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The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity Mackenzie Allen Philips Youngest Daughter, Missy, Has Been Abducted During A Family Vacation, And Evidence That She May Have Been Brutally Murdered Is Found In An Abandoned Shack Deep In The Oregon Wilderness Four Years Later In The Midst Of HisGreat Sadness,Mack Receives A Suspicious Note, Apparently From God, Inviting Him Back To That Shack For A WeekendAgainst His Better Judgment He Arrives At The Shack On A Wintry Afternoon And Walks Back Into His Darkest Nightmare What He Finds There Will Change Mack S World ForeverIn A World Where Religion Seems To Grow Increasingly Irrelevant The Shack Wrestles With The Timeless Question, Where Is God In A World So Filled With Unspeakable Pain The Answers Mack Gets Will Astound You And Perhaps Transform You As Much As It Did Him You Ll Want Everyone You Know To Read This Bookbook Description From The Back Cover

About the Author: William Paul Young

Wm Paul Young is a Canadian author Young was the oldest of four He spend the majority of his first decade with his missionary parents in the highlands of Netherlands New Guinea West Papua , among the Dani, a tribal people When he was six he was sent to a boarding school.The manuscript, that later became The Shack, was intended only for his six kids and for a handful of close friends Af

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    I know, I know Everyone loves this book No fewer than forty three people asked me Have you read The Shack yet Invariably, they responded to my negative response with something along the lines of You have to It changed my life I was full of questions, and life stunk, and then I read the book, and God made sense to me, I understood quantum phy

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    Having had such high hopes for this book, I was sadly disappointed about its content, being for the most part simply unbiblical Yes, there were poignant scenes and emotional moments that moved me to tears but that does not tip the scales against all of the errors slipped in and truths that were twisted Being protective especially of new Christians, I

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    Pure drivel This book read like a Betty Crocker recipe gone bad take one all American Jesus lovin fearing family, add one unexplainable tragedy, mix with equal parts anger , guilt and sadness , bake for three weeks and get a bitter man who has turned his back on God Alias, no need to give up, because God writes our hero a personalized note, and tells him to m

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    I was recommended this book by several people who found it both moving and fresh So Mr Young certainly has an audience for this glib encounter between Mack, the everyman, and God I, however, must not be the intended audience Despite the fact millions of copies have been sold and the book has climbed its way to the top of the New York Times Bestsellers List, I found Th

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    My updated comments on the book and movie are here was given this book as a gift many years ago and read the first few chapters I was annoyed by the profanity I don t think it is ever okay for a Christian author to use profanity in any circumstances Why not use alternative words especially in a fictional book It s like the children who swear to try and shock people or to fit i

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    First off this will be lengthy so don t feel you have to read it.This is a hard book to review because you pretty much have to separate it into two parts The novel, and the theological.This man is not a writer As far as the novel aspect of this book, I don t personally believe it is well written Both the descriptions and dialogue don t ring true to me But if delve into a little of the

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    While most of my friends seem to have a love or hate relationship with this book, I can t say that I do I am the rare reader that didn t have a strong opinion about this book, one way or the other I found it to be good and entertaining enough, but I didn t find it to be life changing or especially inspirational for me It was certainly a change from my usual type of story, so that was refreshing

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    It is hard to not get carried away and be too effusive about this book When one has spent time with someone or something, it is natural to feel a close connection to that thing and, I think, lose objectivity Obviously I didn t try too hard to be calm and subdued in my praise because one can see that I rated it 5 stars however, I think I will start with why I don t think it is a 5 star book It wasn t a b

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    Note After several friends challenged me to read the book again I assume they wanted me to upgrade The Shack to five stars , I indeed read it a second time As a result, I downgraded it another star There are things I noticed the second time I didn t the first.Added to my review below are several specific drawbacks of the book Unfortunately, every one of these would have been pointed out by first or second year

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    Why Why did you make me do this book club You all seem like nice people..what did I do Seriously I missed the book club meeting due to work or I would have yelled out at the top of my lungs NOOOOOOO, not The Shack But I wasn t there, so instead of reading Cloud Atlas, The Shack happened, and I let it happen with my absence sigh Where to begin..1 I am not a Christian Strike one for The Shack and me Many people are and tha

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