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Vrolijk Clear, Strong Lines, And Radiant Colours That Seem To Smile At The Reader Characterise Mies Van Hout S Drawings In Today I Am Mies Shows All The Emotions A Young Child Encounters Each Double Page Spread Is Devoted To One Fish Showing A Particular Emotion, Along With Its Name In Lettering That Expresses The Same Feeling Dive Into Today I Am And Meet The Most Dazzling Fish That Spark Laughter And Empathy Richie s Picks HAPPY by Mies van Hout, Lemniscaat USA, April 2012, 44p., ISBN 978 1 9359 5414 9 How does it feel How does it feel Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone It was such a beautiful morning, and I was SURE that I would be BORED sitting in the auto repair shop waiting room for a couple of hours while the car was being serviced So I headed off on a hike around the area which is a new area for me When, a couple of miles down the road, I stumbled upon the Midland Park Memorial Library, I walked in I am always CURIOUS to see public library children s rooms, so I aimed my high tops down the stairs to the lower level And I am so GLAD that I did For, on display, I found an absolutely great new picture book about emotions On the cover of HAPPY is a happy fish against a black background a really happy fish from the looks of him or her And the letters of the title are drawn and colored so as to also exude a sense of happiness.Inside the book are 20 two page spreads On one side of each spread is a fish, against a black background, that is clearly depicting an emotion On the other side is the word for the emotion that the fish is exhibiting The word is drawn and colored so as to emphasize the emotion being shown.Here are the twenty emotion words for the 20 two page spreads curiousnervousbraveshy surprised sadfuriousproudjealouslovingangrygladconfused contentafraidsure shockedastonished boreddelighted.The thought that the talented Mies van Hout has put into the depictions of these emotions gives HAPPY a great entertainment value It is a total crack up After reading through the book three times and taking a bunch of notes, I turned the children s librarian who hadn t yet read it onto it Beyond all of this entertainment value, you can be SURE that there are going to be teachers who can draw months of nifty writing and improvisation activities out of a book like this.And so I am DELIGHTED to find HAPPY, and I bet that you will feel the same way, too Richie Partington, MLISRichie s Picks So cute Expressive fish demonstrate a wide range of emotions, from HAPPY to ANGRY, from BORED to DELIGHTED Here s CURIOUS The crayon drawings of the fish have huge kid appeal and adult appeal, too This would be great to use in a storytime, or as writing prompts, or to spark art projects with kids Delightful That is talent I love it The words were not always easy for me to read, but everything had a child like flare while doing so well in simply illustrating emotions Using fish Brilliant So glad a patron pointed this out to me This could be made into an activity for young uns whether at home or in a small ST group.5 1 13 5 2 13 I thought I d try this in the Time for School theme Kids need to learn what emotions are I brought down my definition to feelings At the beginning, you could tell the adults were skeptical about how this would go, and the kids got my examples of happy and Sad but you could see they weren t sure how this would go By the 2nd emotion, every one of them was hooked I had the kids make these faces with me I would explain some of the lesser known to them emotions And they LOVED it They totally got it in the illustrations and they had so much fun trying to make the faces themselves With time to think, I could have come up with and better than what I came up with on the fly examples of when they might feel the emotions Maybe next time But this time was still fabulous 9 30 15 Used as literacy moment in Art Time theme I had the kids come up and tell me what letter the emotion started with, and then we used our fishing pole and fished for the letter I had them make the emotions with me as we went along, so when we were through with kids, we just kept going with the book and the emotions I think I did pretty well in giving examples of the emotions And the kids and adults were right there with me totally getting it all A great success. Pictures of brightly colored fish express different emotionsI loved the art

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