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The Golden Locket (Unbreakable Trilogy, #2) Full review and details can be found on my bloghttp foxylutely.blogspot.com 2013 1ReviewARC provided direct from the publisher Avon Books UK Harper Collins in exchange for my honest reviewThis is the second instalment of the Unbreakable Trilogy, and follows on from The Silver Chain in which the reader was left at the end knowing Pierre, Gustav s long lost brother returns However we had been left knowing Serena and Gustav were in a position to move on with their relationship which takes them to New York Pierre follows them there and he certainly has a big impact on the storyline.In this book Serena has matured considerably from the first book which was engaging in the older, rich tycoon ravishes young country shy girl kind of way But here, well let s just say she is a totally different woman Capitalising on the success of her first art show which Gustav had played a major part in, she is now trying to establish herself in New York to the rich and famous who she has promoted her skills as an voyeuristic photographer with the acclaims sweeping over the pond from London It is in these commissions she lands that shows another darker and advantageous side of Serena Although Gustav shows conflict with this he knows he needs to let Serena experiment and act on these desires that he played a major part on being released.For me it is these areas of the book I found a little hard to take Whilst taking the pictures of the rich couple from high society she finds herself moved from being the voyeur to being engaged in the activity Then again with the senator s wholesome and innocent daughter on her pre marriage photo shoot and the dancers in the theatre behind that screen just flabbergasted me A whole lot of WTF was going through my mind reading these scenes.As for Pierre, he was a conundrum and his behaviour so bizarre but then I guess we have a lot to learn about Gustav s younger brother and the damage Gustav s ex wife, Margot has done to him Oh yes Margot was still ingrained and entwined throughout the book and her evil spread even into the relationship Serena holds with her cousin Polly Polly was another eye opener in this book, as in book one she was a go getter, trend setter, kick ass who let no one control her Yet here she is with Pierre being a total doormat Gasp It was a delight to see the trust built between Serena and Gustav and I loved the action of what Gustav does to the silver chain near the end of the book A wonderful significance of what the chain had been throughout both books.But I guess the star of the book is the golden locket hence the title and I had tried to guess the significance of this Was it an ownership emblem What was held inside Would it be a new contract for Serena or would it mean an entirely new direction for them both I loved that by the end of the book Serena and Gustav had overcome another hurdle and cemented a new depth of love and trust However naughty, naughty Ms Bond leaves us with another cliffhanger Who was the voyeur in that car outside the gallery, who left that letter and what the hell did it say Good heavens I shall have to wait until The Diamond Ring is released in May 2014. release date ebook 21 November Paperback 19 December 2013 400 pages Unbreakable Trilogy 2Book 3 The Diamond Ring will be out May 2014 MY THOUGHTS About the storyAfter Serena agreed to accompany Gustav to New York at the End ofThe Silver Chain, we now find oursevles in Manhattan.It s New Year s EveThis is going to be a fabulous year, Serena FolkesSerena is thinking back on what happened these last daysThis is the first day of the rest of our lives, girland to what happened on their last day in London.Remember When we left Serena Gustav in book 1 they were on their way to pack their bags and fly to New York, but first they went to the Gallery where we met PLEASE DO NOT KEEP ON READING IF YOU HAVEN T READ THE FIRST BOOK We met Pierre Gustav s long lost little brother He s the new boyfriend that Serena s cousin Polly has been with for a while now OMG I was sooo shocked at the end of The Silver Chain Pierre Gustav and Pierre hadn t spoken in FIVE years and now here he is Lots of things happend all those years ago we heard most of it in book 1, but we ll hear a lot now How Pierre saw it how Gustav saw it And of course we hear a lot about Gustav s Ex Wife Margot The b h On that night 5 years ago she seduced the young Pierre, took the family heirloom jewels and the poor boy with her and disappeared She told Pierre soo many lies that he stopped worshipping his big brother and started hating him.Well the story of Gustav, Pierre Margot is a really big part of this book And poor Serena is right in the middle of it all, because Pierre seems a bit too interested in her and Serena is a tiny bit attracted to him too.Not everything is about the Levi s of course.Serena is in New York City now she wants to become a famous photographer And with the help of her lover she has landed her first commissions.The first one shooting pictures of a billionaire housewifeNot as easy as it sounds turns out the ber rich european couple is extremely kinky They start making out in front of Serena s camera and they don t stop there They even want to convince Serena to join them But Serena doesn t want to betray Gustav like that.But Gustav knows his darling girl better than she knows herself.He knows she needs this she needs her voyerism and he wants her to experiment new kinky things well, he doesn t really want it but he thinks that she needs it she s so young has so much yet to experience and he hopes with letting her experiment a bit she will be happier with himMy little country bumpkin What s happened to herThe book might also take us to another city but that s it I m not telling you anything.like..WILL THERE BE A HAPPY END I can t tell you, of course I don t want to spoil your reading pleasure BUT since there will be a third book there probably won t be a HEA YET There are still many questions and secrets left to talk about I REALLY ENJOYED THIS SEQUEL TO THE SILVER CHAINI really loved the first book in the series and with this horrible cliffhanger ending I was sooooo looking forward to this second book And it didn t disappoint at all I think I even loved it a bit than the first one There were so many interesting moments in this book.So many deeply erotic scenes.There s not all that much really explicitly described sex between Gustav and Serena doesn t mean there is NO sex between them but there are soooo many sexy scenes Gustav Serena Serana other people with Gustav watching, or not watching.The whole book has this deeply erotic vibe without having a sex scene on every other page Serena and Gustav are so adorably in love after everything that happened in book 1 that s really nice to see.But Serena is drawn to so many other things, other men women she has so much sexual energy in her.She doesn t want to leave or hurt Gustav but she sure does experiment a lot The whole story about Margot and Gustav and Pierre s past is this constant suspensy cloud hanging over this book.I couldn t put it down or if I had to go do something else for a while, I couldn t stop thinking about the book.I NEEDED to know what would happen And of course, I needed to know if Margot will ever show up again.We the reader hate her so much Well, at least I did I didn t want her to come between G S She s caused enough trouble already without having been there at all Normally I m not a fan of girl on girl sexiness well, I m still not a fan but it didn t bother me all that much in here It somehow needs to be in this book Serena needs all that experimenting.I also love how Primula describes things Like, when we re in Venice, I could almost smell the oregano and the fish and the rain I was right there with them The end didn t shock me as much as the end of book 1 did but it still leaves lots of questions open and there are still all those secrets.I sooo want Serena and Gustav to get their happy ever after Ahem and going by the title of book 3 THE DIAMOND RING I have very high hopes The title of this book The Golden Locket plays a big part again like it did with The Silver Chain Those 2 things are actual pieces that Gustav gives Serena as gifts and to bind her to him I totally recommend this book this whole series to readers who love a great, deeply erotic, moving gripping Love StoryYou might even shed some tears at least I did GRRRRR now I can t wait for book 3 to come out Tomorrow would be nice Mrs Bond Were there a few things I didn t like Hm can t think of anything For some people there might be too many words in this book It s not one of those 250 pages fast reading new adult romance thingies It s a real book I really loved it.GO GET IT Temptation Would Test Them The Second Novel In The Unbreakable Trilogy, The Golden Locket Follows Gustav And Serena To New YorkEnsconced In Their Manhattan Penthouse, All Seems Blissfully Happy For Gustav And Serena Still In The First Flush Of Love, They Have Every Satisfaction They Could NeedBut As They Enjoy Their New York Pleasure Ground, Ghosts Start To Emerge From Gustav S Past, And When His Damaged Younger Brother, Pierre, Comes Back Into His Life, He Brings With Him A Dangerous Threat With Temptation Waiting At Every Turn, Can Gustav And Serena Survive All The Excitement That The Big Apple Holds The Sexy Sequel To Primula Bond S Sunday Times Top Bestseller, The Silver Chain Perfect For Fans Of Erotic Romance Contemporary, New York City Venice Serena Folkes and Gustav Levi are now in Manhattan enjoying their new found love As they settle in their new penthouse they have every satisfaction they could need Though they are enjoying their new pleasure ground in New York, ghosts from Gustav s past start to intrude into their lives When Gustav s younger brother, Pierre, who is damaged comes back into Gustav s life he brings problems with him including a dangerous threat.With all the temptations and ghosts waiting at every turn for Gustav and Serena it will test them in ways that they have not been tempted so far Will they survive what they are facing or will this end up destroying them This story picks up shortly after the first book ends filling in what the reader needs to know in such a way as to make it intriguing to read This is one trilogy that is proving that it needs to be read in order so that the reader gets all the nuances of the plot that has so far been weaved through the first two books With a fascinating cliff hanger at the end that is sure to have readers eagerly awaiting the third and final book in this trilogy just to see how things will ultimately turn out for Gustav and Serena and if it will be possible for them to have a very well deserved happily ever after This is one book that should be read with the ac on full blast with a glass of ice water sitting nearby The series is proving to be extremely hot and explosive This is one for reader of erotic romances to definitely check out They will not be disappointed. A little while ago I wrote about why I d give the second in a series a try even if I wasn t a fan of the first in reference to L Marie Adeline s S.E.C.R.E.T series Other reviewers were discussing the same idea at the time, so I was happy to learn I wasn t alone And I decided to try it again with Primula Bond s The Golden Locket, the second in her Unbreakable trilogy I thought Bond s writing was skilled and compelling, but I really couldn t get into the story in the first book, The Silver Chain, nor could I get attached to the protagonists.In The Silver Chain we met Serena, a fledgling photographer newly arrived in London Almost immediately she crosses paths with Gustav Levi older tall, dark, and handsome mesmerizing And, of course, filthy rich They sign a contract, he tethers her to a chain I do mean literally, by the way , and the skeletons in his closet come out to torment her, but spoiler alert nah in the end they re together and off to New York.That s where The Golden Locket begins Gustav has relocated to New York for a year to manage his North American assets I m still a bit fuzzy on what he does, exactly, but no matter He s asked Serena to come with him so she can launch her career in style They re installed in a penthouse overlooking Central Park, natch And Gustav s busy mending fences with his unstable, damaged brother.Much of the, ahem, action takes place on the job for Serena She s got a reputation for being a voyeur, so she s hired by wealthy perverts to capture them doing filthy things, and is, curiously enough, always invited to participate Gustav grants her permission, acknowledging that at her age she deserves a bit of adventure, within reason Unfortunately, one person who wants her to participate definitely does not qualify for within reason, but is dangerously persistent.My hope was that I would enjoy the story in the second book, and I did to for the most part Reading back over my review of the first, I see right away that there are a lot of improvements the sex is better, the exclamation marks are toned down, the pet names are mercifully absent But first, the ways in which it disappointed me, of course Cause we humans are so good at finding fault First, off I wasn t much enamoured of Gustav and Serena in this one than I was in the last, although their personalities are starting to come together a bit better they re not so contradictory or wishy washy as in the first Frankly, Gustav s barely around, so that solves that problem It kind of caused other problems, though for long stretches I wondered what storyline was going to drive the narrative forward, which can be a bit dull.But the first couple of chapters drove me up the wall than anything The amount of exposition in the dialogue was the textual equivalent of a In last week s episode television montage Thankfully when that was all dealt with the dialogue was much tolerable I actually really like Bond s dialogue It weaves and rambles as it would in real life and still accomplishes what it should Sometimes than it needs to, of course See exposition in the dialogue There were other little things that really bothered me Serena s shocked that her cousin and Gustav s brother are thinking of shacking up so soon, even though they ve been dating longer than the definitely shacked up Serena and Gustav Also, at one point Serena says that the Venice Carnevale always coincides with Valentine s Day, and I m pretty sure that s dead wrong I mean, it s all determined by Easter, right The year I went to Mardi Gras, it was in March, almost a month after Valentine s Day Last I checked, okay, today , Carnevale isn t almost a month long Whatever these are minor quibbles that for some indefensible reason I just have to get off my chest Also, even though she s got majorly burned for withholding information in the past, Serena continues to do so Argh But then, that complaint pretty much applies to every romance novel ever, so that one s hardly worth mentioning Too late Ha Serena s little work encounters, on the other hand, were certainly compelling Also, perplexing like, is everyone really that into her Even all those women She s almost always keen, at least, and Gustav is accommodating So on the hot scale, this is up there And it promises to stay up there in the third book And get a lot complicated Which will keep me interested The Golden Locket was definitely an improvement over The Silver Chain, so see Never give up.LilaReviewed from ARC Published by HarperCollins November 21, 2013.Full review here. This book continues the story of Serena and Gustav and elaborates on the characters of Pierre and Margot.At the end of book 1 they had been surprised by the turn up of Pierre at the gallery and now we find out what happened We find out why Pierre is angry at his brother and vice versa and how Margot manipulated the truth to get what she wanted They brothers both hurt each other with what the say and wonder if it s only siblings who can twist the knife their argument is so painful.Pierre seems proud of his behaviour gloating You forget that I learned that kind of mischief making from the mistress herself Margot seems to be the centre of attention and the centre of trouble again even though not in the same room.Gustav s Christmas present to Serena is a beautiful locket which she cannot remove just like her bracelet, again it s a sign of ownership, when people see it resting on your beautiful breast the will know that you are mine, and mine only Inside the locket is a secret which she again has to earn.Serena is developing her business and taking on commissions, first of note is for the Weinmeyer billionaire couple When taking pictures of their love making they try and tempt her in and at first she goes willingly but comes to her senses only to be told Gustav will be proud of you when we report back, You ve passed the test with flying colours He s still testing her trust and loyalty After this commission, Gustav decides he needs to accompany her and pretends to be her assistant She gets drawn into the action at a photo shoot with 2 girls and again in a prestigeous, exlusive all male club I wonder if she just radiates sex appeal and wants to join in or whether word has spread that while taking her pictures she also likes to join in Anyway, Gustav finds watching her is a turn on but he s confused as he s also jealous and wants her to himself, he admits maybe I m not as cool as I thought with this setting free idea.Serena is drawn in by the similarties of the 2 brothers where Gustav s face is angular Pierre s features are broader yet meaner..why couldn t I look away Because it was the eyes Whatever their setting the daylight accentuated the same dark, glittering, questioning eyes Black enough to drown in.Pierre starts to ingratiate himself into their lives, apparently putting the past behind them Serena does a photo shoot for him and sees someone who looks very like Margot Later when alone with him, Serena quizzes him and he says she is imagining it He then makes a pass at her and tries to kiss her but she pulls back She describes his voice as like the snake in The Jungle Book and he admits he is trying to take her from Gustav, be warned, if I can t have the woman I want, I might just have to take someone else s.It appears Polly was spying on Pierre and caught the kiss between Serena and Pierre She confronts Serena and shows Gustav the picture The past comes back to haunt him, his brother is again taking his woman, but mostly, he can t trust anyone He storms out Serena goes to pack some clothes to leave and finds an email on her ipad from Margot, she s back and intends on causing trouble Serena leaves the ipad and disappears, taking the Weinmayar s up on the job offer in Venice.Her job in Venice is to take photos at an exclusive masked ball which is full of debauchery She is dressed by Crystal in an elaborate dress and wig with 5 feathers as instructed by the shop owner The instructions seem strange and you get a sense of trouble looming At the ball hands are everywhere, clothes are being shed and finally a man in matching male version of her outfit draws her attention She follows him out of the ball and through the streets all the time believing his silence as keeping the pretense of the masked ball Only when clothes are being shed and she touches him does she feel the scars and realise it s Pierre tricking her again She fights and frees herself and falls into the arms of Gustav near the hotel Has Pierre set this up so Gustav would stumble onto them having sex again Gustav thinks Serena is confused mentioning Pierre as he assures her he isn t even in Venice but back in America Gustav apologises and say Pierre has told him the kiss was all a mistake and nothing was intended other than a polite kiss goodbye When Gustav hands over her ipad she checks and the email from Margot has gone She now is questioning herself did the email ever exist Did Pierre grab her after the ball and attempt to have sex with her Gustav at last trusts her we don t need the silver chain to bind us However long a leash I attach to you, you will always stretch it further It s a symbol that has run its course, because i trust, I know, that you ll always come back to me He throws the chain away and says he has something else for her He opens the locket and presents her with a diamond ring and proposes.Back in New York they are getting into the swing of life as a couple again, her next exhibition is nearly ready but she has managed to avoid Pierre so far She can t avoid him though when in innocence her asks Gustav over the phone to speak to her so he can congratulate her Out of his brother s earshot he confirms what he did in Venice, she wasn t imagining it, and he says she has to chose whether she damages his relationship and possibly hers with Gustav by telling him.I m awaiting the final book now so I can find out if Pierre and Margot come clean or at least if Gustav becomes wise to the manipulation. The Golden Locket by Primula Bond, Is book two in the Unbreakable Trilogy, it is a continuation of the relationship between Gustav and Serena, now living in New York The authors writing style is filled with symbolism, attention to detail, beautifully erotic passages, emotions and some great one liners One could also describe the writing style as overly descriptive, wordy or flowery Once I settled into reading the book, I actually came to appreciate it, I looked forward to the visual tapestry that would be laid out for me, the point where I became as voyeuristic as Serena.I enjoyed the first book of the trilogy and had high hopes for this book as well Polly, Crystal, Pierre, and Margot reprise their roles from the first book More than anything this book is about relationships Pierre and Polly, Gustav and Serena, Gustav and Pierre , Pierre and Serena, and the effect that Margot has on them all With the exception of Crystal, who remains a supportive friend to Serena, Polly, Pierre and Margot play disruptive, dangerous, jealous, vengeful roles, constantly challenging and threatening the budding relationship between Gustav and Serena The story exposes secrets from Gustav s and Pierre s past, shows the brothers trying to rebuild their lost relationship, the lies, tricks and manipulated situations that Pierre sets out as traps for Serena.I was disappointed that the story seemed to lack a strong plot, there were many intertwined threads, storylines of the other characters, but the book was held together with sex Although some of the sex scenes were beautifully written, the amount of sex seemed to become the focal point of the book Through Serena s growing photography business, we meets new supporting characters, some with minor roles and some pivotal roles It seemed that each new photographic opportunity for Serena, not only had the erotic side of the subject matter, and a hefty commission, but lead directly to some sort of sexual encounter with the photographic subjects We had the elderly couple who tried to have a threesome with Serena, the young girls who shagged Serena after the completion of the family portraits in their home, the actress s who felt they needed Serena to be filmed in their sexual encounter, after the photo shoot in the theater, and then sex scene at the private club after the bachelor party photo shoot For me it started to get boring, I wanted storyline, what happens when our characters are not having sex, wanted to know what Gustav did when he wasn t with Serena, why did they come to the states the US gallery business played no part in the story There really wasn t any character growth The relationship between our H h was tied to the photographic opportunities, or the adversarial behavior of Polly, Pierre or Margot any growth they experienced was always a reaction to the situation, it was forced I felt that Serena had lost too much of her strength and independence, becoming a willing victim in everyone s sexual encounters, and far too needy with Gustav I also disliked that she would never tell Gustav what was going on with Pierre, carrying the burden of the brother s friendship like a badge of guilt.I found that time was also an issue for me, the passages in the book seemed to jump around, it wasn t a linear timeline, nor was it easy to tell when something was a memory, or a glimpse into the future We started in the states at New Years, and towards the end of the book there was a reference to 7 weeks passing Considering that time span of the story was maybe two and a half months give or take a day the end of the use of silver chain and the opening of the golden locket seemed a bit premature or too soon for this relationship in my opinion.Overall for me The Golden Locket was a three star read, as vested as I am in The Unbreakable Trilogy , I look forward to book three in the series, so I can see how the story come to it conclusionARC provided by NetGalley, HarperCollinsUK Mischief books in exchange for an honest review Title The Golden LocketAuthor Primula BondPublisher Year HarperCollins UK 5 6 14Length 400 pagesSeries Unbreakable Trilogy 2OverviewTemptation would test them The second novel in the Unbreakable Trilogy, The Golden Locket follows Gustav and Serena to New York.Ensconced in their Manhattan penthouse, all seems blissfully happy for Gustav and Serena Still in the first flush of love, they have every satisfaction they could need.But as they enjoy their New York pleasure ground, ghosts start to emerge from Gustav s past, and when his damaged younger brother, Pierre, comes back into his life, he brings with him a dangerous threat With temptation waiting at every turn, can Gustav and Serena survive all the excitement that the Big Apple holds My Thoughtsso, after reading the introduction of the tale of Serena and Gustav, I had such high hopes on what could become of them since there s so much anxiety and animosity running through the relationships we were left on such a cliff hanger, learning that Polly s boyfriend is none other than Gustav s estranged brotherand all hell breaks loose.Fast forward just a short bit, and we are now in NYC where Gustav and Serena have relocated Gustav is using some of his connections to get Serena some work, and she builds a name for herself not just as a voyeur photog, but as one that acts on it a bit as well That s a big change from the naive little girl that we met in the first book and we re starting to see that she s not only becoming a master, but is she possibly mastering Gustav She participates in activities with folks that a small town country girl never would think about, she becomes a temptress and seductress that men can t avoid being drawn to her and fantasize of herand she indulges in fantasies that were originally not her own, but have somehow become such.Throughout this story, we get a lot of insight into various sexual experiences, which of course are all designed to test Serena and see how devoted she is to Gustav does she pass, does she fail Well, what i will say is that she takes a commission to go to Venice and Gustav does not come with her.so make your own decisions there.In this 2nd installment, Pierre rears his ugly head towards Serena since i have a feeling that his intentions are not on the nice and innocent side All the while, his relationship with Polly is crumbing and that s a story line on it s own Along with that, there s the woman that both men started their hatred of one another from, Margot, and she seems to be coming up a lot and possibly may be planning and plotting a way to come back.I have to say though, that there s one small thing that i really enjoyed about this book aside from seeing where the friendships, brotherhoods, and relationships go it s the locket itself All throughout the book, we re told about this lovely gift that Gustav has given Serena, and we know that something s inside, and i d be lying if i didn t say that EVERY page i kept wondering what was in it is it something dark that would align with the vampire esque conversations in the first book, or is it something overly anti climactic So, i will have to keep my eyes open for this 3rd and final installment that s still untitled i believe, since i have a feeling that the roller coaster that we were on so far is only just beginning. Full Ok Seriously This book was better than the first, which totally redeems this series, I think AND although as very predictable as the other one, it played out well I am a total fan of UK Authors Relocating to New York city, Serena gets a photography job via Gustav This opens up a whole new world for this innocent country girl turns her into of a dominant vs submissive It gets bad when she s hired by Gustav s brother since he wants to get back at Gustav AND poor Polly Obviously it isn t going to work, with his determination to ruin his brother Pierre, Pierre, Pierre You are an ass Some people deserve to be shot I hope he gets shot in the next book He s secretly vindictive by the way I bet if you ve already read it, you didn t see that coming sarcasm Geez And then we have Margot Gustav s ex wife is out there she s coming We have been warned, so I am guessing she s a threat to Serena in the next book, like Pierre was to Gustav in this one.I think it s worth the read NOW I cannot wait for the next one After the first book, I kind of wanted to continue the series, but was not in a great rush I felt like I could read of her books, bt could give or take them NOW, I changed my mind I was entertained I would definitely NOT share this with my mother, or some of my friends to some I would even deny I read it LOL But, I belong to a group of secret readers who couldn t resist the temptation read this book.I do have to say that I prejudged this series by the authors name I thought, with a name like that, writing erotica, it had to be pretty cheesy But it was kind of good I am so glad this book made the continuing story better, and I cannot wait for the next

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