character s soul These familiars are constant companions of every human, expressing through their animal nature the nature and quality of their human companion And the daemons of children have yet to find a stabilized form and so flit forth and back and over and again through a host of forms from owl to ermine to tabby to dolphin to moth to monkey Et cetera.Throughout the first book s clumsy storytelling, there is still something that approaches near to wonder Enough to satisfy some readers The first four fifths of the narrative are brisk and enjoyable, and the book only begins to falter when Lyra the heroine leaves the bear kingdom to meet her first act climax Pullman stumbles through an expository patch here and a finale that comes off as slightly less than readable The book, much like The Fellowship of the Ring ends without an ending, leaving the conclusion for future installments.The Subtle KnifeTypically, the middle chapter in a trilogy is its weak point, so the greater turn toward mediocrity wasn t so worrisome and I didn t quite see in it the grave portent that I ought to have hindsight, eh The second installment introduces a hero into the mix Will, who is on the cusp of his teen years just like Lyra, actually hails from our world And through happy accident or fate or dull contrivance both finds himself in league with Lyra and the chosen wielder of a knife that can cut through the fabric between worlds The two team up and have a number of relatively dull adventures as we learn about the great war brewing between heaven and earth and about the prophecy that Lyra is to be the new Eve and that she is to perpetrate a great betrayal and the freedom of all the worlds is at stake Also introduced is an ex nun now particle physicist named Mary Malone who is prophesied to be the serpent tempter to Lyra s Eve.An interesting set up for the final book despite being introduced by three hundred pages of boredom punctuated by moments of ingenuity and interest.The Amber SpyglassBook three was just a mess It s almost nonsensical as it strives against reason and its own narrative to bring the story to some kind of resolution The great betrayal prophesied Not really a betrayal at all Lyra being tempted Never happens Mary playing the role of the serpent Nope She just kind of stands around Oh, and the big plan to take war to heaven and kill God Has nothing to do with anything in the story really Though they do end up killing the Enoch from some world The last 250 pages are baffling There is no climax The plot contrivances are painful I m not even sure what the point of the story was Things happen because in Pullman s mind they need to, not because it would make any sense for something to happen a certain way.It s hard to believe it but this book was worse actually than The Da Vinci Code At least that was merely stupid This was stupid, senseless, and perhaps worst of all boring It s what I imagine Eragon would have been if I would have made it past page one hundred.So then, as a whole His Dark Materials is bad news for readers From a moderately strong start it quickly turns into a preachy, meandering production of less than an infinite number of monkeys typing for slightly less than eternity This is probably what half those monkeys would hit upon after about a year and a half Pullman sets in motion things in volume one that never bear fruit He never satisfactorily explains the things that one would expect that he should have explained He provides no climax His narrative is a shambles He creates a character Father Gomez , sends him on a mission to kill Lyra, follows him around for an inordinate amount of time, and then kills him without there ever being a confrontation between himself and his prospective victim And then there are the mulefa Don t get me started.Additionally, his characters are cardboard cutouts who express whichever motive Pullman decides is necessary no matter the fact that there is no reasonable expectation that these characters should behave so The aeronaut decides really out of the blue that he loves Lyra a girl he doesn t even really know like a daughter and will do anything to protect her The principle witch meets Mary Malone, talks with her for a few minutes, and then declares them sisters for life It s all just baffling Recently, having criticized those who expressed how well written the series is, I was put to notice that His Dark Materials has won a number of awards I find this a chilling revelation and it wasn t til I recalled that Left Behind was a phenomenal bestseller that I was comforted that this was just business as usual for a civilization that is so steeped in mediocrity that it awards the title of Greatness to that which dare not even approach the servant quarters of Greatness for fear of overstepping its bounds I think people want so badly to think highly of something, to think it the next whatever recently great thing comes to mind, that they abandon all sense of what is in order to do so.Shame on Philip Pullman and shame on our society for encouraging such dreck Remember, if you praise it, it will be emulated.

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