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This Is The True Story Of A Journey To A Seaside Town And The Always Unpredictable Torrent Of Dark Escapades That Accompany A Life At Sea It S A Story Of A World Peopled By Those Who Often Live On The Frayed Edges Of Society, Who Shun The World In Which Most People Thrive It S A Story In Which College Students And Fish Hippies Work In Canneries Alongside Survivalists, Rednecks, Religious Freaks, And Deckhands With Damning Secrets In Dangerous Waters, Driven By The Need To Feed An Insatiable Appetite For AdventureThis Is The Heart Of The World Atcheson Found Himself In At The Age Of Eighteen Having Never Even Seen The Ocean, He Took His First Job On The Lancer With Darwin Wood, A Man So Confounding, So Complex And So Frightening, That It S Hard To Believe Atcheson Walked Away From That Job Unscathed Forced To Buddy Up With A Murderer In Order To Cope, Atcheson Began To Question His Deeply Ingrained Ideas Of Success And Status The Resulting Conflict Would Finally Resolve Itself Fifteen Years Later, In The Least Likely Of Places On The Bering Sea, Aboard A Boat In Peril, During A Night Of Terror That Would Reshape The Lives Of Everyone InvolvedReminiscent Of The Perfect Storm And Into The Wild, Dead Reckoning Is Not Only An Intimate Look At Life At Sea, But Also An Insider S View Into One Of Alaska S Small Communities, And The Myriad Of Upstarts, Dropouts, And Rogues That Color Its Landscape Dead Reckoning

About the Author: Dave Atcheson

Dave Atcheson s latest book, Dead Reckoning, Navigating a Life on the Last Frontier, Courting Tragedy on its High Seas, is the true story of his time at sea and the harrowing night that changed his life, and the lives of his fellow crewmen, forever He is also the author of Hidden Alaska Bristol Bay and Beyond and the guidebook Fishing Alaska s Kenai Peninsula He has written for a variety of per

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    A combination coming of age story and ripping tale of danger in the Bering Sea, DEAD RECKONING is The Deadliest Catch without the cameras Atcheson does a fine job of capturing the unique mindset that so many of us Alaskans display, wh

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    I really can t say enough about this book Dead Reckoning is Atcheson s first foray into the world of narrative non fiction, and it s incredibly effective This really is The Perfect Storm A True Story of Men Against the Sea meets I

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    Really captures the fishing life from the point of view of a newcomer and later an experienced hand Also,this is one of the better coming to Alaska stories I ve read Does jump from one story, or part of the story, to the next from past to p

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    Just as good the second time.

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    Compelling I purchased this on a whim when it was suggested by someone I follow on Twitter An excellent read

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    I really enjoyed his book, from the story itself to the descriptions of the places and the characters I know Karl Kircher and Dave captured him well to the foreshadowing and growing dread of the approaching near catastrophe He captured what many Ala

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    So enjoyed this book Dave has a great love of Alaska and some great fishing stories I lived in Alaska in the 1970 s and 1980 s and loved every minute of it This brought back good memories Thanks Dave for your story so well told.

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    This is a gripping tale of the physical environment of Alaska, the gritty yet colorful nature of commercial fisherfolk, a tale of survival, and the insight after the fact.

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    excellent description of the time and place Woody is gone and Seward has changed somewhat but the sea, and fishing, are still much the same, and young people still come up every year to start their own adventures Some never leave.

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    Once I started reading it I cod t out it down Well done

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