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Conditional Love Review originally posted to my blog on thinks that her gorgeous boyfriend Marc might be the one, so when he breaks up with her on Valentine s Day she s heartbroken and also horrified at the thought of having to change her Facebook status to single on the most romantic day of the year.Thankfully Sophie has her two close friends Jess and Emma to distract her and if that wasn t enough there s also the arrival of a mysterious letter from a solicitor on her doorstep In it it s explained that she s a beneficiary in the will and testament of Mrs Jane Kennedy Sophie has no idea who this woman is, but the letter sets into motion a series of events that will change her life foreverEven though I instantly took a liking to the character of Sophie I did think that she was very na ve and a bit of a pushover in the earlier chapters She let Marc and her mum waltz right over her and onthan one occasion I wished she d just stand up for herself Thankfully, as the story progressed, Sophie really found her feet and she grew into aconfident and independent woman.Some new characters are introduced because of the mysterious inheritance and I instantly fell head over heels in love with the socially awkward architect Nick More comfortable in the company of his dog than that of other human beings he was rather endearing and of course I instantly started rooting for him and Sophie to becomethan just friends.Another thing that I really liked about the novel was the home makeover aspect I m at a stage in my own life where I feel ready to have my own place to renovate and decorate to my heart s content, so I completely understood Sophie s desire for exactly that And as she put all her ideas and creativity into turning the property into a home, I was vicariously living through her Conditional Love was also incredibly funny There were many hilariously awkward situations that made me chuckle and I have quite a few post its scattered across my room with phrases that I wrote down while reading Two of my favourites were Today she had bags under her eyes that wouldn t pass the Ryanair baggage allowance I was properly laughing out loud at that one and She was to cooking what Heston Blumenthal was to hairstyling a total stranger.It s hard to believe that this is Cathy Bramley s debut novel as it reads as if written by a muchseasoned author What s evenamazing is that this is not only her debut, but it is also self published Having a publishing company backing a book release means that a lotpeople can give their professional input and polish the novel, yet even though Conditional Love did not have this privilege, you wouldn t be able to tell from reading it It looks professionally put together and has one of the most eye catching and cutest covers I ve seen all year.In short, Conditional Love is cute, charming and very, very funny I adored this novel, which is similar in feel to the books by Lindsey Kelk and Abby Clements, and I can promise you that you will too, so purchase your very own copy fromnow 3.5 stars.Hmm, I m not sure what to say about conditional love I expected something wonderful, like the author s other books I read before Unfortunately, I didn t like Sophie I only did when she was being enthusiastic about designing etc But between those moments she somehow was a little annoying being stupid Especially regarding the Marc thing He was just too obvious Even a fictional character in a book had to get it The story itself wasn t really interesting in my opinion Almost a little boring It felt as if they all had the same problem Every person had any sort of first hand experience of guy leaving the pregnant girl at some point of their lives Either being that guy, that girl or the fetus How about a little variety, hm However, what made a nice difference was the prince being the awkwardly clumsy person instead of the main character It was also quite nice how the story settled in the end. All Her Life She Has Dreamed Of A Home Of Her Own, So What S Holding Her Back Sophie Stone, Thirty Something Serial Procrastinator, Lover Of Take That, Tesco Knickers And Tea With Two Sugars, Rarely Steps Out Of Her Comfort ZoneSo When An Unexpected Inheritance From A Great Aunt She S Never Met Forces Her To Meet Her Father, It Threatens The Very Foundations Of Sophie S WorldWhat Did The Old Lady Want Her To Discover Was There To Her Parents Break Up Than She Was Lead To Believe Sophie Will Have To Face Some Startling Home Truths Before She Can Finally Build A Future On Her Own Terms Originally posted on was wonderful I adore Cathy Bramley Absolutely love the socks off the woman Her writing is just a pure comfort to slip into, whether that be her FABULOUS Ivy Lane series, or her GORGEOUS Appleby Farm series, both of which I seriously enjoyed, Cathy has a sensational voice that I could listen to again and again and again, on repeat, all of the freaking time If you haven t already treated yourself to Cathy s latest series, then I urge you to do so You will not find another author who makes you feel at home as much as this one does Ivy Lane first published as a four part series is now available as a full story , and Appleby Farm currently published as a four part series is being published as a full story in August 2015 , are both the type of stories that will you make you want to stick your feet up, pop the kettle on and absolutely lose yourself to the words on the page I promise you that Anyway, I ll stop waxing lyrical about Cathy, and return to the reasoning behind this post, and that would be Cathy s debut novel Conditional Love I ve probably done this completely the wrong way round, seeing as I ve read her latest before her debut, but who actually cares There are no rules to reading and that s why it s so fun Before being picked up by the fabulous Transworld publishers, Cathy self published Conditional Love Once under Transworld s care, the novel was given a stunning new cover which caught my attention immediately, and I couldn t click purchase quick enough I m ashamed to say that it s been sat on my Kindle for a while now, waiting for me to finally get round to it, but now, I m thrilled to announce that Conditional Love has been moved from my to read pile to my read pile, and I m ready to present you lovely lot with my review In Conditional Love by Cathy Bramley, the reader is introduced to Sophie Stone Immediately, we re launched right into a crucial scene, as Sophie wakes up beside her arse hole although she doesn t realise it at this point of a boyfriend on Valentine s Day Things rapidly go downhill for the lovable Sophie, as rather than revealing a beautifully wrapped gift from behind his back or leaping atop Sophie to ravish her, Marc breaks up with Sophie and leaves rather swiftly Perfect Valentine s Day gift, right ladies So, Sophie, dealing with a heavy dose of heartbreak, forces herself onwards, hoping to forget about Marc as the lonely days go by The plot really begins to thicken when Sophie receives a mysterious letter and is handed the responsibility of her Great Aunt Jane s cottage on Lilac Lane, in Woodby Little does Sophie know, the bundle of money and the cottage which is in much need of some tender love and care is only hers on one condition, a condition which she must agree toNot only did I find Conditional Love gorgeously enveloping, but it also spoke to me on a personal level too, especially when Sophie s absent father becomes involved within the plot There are some beautifully written, emotional scenes, a few which I ve been through myself, and Cathy managed to hit the onslaught of warring emotions on the head perfectly I found myself sitting there, staring at the Cathy s descriptions of Sophie s emotions, and thinking, This is exactly how I felt, too and as ridiculous as it sounds, it was comforting to know that there was somebody else out there who knew exactly what I d been through even if that somebody was a fictional character Including Sophie s absent father within the plot added a heap of intrigue to this story, especially since Sophie hadn t set on eyes on the man for God knew how long There d been conflict in the past according to Sophie s mother, and I was desperate to find out what exactly that conflict had involved I had so many questions running through my mind, and Cathy had me holding my breath at numerous moments throughout my reading of Conditional Love There was mystery, secrets and a whole lotta Cathy Bramley at work Quite simply, it was marvellous Of course, as is the norm with any of the authors books that I ve read, as well as succulent plot to really sink my teeth into, there were some excellent characters who I thouroughly enjoyed spending my time with Sophie Stone, firstly, who Conditional Love is really all about We follow Sophie through her journey of self discovery, not only in regards to her family, but in regards to her heart, too Alongside Sophie, we have her fantastic flatmates, Emma and Jess, two colourful, engaging sisters who added heaps of camaraderie to the atmosphere whenever they were present Lots of girlish, friendly banter took place which is something that I always love to read It always reminds me of my own sisters who never fail to make me smile Also, I believe the sibling relationship between Jess and Emma highlighted how alone Sophie sometimes felt With her mother living abroad, Sophie didn t really have anyone who she could call her own, but Emma and Jess didn t mind filling that gap for her, which made me love the three of them and their bond all theMoving away from the girls, we have Marc who I instantly took a disliking too, and who continued to grind my gears right the way through the novel There were moments when Sophie was so blind sided by her feelings for the man, I wanted to reach into my Kindle and give her a gentle shake of the shoulders because he was just SUCH an IDIOT Marc didn t, not once, appeal to me at all Sophie s architect however worked wonders, and you ll know exactly what I mean if you ve read this book too.All in all, Cathy Bramley s debut was FABULOUS It had it all The romance, the mystery, the girly chats It was the perfect book for me to lose myself within after a long day at work My troubles instantly vanished and I felt like I could step away from my own life and join Sophie Stone in hers for a little while I sincerely hope that you ll do the same, too, bookish beauts A delectable romance that will most definitely whisk you away Becca s Books is awarding Conditional Love by Cathy Bramley with FOUR GORGEOUS CUPCAKES I m thrilled that we have so muchto come from Cathy, and I can t wait to dive into each and every book that she shares with us in the future. Originally posted on This Chick ReadsCopy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewConditional Love is Cathy Bramley s debut which she self published back in 2013 Soon after releasing it, it went flying up the charts and winning the hearts of so many romance readers It was just a matter of time till she snatched a deal with a publisher Transworld Two years after the first release of her debut, Cathy s rewritten it and this time published it under the wings of Transworld The book also got a brand new cover which is simply gorgeous Conditional Love is a delightful story, which is centered around Sophie Stone who s probably experiencing the worst Valentines Day in her life After almost a year of relationship she expects things to getserious with Marc, but instead of taking their relationship to the next level, he cruelly dumps her However, things might get worse as Sophie finds out she s inherited money from a mysterious person, a person they claim is her great aunt from her father s side She s to inherit a property and money but there s a catch, as stated in her great aunt s will, she s to receive them only if she meets her father Sophie s never even met her father, he s left when she was just a baby and never got in contact Her mother rarely spoke about him and hen she did, she always called him bad names Naturally, Sophie never even wanted to meet him, however she s put in a really hard situation right now If she only had adecent salary or her flat mates could earn, maybe she wouldn t have to even consider her great aunt s deal.As months go by and in a time frame of a year, we see Sophie going through so many life changing situations We see just what kind of a piece of work her ex boyfriend is, how badly he treats her, but also we get to see Sophie transforming into a smarter, stronger person.This is one of those reads you ll absolutely fly through I finished it in about 4 hours or so, which definitely says a lot about just how much I enjoyed it To be honest, I didn t like Sophie in the beginning I actually started to like her half way through the book, which might be late for some readers Through the way she allows Marc to treat her, I got to the conclusion she s a weak, boneless, brainless woman who needs a man to make her feel completely And I assume, she ll be perceived by many readers the same way There was a point when I honestly thought she s the weakest romance heroine I ve ever read about However, as the story progressedandthings started happening and I started seeing her in a completely new light.And this is one of the things that I loved the most, the fact I got to see Sophie transform in front of my eyes I also loved the fact this in not yet another romance story, as Ms Bramley has cleverly interwoven the family drama through a very complicated father daughter relationship In a light, funny at times, way Ms Bramley shows us the importance of family but also the importance of self growth through accepting what we are as well as accepting our past.I really enjoyed this book It took me long to warm up to Sophie, but it s very clear what Ms Bramley wanted to achieve with portraying her like that Conditional Love is indeed a charming book perfect for curling up on the sofa after a long and exhausting day Enjoy Posted in full Conditional Love has recently been re worked and re published, making it Cathy Bramley s third Corgi paperback and, to be expected, just as wonderful as the others I adored this novel right from the first page and never stopped it was a typically heart warming, glorious romantic comedy, beautifully delivered with realistically observed emotions and a hint of a romance thanks to certain architect that you will be absolutely rooting for It s a gorgeous story and I loved every moment of it Cathy Bramley has not yet written a book I didn t enjoy and there s never any doubt in my mind that she will deliver an author whose books you can always rely on to put a smile on your face So, bring on the next one Sophie Stone has a nice enough life she has her job, her friends and a boyfriend Marc, and on surface is fairly happy with her simple life But there sto Sophie than meets the eye and when she is left a hefty inheritance from her mysterious great aunt, we see a muchinsecure side to her character Sophie has the chance to acquire her dream home from the inheritance but there is a catch she must meet once with the father she has never known Sophie battles with her conscience and how she, and her mother, would feel about Sophie seeing her dad and I was intrigued by what she may discover and the true story behind why her dad wasn t in her life Sophie was instantly likeable and one of those characters I really found myself wanting the best for Her boyfriend, Marc, was frankly awful and I hated how she put up with him but all it did was make me look forward to hopefully the moment where she would stand up to him and get rid There was something really inspiring about Sophie when she started taking charge of her life and chasing her dreams When she sets her eyes on the home she could be inheriting and starts thinking, along with architect Nick, about the interior design and how she could make it something personal to her, we really get to see a different side to her character, one where she is passionate about something and creative and enthusiastic It was nice to see her thinking about something purely for herself rather than always trying to work out ways of suiting everyone else like compromising for Marc or hiding things from her mum so as not to upset her Sophie was a selfless character but somehow I found myself willing her to beselfish because she was a really thoughtful, sincere character who was so worthy of something brilliant happening in her own life I wanted to see Sophie put herself first and build that dream life she was so deserving of Sophie and architect Nick are my two favourite Cathy Bramley characters and they made this book such a joy for me to read The other character who stole my heart was in actual fact a dog, but so sweet and loveable I just couldn t resist him As always, Cathy created a really endearing set of characters and I found myself drawn to many of them I found the dynamics between Sophie and her mum and Sophie and her dad both interesting and fascinating I was eager to learn if any secrets may be discovered between the three of them and what really happened the day Sophie s dad disappeared from her life I also loved reading the friendship in this novel between Sophie and sisters Jess and Emma who were so different but equally fab I loved their bond and how they all bickered but yet at the same time all they wanted to do was support each other All three of them had the perfect girly friendship, the chats and the gossip, the advice and laughter over a cup of tea or a takeaway and something a bit stronger All three of them were easy to identify with and impossible to dislike Conditional Love was everything I want a romantic comedy to be plus muchCathy Bramley has a recognisable sense of humour in her stories which never fails to hit the mark and the wit in this book often had me giggling out loud, which made the story flow with evenease and beauty As for the romance element predictable yes, but absolutely everything I wanted to read, 100% yes I liked how I couldn t stand Marc from the beginning and yet Sophie still persevered with him because it made me fall for the better love interest evenand yes I definitely did fall for him Ahhh He was awkward and said the wrong thing many times but he was lovely and genuine and not at all as boring as I am making him sound From start to finish, Conditional Love was a delight to read and I was very sad to see it come to an end because I d grown extremely attached to the characters Warm and witty, it s a book that makes you want to embrace all of life s little things and just enjoy it so pick up this book, curl up by the fire on a winter s day and get reading because the smile left on your face once you ve finished is so worth it review copy Conditional Love is about Sophie Stone, who lives in Nottingham and shares a flat with her two best friends She works for a local paper and is not entirely satisfied with her job Also, her boyfriend dumps her on Valentine s Day and doesn t really seem to care that much about it, because she was apparently too boring anyways So the day might not be her best yet, that is until she receives a letter from a solicitor s office saying she inherited a house and some money from a woman she never even heard of The only problem is she has so agree to meet her father, who has apparently abandoned the family before Sophie was even born Otherwise she won t get the house or the money Now, Sophie is torn between being happy about a home of her own, something she wants since forever and being angry and scared about meeting a man who obviously doesn t even want her As this is a Cathy Bramley book, I had high expectations about it I adored Ivy Lane and Appleby Farm an so on, so I was sure that Conditional Love would be just as wonderful It was really good, but it didn t quite reach up to her other novels, I would say It was just not as nice and warm and breezy as the other ones But it was lovely nonetheless Sophie was a really nice if in some situations naive and stupid girl and her two flatmates were great, too Her love interest was simply delightful, I loved him He was sometimes so clumsy I wanted to reach out and hug him Also, Cathy Bramley did a fantastic job creating a horrible, annoying and insensitive boyfriend It was really an easy read with a nice, smooth flow No overly horrible scenarios or something, which was great, just how I like it As I said, it does not quite reach Ivy Lane level for me, but it does have some similarities The story takes place in the period of about one year, for example, you get to see Sophie throughout all the seasons, just a bitsubtle than in Ivy Lane etc Still nice, though All in all, it was a very lovely book, I can definitely recommend it. I was delighted when Cathy approached me to review her book as unbeknownst to her I had already downloaded my own copy and was looking forward to reading it, as from the blurb it sounded like a promising read.The book is written in a humourous style that engages you from the first page as we meet Sophie Stone expecting her boyfriend to propose on Valentine s Day, only to find he dumps her instead The book is easy to read and that is due in no small part to the skill of Cathy Bramley as she pulls you effortlessly into Sophie s life.There were times when I wanted to shake Sophie for behavinglike a seventeen year old than a thirty two year old but then she goes and does something silly that has happened to all of us, like walking around with her skirt tucked into her Tesco knickers You ll find yourelf chuckling aloud at lots of moments like this one It is stretching the reader s credulity a little though that she is so dependent on others considering that her mother has essentially abandonned her and moved to Spain, she doesn t know her father and she s living in a flatshare I did like the way that she grew during the story though and took driving lessons to becomeindependent but found her emotional naivety a bit hard to take at times.On the other hand I absolutely loved the boardroom episode and knowing that it was based on Cathy s own experience had me laughing evenNick, the architect, is incredibly well drawn too and easy to imagine as a young Doc Martin and happily Cathy has avoided making him into a stereotype The ending is a tad predictable but satisfying at the same time All in all a great effort from a debut writer about whom I m sure we ll be hearing a lotin the near future. Grabbed this when it was free onthe other day, because it looked cute.Sort of a Bridget Jones like vibe to it If you enjoyed that then you ll probably like this one It s not a copycat story or anything, but it has the same sort of feel Sophie is in her early 30 s, British, feels she s a few pounds overweight, and has a piss poor lovelife Although, it s hard to feel sorry for her since it s her own fault Not the part about being British Poor thing can t help where she was born after allKidding Her boyfriend dumps her in the opening pages, and she spends great gobs of time trying to win him back Even though she knows he s a useless dick.He rekindles his interest in her when she informs him that she s going to inherit a house and some money And she knows that s why he s sniffing around again But she thinks she can prove to him that she s awesome or something I didn t get it I honestly can t fathom being that desperate I d rather be alone than with a douchebag who comments on my weight, and continually forgets his wallet.But..whatever I guess there are women out there somewhere who can relate I just Ugh.Her two roommates BFFs are also massive tools If I had to live with bitches that annoying, I d probably be in jail I kept waiting for the moment when Sophie would realize that these chicks were soul sucking harpies, but it never happened.So again, I couldn t relate They were obnoxious, and I would have kicked them to the curb a long time ago.Her mother was the most obvious twat in the bunch, but at least there was some amount of retribution for that toward the end Not enough, but some.The love story thing between Sophie and Nick waspretty bland.Why did they like each other anyway Boring relationships is one of the reasons I don t normally gravitate toward chick lit But if you re a fan of this genre, you ll probably have no problem with the way it all plays out.I did giggle quite a bit while I was reading, so this wasn t a waste of my time It had a cute plot, witty dialogue, and funny situations.Not bad considering this isn t what I normally go for. I quickly got the impression that Sophie s love life was not very successful and found it super easy to warm to her character, I believe the comfortable style of writing was partially responsible for that Her naivety was just one of the things that made me like her so much, I enjoyed seeing how her character grew throughout the storyline and becamesure about her own life I also really liked her roommates who were sisters and very entertaining they certainly added another fun twist to the book.An unexpected letter from a solicitor had the potential to change Sophie s life in a big way and I felt excited to join her as she embarked on a new chapter in her life This led to her first meeting with Nick the architect and I enjoyed this moment immensely, Nick was another wonderful character who brought a little bit of mystery to the storyline I was constantly wondering what was going through his mind For me this was a well rounded book, there were some touching moments and quite serious subjects were raised but there were also lots of funny moments, one of my favourites being Sophie s boardroom faux pas which had me laughing out loud as I was reading It was a book that I couldn t wait to get back to whenever I had other things I needed to do, I was just so keen to discover what was going to happen next This was a fun, captivating read I would love to readabout these characters.

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