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A Wind in the Door Every Time A Star Goes Out, Another Echthros Has Won A BattleJust Before Meg Murry S Little Brother, Charles Wallace, Falls Deathly Ill, He Sees Dragons In The Vegetable Garden The Dragons Turn Out To Be Proginoskes, A Cherubim Composed Out Wings And Eyes, Wind And Flame It Is Up To Meg And Proginoskes, Along With Meg S Friend Calvin, To Save Charles Wallace S Life To Do So, They Must Travel Deep Within Charles Wallace To Attempt To Defeat The Echthroi Those Who Hate And Restore Brilliant Harmony And Joy To The Rhythm Of Creation, The Song Of The Universe

About the Author: Madeleine L'Engle

2007 Crosswicks, Ltd Madeleine L Engle, President

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    Madeleine L Engle is probably one of the reasons why I think magic and faith and science are ultimately compatible.

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    My second read in the time quintet And oh boy, how much and why I still enjoy reading children books is just out of my grasp Charles Wallace, our brilliant and intuitive 6 year old gets ill He talks about things, that his elder sister Meg, finds impossible to exist Do they really exist Does their existence really matter All of a sudden, it turns out that Charles Wallace s life is important for the survival of o

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    Now this is what I m talking about If A Wrinkle in Time is hot cocoa, then this book was Ghiredelli s Peppermint Hot Cocoa with marshmallows and 100 Seriously.Trusting the advice of those I loved, I decided to perserver and finish The Time Quartet So it was onto AWITD and it rooked Wow, that was me spelling rocked I thought it was entertaining so I left it for your enjoyment Anyway, I digressThis book was great It join

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    This is the second book about Meg, Charles Wallace, their family and Calvin, their friend There is no other obvious connection to the first installment other than that time can be bent and the children go on a sort of adventure through the universe.The universe, this time, is the great idea of everything lying within as without For example, the galaxy is huge to us, making us tiny, and yet we are a part of it So, too, are the

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    Is it weird that I really loved A Wrinkle in Time and I fiercely disliked its sequel I don t remember it being this bad when I read it as a kid, but bad it is There are hints of the delightful whimsy of the first book, particularly in the Mr Jenkins face off and the classroom meeting with Sporos But there are many scenes of purported seriousness which aren t handled well at all The climactic scenes, which I think were supposed to be

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    there are some things, i think, that you read that will always stick with you for me, one of those things is the scene in this book with progo, and the discussion he has with meg about the importance of naming how once you are named, you are no matter what i read this later, again, in college, and i read it as a history student, and through that lens, it says fascinating things about the relationship of history and memory, and what history is

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    I feel like this book is too often asked to be another Wrinkle in Time, when in fact its sparse cast of characters and relatively uneventful narrative seem like L Engle s deliberate effort to make it the opposite Wrinkle is all about recognizing the universal song of the cosmos, and stepping into it A Wind the Door, however, is about recognizing the cosmos already inside the entity of the human being, and how our choices and sens

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    Why do people always mistrust people who are different I think I may have enjoyed this than Wrinkle More science based And of course, a dragon can never go wrong with a dragon tale Also it didn t have that strange, abrupt dad ending like Wrinkle.

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    DNF 105 pages inI remember reading this as a child and not liking it but couldn t remember why I understand now, this book is boring AF.

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    Yawn This book gave me anxiety attacks by imprisioning me in the same scene for 30 chapters Goes absolutely nowhere I can t believe it s even related to A Wrinkle in Time No wonder I d never read it in school.

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