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The Sky Lords (Sky Lords, #1) Centuries In The Future, After The World Has Been Devasted By The Gene Wars, The Scattered Remnants Of Humanity Struggle Against Both The Spreading Biological Blight On The Ground And The Great Airships That Dominate The Skies Controlled By Feudal Warlords, These Mile Long Dirigibles Patrol Their Territories, Exacting Tribute From The Ground Communities

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    The future Earth of John Brosnan s The Sky Lords is a uniquely nasty and colourful place, and I ve visited it before.I read the second book in this trilogy when I was thirteen twenty five years ago and loved it It took me a quarter of a century to track down book one The Sky Lords and return to Brosnan s ruined Earth

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    I read this one when I was a teenager You see, I used to read an awful much of SF when I was a teen Wait, that one is still true I still love reading SF and that is probably never going to change You know how I can tell I can recall everything that happened in this novel at doing so I realize I need to see about those sequels I distinctly r

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    Now, this is what I call SF Very good SF The protagonist is a young women who grows up in a post genetic wars society The world where she lives is ruled by nobility flying around in zeppelins hence the name sky lords Sounds interesting She lives in an feminist kind of society, where women are genetically engineered to be taller and stronger than men

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    Pulp moderno G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta Minerva es un enclave gobernado por mujeres en medio de una jungla repleta de especies animales y vegetales potencialmente letales Falta poco para que Lord Pangloth, una nave voladora de enorme tama o que opera mediante helio e hidr geno perteneciente a los Se ores del Cielo que llevan m s de tres siglos do

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    Ovo je jako dobro znanstveno fantasti no djelo, mo da i najoriginalnije znanstveno fantasti no djelo koje sam do sad pro itala Radnja se doga a u dalekoj budu nosti gdje se gradovi nalaze na Mjesecu, u svemiru i na Marsu Ljudi ive po nekoliko stotina godina, prestaju stariti u trideset i petoj, a ene imaju menstruaciju jednom u dvadeset godina Nebeski gospodari vladaju zemljom i svatko tko se nastani na zemlj

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    This was fun I knew nothing about the book going in and once inside I was always wondering where will this go next I ll admit that having finished it the conclusion seems logical sort of Well, maybe not This was a wlld ride from a ground bound matriarchal society which this poor reader had too short a time exploring before being whisked away to a giant airship where a normal society hardly seemed real before tearing o

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