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Avenge Me 2.5 AVENGE ME stars I love the concept of this series 3 authors coming together to each write a separate book portraying a different character Each of these books will be how that character seeks revenge against the one person, Jason Treffen, who is a bad man These friends are trying to avenge their friend Sarah s death.Early on the hero, Austin, has an insta lust with the heroine, Katy They see each at a party hosted by Austin s dad, Jason Treffen, and twenty minutes later these two are hot and heavy in a Dom sub sex experienceOf course, Katy is a virgin and Austin is a billionaire. But after wespent some time together we found why it was we were both at that party Both of us were looking for answers For Sarah Avenge Me is heavy on dialogue and light on action Austin and Sarah relationship didn t feel plausible and left me not able to connect to them To find out if these three friends were able to take down Jason Treffen you will need to read the other two books in this series SERIES Book 1 Austin Book 2 Hunter Book 3 AlexThree different authors write one book each portraying how their character seeks revenge against the one man who ruined it all Novella0.5 Travis Purchase Complimentary copy courtesy of Harlequin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Austin Treffen Was Born Into A World Of Privilege, But Behind Its Gilded Doors Lies A Corruption So Sordid New York S Elite Would Never Believe It Especially As His Infamous Philanthropic Father Is At Its Core With Everything He Believed In Shattered, How Can Austin Take Down His Father Risking His Family Name And Those He Loves Without Any Proof Until One Earth Shattering Night With Katy Michaels Unlocks Not Only Their Deepest, Most Passionate Desires But Also The Key To Bringing Jason Treffen S Reign To An End But With An Intense Sexual Attraction That Combines A Heady Mix Of Exquisite Pleasure And Sublime Pain, Will They Satiate Their Thirst For Revenge And Each Otheror Lose Themselves Forever In The Darkness I am having a bit of a tough time in deciding on how to rate this book.Do I rate it as a harlequin presents book,or do I rate it as a contemp with dominant billionaire and virgin heroine.There are a lot of the prior books out there,I decided to rate it on my enjoyment of Maisey Yates books.The hero Austin ,and heroine Katy,had something in common.Sarah,friend to Austin and sister to Katy.The two are brought together 10 years after Sarah threw herself off a building killing herself.Revenge is on both their minds.Katy,to get justice for her sister,and Austin to get the justice for his friend.He also wants to expose his father who was the direct cause of Sarah s death and who was also a sex trafficker.These two meet and they each see in the other their private fantasies.Austin who wants to dominate ,and Katy who wants to submit.The night they meet,they have an intense Dom sub encounter and each thinks that is it,no names given till the end and only by Katy.They soon meet up again and they find out who each other is and the connection to the past they share.They will bring down Austin s father together in their quest for revenge.Now ,this is not your typical HP book.This three part serial is written by three different HP authors with the subsequent books released in the next few months.Yes,there is the topic of D s relationship,but nothing too graphic as say you would read in an erotic novel.The heroine also admitts to drug usage.So if you are an HP fan reader,don t expect the usual read. This is the first in the Fifth Avenue Trilogy written by three different Harlequin authors This is a story of two people who are linked by a woman who killed herself ten years ago, both want revenge and are determined that the person who was the cause of her death will be held to rights When they first meet there is an instant spark which quickly turns into an inferno within minutes, but at that time neither realise who the other is.Katy s sister Sarah killed herself by jumping off a building, after much investigation she discovers the reason why and decides to collect the evidence against Jason Treffen and expose what he has been doing for many years Austen has the unfortunate pleasure of being Jason Treffen s son and suspected that his father had something to do with his friend Sarah s death ten years ago and had not spoken to him since Initially Austin couldn t believe Katie was his lost friend s sister, the guilt of not helping Sarah when she obviously needed it still weighed very heavily on his shoulders As soon as Katie realises who Austin is she immediately doesn t trust him but unfortunately she finds the attraction between them very difficult to ignore After they both talk and lay their cards on the table they realise they are both working together towards a common goal.As soon as I see a Maisey Yates book I snap it up as fast as I can as I know that it will be good, but I think this is probably one of the best Harlequins she has ever written This is definitely not what we are used to in our Harlequin Presents range, yes we have the typical successful alpha man and a virgin but that s where the similarities end I have been reading Harlequins for many years but don t think I have ever read this sort of subject matter and think it is a big risk as it will not be everyone s cuppa but it definitely was mine Next up is Scandalize Me by Caitlin CrewsARC courtesy of Harlequin via Netgalley I devoured this book now I m all kinds of depressed because I can t find any info for the second book Uh ok So to sum this up Girl goes to ballroom for function with childhood friend Travis who also doubles as her crush Girls best girlfriend jumps off building at said function Girl gets consoled by Travis Takes her to hotel after suicide No one speaks about it Girl sleeps with longtime friend crush Travis Travis admits out of the blue that he s in love with girl Girl freaks and takes off Has a change of heart and goes back to boy and admits she loves him too Ok WHAT THE FUCK Your best fucking friend AND college roommate jumps off a fucking building to her death and you get your sex on with your other best friend Passed grieving and went straight to hooking up Shit that was just weird No freak out crying No questions No running to the girl bleeding on the ground having a major melt down No a screaming and yelling WHY I don t even know what to think about that fucked up situation Luckily it only took me 30 minutes to read. Story was not developed It was mostly internal ponderings of the two main characters A Harlequin rush job.THE SETTING STORY Jason forces young women who work for his law firm to provide sexual services to himself and his wealthy friends He uses financial incentives and threats That was not shown or explained I m still confused how that could happen Austin is Jason s son He was a friend of Sarah one of Jason s victims Sarah called Austin and said she needed to talk to him about his dad Austin did not return the call Then she killed herself So for ten years Austin has felt tremendous guilt and self loathing He also fears that he is like his father because he likes to dominate women in bed.Sarah s sister Katy comes to town to gather evidence to expose Jason She meets Austin and they work on this together They also have sex She likes to be dominated with pain So they are a good fit sexually.OPINION The story was not developed, so I m calling it a setting There were no conversations, actions, or events between Jason and his victims and between other men and the victims Nothing was shown about how Jason coerced victims, what he made them do, his and their emotions at the time How did Katy know that Jason was the reason for Sarah s suicide We aren t shown any communication between Sarah and Katy I did not understand the depth of Austin s guilt We should have been shown about his friendship with Sarah before she died At the end there were just a couple vague sentences saying it s going to get ugly Jason will lose everything But nothing of that was shown I would have loved seeing some evidence, Jason s reaction and responses So, I cannot call this a story.Instead most of the book is internal ponderings and Austin s angst and guilt There was too much repetitive thinking and talking about the past.There were several long sex scenes He ties her hands and spanks her After they have sex Austin is so disgusted with himself because he enjoyed dominating her that he is cold and angry and tells her to leave This happened twice I skimmed some of the sex scenes I m not sure why I wasn t interested.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Story length 258 pages Swearing language strong but not often used Sexual language strong Number of sex scenes 5 Setting current day New York City, NY Copyright 2014 Genre erotic contemporary romance. I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Avenge Me was such a disappointment I know that I shouldn t expect too much from this type of book But at least I expected some resemblance of a plot Even 50 Shades of Grey had a better attempt at it even if it failed miserably in the delivery of said plot.Avenge Me was 250 plus pages of repetitive dialogues, insta lust, and a half baked realization of true love The revenge aspect of the story was so far in the background it was barely there Austin forced Katy to live with him in order to keep her safe from his father, but we never get a hint of this supposed danger It was so ridiculous it was laughable.Avenge Me could have been such a great book The idea was there It just needed a accomplished writer to bring the story to the next level. Get ready for some sizzling romance, twisted intrigue and scandalous revelations in Avenge me by Maisey Yates Two broken people, both filled with guilt from the past, one out to avenge her sister s death, one coming to the realization that his multimillionaire philanthropist father has been keeping dark secrets, living a public lie Austin has unknowingly benefited from the sins of his father, now he must expose those sins in the name of justice, while Katy needs to bring down the monster responsible for her sister s suicide Could they be the same man Add the high voltage connection these two feel, their need to just let go and the unleashing of their sexual appetites, and the pages nearly burst into flames Katy is still a virgin, but her actions and true grit belie the truth, a result of her brutal childhood Austin believes his need for sexual dominance means he will become the vile creature his father is, but the major difference between them is that Austin has a heart, a conscience and the need for justice Is the relationship between Austin and Katy than two people finding escape in sexual fantasies or is there something between them that they refuse to admit Maisey Yates has combined blistering sexual scenes with intrigue, using a skilled hand that could have easily gone off the mark, but she remained spot on, toning down the warm romance in favor of keeping with the dark tones of the events leading to Katy s sister s death, as well as those of other victims of abuse for pleasure To me, it felt right, Katy and Austin were constantly on edge, constantly embroiled in the events around them, their release was in their sexual encounters Ms Yates could have given Katy a few softer edges, but, perhaps she left that up to Austin Well paced, well done I received an ARC edition from Harlequin Presents in exchange for my honest review.Series Fifth Avenue Trilogy Book 1Publication Date June 1, 2014Publisher Harlequin PresentsISBN 9780373430376Genre Contemporary RomanceNumber of Pages 272Available from Barnes Noble Originally reviewed for Tea and Book The Fifth Avenue Trilogy It s dark and deadly with a dangerous enemy and only a sliver of a chance to succeed The fun part yes it s three books but it s also been written by three authors Maisey Yates, Caitlin Crews and Kate Hewitt Each author telling one story Avenge me is Book One and written by Maisey Yates A darkly sensual story of redemption and revenge Katy Michaels was little than a child when her older sister gave into despair and jumped off her boss s office building leaving Katy the sole ray of hope in a dark and desperate family At a young age she was forced to raise her child while her drug addict parents neglected them at best For most of her life she was about taking care of others but Sarah s death changed her and eventually she begin to live for a different motive, revenge Her plans in tact she had worked her way into Jason Treffen s extended circle Just as her plan was ascending she meets a smoldering anti hero whose pain was as clear as hers And yet he held the promise of fulfilling her darkest fantasy Too bad she didn t first ask his name.Austin Treffen once believed that his father was perfect, that his family was perfect that his life was perfect But when Sarah, one of his inner circle of friends came to him for help and he didn t have time he had no idea just what the consequences would be That very night Sarah threw herself to her death But it s been ten years and Austin finally has a chance to destroy the man who caused it all, his father The first part of the plan was reconciliation and Austin had it all planned out but when one sexy woman captured his attention all he could think was one night to fulfill his darkest fantasies..This book is pulse beating erotic Dark fantasies and sensual exploration combined with revenge It walks a tight line and it s interesting that Austin desires control but doesn t quite see the difference between himself and his father He wonders if he too leads a secret life If he too is capable of using women just because he can It s hard to explain the intricacies of Avenge me Ms Yates walks a wonderful edge of control and abuse Making the characters question themselves and their actions Making them learn to accept the guilt and then let it go Intense and delicious.ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Avenge Me, provided by NetGalley.

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Maisey Yates lives in rural Oregon with her three children and her husband, whose chiseled jaw and arresting features continue to make her swoon She feels the epic trek she takes several times a day from her office to her coffee maker is a true example of her pioneer spirit In 2009, at the age of twenty three Maisey sold her first book Since then

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