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Secrets I was given a copy of this book as a gift from Stephanie s Book Reports in exchange for an honest review This is the second book in the Geneva Project series, and it is the continuation of Geneva s story.Geneva has finally learned the truth about her identity, and she is left feeling that the weight of the world rests on her shoulders As the story progresses, we get a closer look at Geneva s powers as well as the powers of her closest friends It is also revealed that there is a group of people who want to steal her power and use it for evil This makes is very difficult for Geneva to figure who she can and can not trust.Christina Benjamin did an excellent job of expanding the world of Hullabbe island I enjoyed this book just as much as the first one. The Geneva Project Secrets book two4.5I was given a book in exchange for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book.Some spoilers if you didn t read the first bookGeneva awakes hoping it was all a dream She is sad to find out it wasn t She now knows that she is Geneva, the chosen one who will lead the people to peace She has left her old name behind She now must face the fact that Jenna is her sister They have never gotten along, and she has a difficult time reconciling the person she has known with a person that can actually be related to her With everything on her shoulders, Geneva is overwhelmed.The second book continues the saga I would love to have the power to communicate with animals It was fascinating I was disappointed to have the love triangle continue There is a good enough story that we shouldn t have to wade through that Ok I am not a fan of the love triangle I think it has been overused the last five years or so, but that is my opinion Geneva also seems to be in danger a lot, and I mean a lot It was an entertaining continuation of the series I am looking forward to the third book I hope that these books are eventually turned into audio books Some stories are meant to be told out loud, and I believe Geneva s story is one of them. What If You Were Part Of A Secret So Powerful It Could Change Everything Would You Pursue It Could You Survive It Geneva Finally Knows The Truth About Her Identity The Book Of Secrets Gave Her A Name, A Family And A Destiny To Fulfill, But It Also Revealed Many Secrets She Must Uncover Some Are Dark And Mysterious And Beyond Her Wildest Dreams Now She Has To Decide Who She Can Trust With Her Secrets And Which Of Them She Must Keep To Herself Can You Keep A Secret What If You Life Depended On It Discover At Thegenevaprojectbook picks up where Truth ended Pretty much that same moment, we go right back into it not skipping a beat Tippy now knows she is Geneva, the Eva, the one meant to lead the Beto people and all on the island back to a peaceful way of life The Book of Secrets gave her than she bargained for with the whole destiny and a sister she never would have asked for Still this is not the end she has many secrets to uncover, some dark and mysterious Geneva must decide who she can trust with her secrets and which she must keep to herself When we left Tippy, aka Geneva, in Truth she just found out her destiny and oh yeah Jemma, her enemy is now her older sister Shock set in now It s overwhelming to learn all of this Add to that she had just put an end to an evil hunting them and she needed a moment Things quickly get into gear as the gang joins with the Beto people in the forest, constantly on the move to keep themselves safe My thoughts and theories about a couple things were in fact true, I m that good Though I admit it happened in a different way than expected In Secrets we get to meet so many new characters while still learning new things about the ones we already love My favorite new addition was Jovi We found out about the legends and history of the island This is important if they wish to change the past and not let history repeat itself Along with tons of character development and growth, because Eva has some serious stuff to cope with Sure she doesn t always make the sound decisions but she s young and she s overwhelmed and I had a hard time being upset about any mistakes or decisions she made based on flawed logic because of that I loved being in her head and seeing just what she was going through and how she came to her decisions Even when things are not explained to her fully or she is lied to and betrayed she still finds it in her heart to do what is best for everyone and not take a vindictive stance That shows me she is a good leader She has her moments and she may do some things against her personal desires and get a touch of payback in there but she at least feels bad after Heads up I didn t feel bad at all I m not even going to try and describe the tension of all types between all the characters, lots of emotions and feels happening there but I think it was best to experience so I don t want you to be expecting anything specific and ruin the ah ha moment I ll just say wow some stuff is going down High drama levels down right Secrets also focuses on their mission They need to find the four pillars Eva believes that the best place they will be is back at the orphanage they escaped from They have to go back No one is excited at the prospect of course but it s a necessary evil they must work towards with the best plan possible The road is dangerous, so as in this book we find out of the other side, the evil group that are seeking out Eva and the pillars for a completely opposite reason than peace and unity Seeing things happen from both angles and knowing how than the other characters made it all the intense There is so much happening in the book Things never stop moving The continued world building is astounding and completely natural as they learn about the legends and at the same time it blends so easily into the characters stories it s perfect I really enjoyed this book and I m beyond excited for book three Lies to come out next month. I loved the first installment of The Geneva Project, and this one only got better All of the characters have grown and evolved in Secrets , and it s easy to find yourself identifying with even the ones you think you shouldn t like, such as Geneva s sister The world of Hullabee Island continues to expand, and we re introduced to several new mystical creatures that make the book fun and interesting I was very impressed at how the author progressed the Myth of Hullabee Island and Geneva, and threw some new twists in for her readers The theme of Secrets is very prevalent throughout the book, and I loved seeing how Geneva navigated through the minefield that she created for herself by keeping so many things from her friends, whether it was because she wanted to keep them safe or didn t trust them The ending was perfect and left me eagerly waiting for the third book I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys young adult fiction, especially fans of Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson series. Geneva now knows who is and her rule in the future The Book of Secrets gave her a name and sister which is everything she wanted She was also told that she must fulfill a destiny that will save the island and the magic She is living in the forest with her friends Journey, Sparrow, Remi, Nova, and Jemma They are able to figure everything out together.I loved this book I m so attached to these characters and are always rutting for them I want them to suceed with each page I am loving how many twists and turns there are throughout the series I love that the theme of this book is secrets They all have so many secrets and nothing works out well until the truth is revealed That can t succeed with the secrets but they all feel like the secrets are protecting one person or the other I think it teaches a valuable lesson to everyone I have enjoyed this journey with all the kids that quickly became adults Geneva is embracing her destiny and trying to save Lux which makes me smile I love how much she has changed from the first book The story is flowing so nicely I can t wait to read the next book. I was given an ARC book for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book CONTAINS SOME SPOILERSSecrets picks up right where Truth left off I highly recommend reading the books in this series in order The story continues and builds from book to book The characters grew a lot in this book as their powers built I enjoyed watching the characters grow As Geneva grows in her powers, she learns a great deal She has learned that she is the chosen one She has learned that her life long enemy is actually her sister As she learns about herself and her powers, she comes across secrets Should she share those secrets with her friends Or should she keep those secrets to herself in hopes of protecting her friends Secrets can be destructive when kept from loved ones What secrets does Eva learn What does she choose to do with those secrets I enjoyed reading this book It wasn t a quick or fast read for me, but was enjoyable Although not on my top 5 list for the year, I do recommend this series to others This was a wonderful follow up book I loved seeing how much the characters have grown I also really enjoyed the new characters and their magical features I found myself going from laughing, to worrying, and gasping from the suspense If you enjoyed Divergent and Harry Potter you ll definitely like this book It is a busy and fast paced story.This focuses on their mission to find the pillars Geneva finds the Beto people and notices that every one seems to have secrets Some are dark and some are surprising.I really like this author s writing Her details and descriptive ways make for fun and exciting stories Her busy and fast paced books grab and keep your attention throughout the whole story. Secrets is the second book in the Geneva Project Series I would recommend reading Truth the first book before starting this one You can find my review of Truth HERE.Secrets continues on from where Truth leaves off In this book we get insights into those that are looking for the Eva and the Book of Secrets, though we don t really know who they are We do get the sense they are not very friendly toward her though.At this point in the story Geneva has made it into the forest and found the Beto people who are much populous than anyone at the Troian Center had thought She learns much from the people there and from the Book of Secrets.Everyone has secrets it seems Some of the secrets will hurt others Some of the secrets she needs to discover if she is to fulfill her mission as Eva Some of them are dark and mysterious and very dangerous The trouble is, she doesn t know who she can trust She s been told to trust her sister Jemma, previously known as Jane 31, who d made life miserable for her and Remi at the Troian Center, but she s having a hard time of it since Jemma seems to be making a play for Nova, the young man she thinks she might be falling in love with.Above all, they have a mission to complete They need to find the four pillars fire, wind water and earth Eva knows who two of the pillars are, but she and her friends are going back to look for them at the Troian Center because the clues from the Book of Secrets is leading them there.The road to the Troian Centre is hazardous There are many encounters along the way, some good, some bad I really enjoyed the fantasy part of this tale and the description of the journey.The depth of character development also continued in this book as well, particularly between the sisters Jemma and Geneva, as they got to know one another better Knowing your sister better doesn t necessarily mean loving her better however.Geneva s angst due to her friendship with Remi and her growing love for Nova is painful, especially as she battles with running away, giving them up because of her task as the Eva or choosing one of them If you ve ever been in any kind of similar experience, you ll feel her pain too.Secrets was a fast paced novel that was difficult to put down Beware though there was a cliff hanger ending so you ll have to wait for Christina to finish writing book 3 before you can read it I rated Secrets 5 stars out of 5.Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review A positive opinion was not required All thoughts are my own.This review was published on my blog Shelf Full of Books Christina Christina brings yet another astounding novel in her lasted novel, The Geneva Project Secrets The novel continues off right where the first one left off, but beyond that she opens up a complex world than the glimpse she gave in the first installment of the series Along with that the characters grow and morph with magnificent changes that echo experiences from our society Christina creates a wholly extraordinary novel that draws us deeper in the world of Hullabee Island, leaving us screaming of The story begins in Truth, however it blooms in Secrets Much of what is known of the world on Hullabee is hidden within the forest that the group now venture into, opening up a new world of discovery This new world has many twist and turns for these characters Twist that will eventually draw them together, yet pushing the farther apart The love that these characters share for each other, muddles the waters of their quests and forces them into situations that many would parallel to those we face in real life Moment after moment Christina creates conflict, yet beauty in the world of Hullabee Leaving me, personally, with many great scenes that linger in my mind Page after page I find yet another beautiful scene that tops the last, and yet somehow she manages to keep making the better and better Until finally you turn the last page and scream for With amazing precision Christina creates twist after twist that keeps you on the edge, turning page after page, leaving you with many questions still unanswered at the end Thank you for sharing this wonderful read I cannot wait for what comes next

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