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Skybowl With Her Widely Acclaimed Fantasy Trilogy, DRAGON PRINCE, Melanie Rawn Opened An Enchanted Gateway To A Spellbinding Universe Of Sunrunner S Magic And Sorcerous Evil, Telling The Tale Of One Man S Crusade To Bring Peace To A Land Divided Into Often Warring Kingdoms In The First Two Novels Of The Best Selling DRAGON STAR Trilogy, The Peaceful Reign Of High Prince Rohan Was Shattered By A Mysterious Invasion Force Which Began A Devastating Campaign Against The People Of The Desert And The Sunrunners And Now, SKYBOWL Brings This Magnificent Epic Work Of Fantasy To Its Dramatic CloseWith High Prince Pol S Wife Meiglan Held Prisoner By The Warlord Of The Enemy, And Skybowl Keep Purposefully Abandoned To This Deadly Foe, Pol S Mother Sioned Leads A Daring Mission Into The Castle, Using All Her Years Of Experience As High Princess In A Cunning Attempt To Strike At The Heart Of The Invasion Force And Even As Sioned Carries Out This Perilous Plan, Pol And His Cousin Andry, Lord Of The Sunrunners Of Goddess Keep, Are Forced Into An Uneasy Alliance For Only If They Can Overcome Their Longtime Rivalry And Suspicions Of One Another And Draw Upon Their Combined Powers Of Sunrunning And Sorcery, Do They Stand Any Chance Of Defeating The Invaders Who Have Sworn To Destroy The People Of The Desert Down To The Last Newborn Child

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    The final book in the Sunnerrunner s world It does not dissapoint The battles are furiuos, the intrigue thick, and the characters engaging as always While I wasn t particularly happy with everyone who ends up dead and those who remain alive it is a war after all not everybody makes it I do love this book It s dufficult to say which I like in this trilogy Stronghold or Skybowl At l

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    I wanted this series to end epically than it did It was so close I could feel it building it up, I knew shit was about to go down Some shit did go down, but the final battle did not strike the right chords for me.As was my complaint with the last two books, there are too many characters with too many similar names I m beginning to wonder if I was willing to keep characters st

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    nothing to add see review of The Dragon PrinceI seriously cried when this series ended.

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    A final end to the world of Sunrunners that Melanie Rawn has painted An end and a new beginning This certainly upped my enjoyment a notch compared to books 1 and 2 I loved this one as much as the original trilogy.The pacing of the story is fast, and there s no let up as events unfold towards a final conclusion War, violence, meaningless deaths, and even ethically charged arguments regarding rape and abortion Th

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    Where do I start Maarken Rohannon Sethric Chayla Meiglan Rislyn Kazander Sioned Audry Meath Chay Tobin Alasen Sionell Beth TilalIt was a stunning ending with the final battle leaving me feeling wrung out and yet oddly satisfied All of these characters just made the book for me Rawn s talent for making the reader feel so immersed in the world is astounding.

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    This book is the third in the Dragon Star Trilogy, taking place after the Dragon Prince Trilogy again it starts out to be a very politically oriented story line but turns into a great saga The story keep your attention and takes you into a world of High Princes, Sunrunner magick and evil sorcery It is a good read for any dragon and fantacy lover.

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    Epic ending to an epic series It s been so long since I last read these, I ve really enjoyed my extended reread I must have been of a spry mind when I was a teenager because each time I read them again I find it harder to keep all the family and political connections straight I didn t even really try this time Gettin old Mel s writing has its flaws oy, the fat shaming , but the good massively outweighs the bad The magic system is so unique

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    This is me right now The wonderful thing about Melanie is her ability to yank the tears right out of me, even for characters I either barely know or don t like all that much Spoilers galore coming up view spoiler Take Andry, for example His actions often fill me with rage murdering innocent people just because of their heritage, impregnating teenage Sunrunners without so much as discussing it with them, colossal arrogance in general but I cry like a

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    Probably the best of this trilogy, though way too long I think this book featured the largest amount of characters and it s incredibly difficult to figure out who is who still I had to keep referencing the guides at the end of the book to make sure I was thinking of the correct people Even then, still got confused.The plot continues from the previous books, with the Vellant im war still raging and Andry and Pol still at odds, for awhile Then it all comes toget

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    a magnificent book, the war is on and though many favourite people lose their lives its a great ending to an epic series Andry and pol work together but then the need for power is too much love the way melanie rawn ties up all the loose ends at the end of the book, a great ending to a great series am going to miss these books

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