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Planes, Bears and the Turkey Bomber Following This Family From White Collar America To Carving Out A Home In Alaska S Bush, The Chapter Titles Themselves Reveal An Insight Into This True Story In Finding The Bush, Bears, Mosquitoes And Alaska S Nature In General Humbles This Family With Small Plane Loads Of Supplies And Tools They Set Out For Adventure In Remote Alaska Out Of The Cold And Rain Brings The Urgency Of Shelter Before Winter Sets In Building From The Land S Raw Materials Is Quite The Surprise If You Make The First Winter, As One Pilot Remarked, The Bush Is Filled With Junk From Those That Didn T Make It Planes, Planes And Even Bigger Planes, A Winter Landing In The Bush,a Huge Plume Of Snow Engulfed The Plane From Sight For A Few Moments Then Bright Fire Could Be Seen Coming From Inside The Snow Plume Followed By Loud Bangs As The Plane Roared Out Of The Snow Mist Vibrating The Ice The Turkey Bomber, Is As Odd As It Sounds,we Tied A Hundred Foot Piece Of Rope To His Waist, Gave Some Final Instructions On What To Do If He Goes Through The Thin Ice And Sent Him Out Inching Bush Rats And Other Colorful Animals Brings The Characters Of Their Remote Bush Up Close Even ABC Family Channel Found This Family And Filmed This Remote Location As Told In Switched And Switched Again Their Livelihoods Of Creating And Operating A Wilderness Camp And Sport Fishing Business In The Bush Are Told In Skills What You Can T Build A Shopping Mall With A Pocket Knife, And In Here Fishy, Fishy A Free Page Online Companion Photo Book With Over Photos Is Also Available From The Author This book was written by my uncle to share his family s experience of living in the Bush in Alaska And I thought I grew up in the middle of nowhere This is an entertaining tale that spreads out over a decade of adventure and hard work It also delves into the motivations behind their decision to make that move It s a bit like what Little House on the Prairie might have been like, if it were written by Pa This is a story full of charm and adventure, told in an authentic voice I also treasured it for letting me get to know an uncle whom I ve never gotten to connect with in person A great read

About the Author: James Oliver

After serving in the US Navy aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ranger CVA 61 off the coast of Vietnam, James Oliver began writing technical manuals, engineering manuals and designing engineering systems for the United States Department of the Navy working in locations across the globe, setting the scene for a life of wanderlust.He writes non fiction and fiction in areas relating to his life s expe

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