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Mercy (Holton Woods, #1) After She Infiltrated His Business And Betrayed His Trust, A Disavowed CIA Agent Must Seek Sanctuary In The Bedroom Of A Man Who Will Either Help Her, Kill Her, Or Bring Her To Her KneesBecca Ford Is On Her Own Eight Months After She Headed Up A Sting Operation To Take Down Millionaire Club Owner Jarrett Holt, The Other Agents In Her Special Ops Team Have Been Eliminated Under Odd Circumstances, And She Needs A Place To Hide Jarrett Is A Man Who Prefers Darkness To Light He Deals In The Only Truly Valuable Currency Information And His Supper Club Caters To An Exclusive Clientele It Was An Uncharacteristic Moment Of Weakness When He Let A Woman Into His Life But It S Not Luck That The Criminal Charges Disappeared As Did The Evidence When Becca Returns To The Club Seeking His Help, Jarrett Doesn T Want To Hear Her Story But He Does Want Her Body, And Demands That She Give It To Him He Ll Keep Her Safe For Now But It Ll Be In His Bed And On His Terms, Until He Says They Re Done I had been looking forward to this book ever since March when I came back from the big hiatus From the moment heard about it, it went on the wishlist Erotic romantic suspense is like my two favorite subgenres went and had a baby and I am always complaining that there aren t books series like Shannon McKenna s books So when I heard about this new HKD series I knew I had to read it I love it when you, as the reader, you are privvy to things the hero or heroine isn t and especially with Jarrett s POV HelenKay Dimon provided me with this privelege I knew exactly what Jarrett felt and what he allowed Becca to see know On the outside Jarrett seems cold and hard cool but he deep inside he feels and cares, no matter how loud he may protest that I got to give it to him the man demonstrates an admirable amount of self control and I don t give a damn Jarrett s refusal to kiss Becca first had me a bit confused but it didn t last very long plus when it was explained I totally got it and holding back from the beginning made that first actual kiss in the book scorching Now let s talk about the secondary romance, m m with Wade and Eli I liked it but several times when they really got to the sex part the POV jumped to Jarrett and Becca This kinda bothered me because although I can t say I m an avid m m reader to the contrary even I rarely read m m , I think if you re incorporating it into your book, you should take it all the way.While on the subject, this book was pretty hot I loved the chemistry between Becca and Jarrett and their romance was complicated, erotic and intense But have to mention that I noticed that like with Wade and Eli, Becca and Jarrett also had a few love scenes where the actual deed was kept off the page Made me wonder if this was publisher editor induced or that the author intended for the book to have this much behind closed doors sexThe suspense part kept me on my toes during the entire book Like Becca, Jarrett and Eli I wanted answers and I had my suspicions but granted I flip flopped a bit between the theories in my head My first suspicion was right but I did think it was wrapped up rather too easily and I missed a big showdown with the person behind everything However I really liked how the suspense and romance mixed together and made the book poweful as a whole.MERCY is the kind of book that makes you want to read faster so you can get to the conclusion and figure everything out And at the same time you want to read slower so you can savor the sexiness of it all Despite some minor issues I really enjoyed it and I look forward to the next book, which will be Sebastian and Kyra YAY Memorable Scene Wade and Jarrett discussing Jarrett taking Becca on a birth control Funny and also a pivotal moment in the story the standoff scene in the conference room this iswhere I felt thesuspense and romance came together perfectlyFave Quotes I need to talk to you Last time we talked you were on your knees with my dick in your mouth while your team broke in and arrested me Calling on his formidable will, he brought the shields crashing down again, careful to drain any show of interest from his face With a thin lipped frown back in place and the mental reel of her past treachery playing in his head, his control clicked together like a series of lock tumblers Natalie He slid onto the stool next to hers while Wade took up his regular position behind the bar, only a few feet away I ve asked you to call me Ms Udall Jarrett nodded And I ve declined He kissed her Not quick Not searching for another round This was long and lingering, testing her in small nibbles before deepening the touch to a blinding kiss she felt to her toes.Despite everything and regardless of the passage of time and the festering anger, he loved her Right down to the dark lonely place in his soul And it fucking sucked.The words rumbled against Wade s skin This side of Elijah, a little rough and full of need, broke Wade s will every time He didn t have a shield for this Couldn t figure out how to say no and mean it.Taking a slow walk around the room, he ended back at her feet With one knee on the bed and his hands on her ankle, he drew her legs up until he lay between her thighs and her feet balanced against the mattress Now, we play. 3.5 3.5 stars Javagirl s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewFrom the book description of MERCY, I was expecting suspense, mystery and intrigue While it definitely had potential for those things, for me it fell short The characters are interesting and well developed, the plot is intriguing, and there are two romantic storylines with a lot of hot sex In fact, I think that was one of my biggest issues with this book too much sex and not enough moving the story forward.Both Becca and Eli were part of a CIA team assigned to Jarrett Holt s supper club Eight months after the operation ended with Jarrett s arrest, the charges have been dropped and most of the team are dead Eli and Becca both end up going to Jarrett for help Eli suspects Becca is behind the attacks Becca is trying to stay alive and find out who is really behind the attacks on her team She fell hard for Jarrett during the months they lived together when he was the target of their investigation Jarrett was devastated to find that he was just a job to Becca Of course, that wasn t the case at all She was just as devastated as he, and turned to him for help He offers her protection in return for being his sex toy, but is determined to separate his emotions from sex Becca and Jarrett s relation was predictable, but believable The issues that remained from their past relationship were credible and were dealt with in a fairly realistic way I loved the two of them together and wanted their second try at a life together to work The second romantic couple, Eli and Wade, Jarrett s second in command, I found less believable I really liked Wade and wanted him to have his HEA Eli, on the other hand, had no redeeming qualities that I could find Except being good in bed and in the shower and on the couch I m a fan of m m , so that isn t my issue with this relationship My problem is that I really disliked Eli For a seasoned CIA operative, he has serious anger management issues, he jumps to conclusions, and once his mind is made up, there is no changing it I couldn t help but wonder how these traits could work within his chosen profession Even though Wade questions his feelings for Eli, I never saw anything other than the great sex between them that would warrant his attachment and increasing loyalty to Eli.My biggest issue with MERCY is that the main plot, who is behind the deaths of their team members and the attempted assassinations on both Becca and Eli, is so slow that it seems like an afterthought There is a lot of talking and accusations and a lot of meetings with a CIA agent and numerous threats, but very little investigation and no cooperation or sharing of information until about of the way through the book The conversations and accusations are repetitive and do little to move the story forward The ending, presented all wrapped up neatly, is predictable and disappointing Not disappointing because I was sorry to find out who was behind the attacks, that was pretty obvious from the first mention of the character s name, but disappointing because this could have been a suspenseful story, but it just wasn t. Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating D I have to start out by saying I didn t enjoy this book and it comes down to simply too much sex and not enough plot and story development especially related to the main plot surrounding a threat on the heroine Becca s life the resolution to this was so weak, it had no real impact other than just some conference room dealings that led to the main suspect being taken care of off page I don t normally start a review with a summary like this, but it was a head shaker to me, which pretty well summarizes my thoughts on the book as a whole.For the main romance between Becca and Jarrett, it was all sex, all the time I did like that this couple had a previous relationship, it did add an extra layer to their current and complicated romance But at the same time, Becca was undercover and her mission was to get close to Jarrett, and did she ever She got close as in, in his bed and was well on her way to falling in love for real when the mission came to a head and she accused Jarrett of being involved in drugs He got tossed in jail and she disappeared Through some dealings made in which Jarrett gave up information he obtained through his club he was let out but the sting of what Becca did to him cut deep Jarrett doesn t open up to many people, none really, but he was on his way there with Becca until she backstabbed him Now, Becca s team is mysteriously dying and she s afraid that she ll be the next one to be eliminated Eight months after her betrayal to Jarrett, she seeks safety at his club and he s ready to give it to her Trying to keep things completely impersonal, Jarrett gives her a place to hide in exchange for sex But they re both in too deep with their feelings for each other and it doesn t stay impersonal for long.My biggest issue with this story is the amount of sex that takes priority over any type of plot development I guess my thinking about books in the erotic category is sure, I expect sex, maybe explicit sex scenes but I don t necessary think that just because a book is erotic, there needs to be sex sometimes than one sex scene in every, single chapter And yes, I m over exaggerating somewhat, there were at least two chapters without any sex scenes But on the whole, once I got to around the midway point of the book I started thinking, sex, again Really And it was then that I just started skimming those scenes They became so monotonous and what I really wanted was to learn about the suspense surrounding who was targeting Becca s old team and why That, unfortunately, felt like it got shoved aside until the very end when everything got resolved in a neat and tidy way I enjoy of a balance, sex and good plot development and I felt that Mercy was way too heavy on the sex scenes and basically ignored the suspense plot that could have been really interesting had it been given time to be fleshed out.There s a secondary storyline involving Jarrett s number two guy at his club and close friend Wade and another one of Becca s teammates who s also being hidden at Jarrett s, Elijah Wade and Elijah start a physical relationship as well and while they both fall deeper and harder for each other, Elijah doesn t go all in with his feelings He says some hurtful things about Wade to Becca and when Wade overhears he s crushed and pushes Elijah away completely as he should, I didn t really warm up to Elijah at all and that s where we re left with these two I assume that another book with new leads will follow, maybe for Wade s sister who s introduced, and that Wade and Elijah s storyline will continue.I can t say I enjoyed this book overall There were moments that had me interested, but they were few and far between and reading sex scene after sex scene got old fast when it was clear that the rest of the book was suffering for it There was certainly enough of a set up for a few characters to continue in this world, but I m not sure if I ll be back for. In return for protection, I get you All of you, however I want youWhat a breath of fresh air This book was so different It was full of suspense, hotness and Jarrett Holt Eight months after Jarrett was betrayed by Becca, she shows up at the door of his exclusive supper club looking for protection Someone is after her and the rest of her blacks ops team Up until 8 months ago, she had been Jarrett s girlfriend She was living with him at the supper club, he was smitten, and then boom, he s arrested Taken down on drug charges by the black ops team that Becca was working undercover for It s such a twisted story Jarrett offers Becca protection in exchange for her body It s just sex right Jarrett keeps telling himself shallow, emotionless sex is all this will be But there s one problem He really, truly loves her But the question is, does she love him, or is she just using him, againYou were my girlfriend then Whatever rights you had are gone What am I now His eyes met hers At my mercyIt was so different, where this story started In the midst of betrayal, after they had already been together.It created so much tension between them So HOT The dual POV s were great also Especially, being in Jarrett s head and seeing his vulnerable side He really had me swooning I m excited for Bast s book next DNF so no rating Review originally posted here Thoughts on HeroineMinnChica Oh Becca You poor, sweet thing I love the idea of her having to crawl back to her former lover, after almost destroying his entire life, because she is now on the run I love the idea of having to face the fact that she screwed up big time before, and having to ask the one man she loves for help, and tell him she was wrong I thought she had some major balls, crawling back to Jarrett, and also accepting his wrath with the right amount of humility and spunk.Lou I really liked and admired Becca She kept a cool head when her life was in danger, and had the guts to go back to the man that she loved and betrayed for help and protection But when it came to close contact with Jarrett and sex, all that logical thinking of hers went out the window They were both each other s weakness.E Becca had such a rough time of it betrayed as a child, living a life of constant lies, betrayed once , and left trusting her life to the man she betrayed I loved how she was determined to figure out who betrayed her team and would do anything to get revenge I also thought the way she continually pushed the boundaries Jarrett imposed a very telling sign of her personality As much as I liked Becca, I also felt sorry for her because she was so steeped in lies and betrayal she had a hard time believing anyone but she was also willing to question if things weren t quite adding up.2 Thoughts on HeroMinnChica Although Jarrett comes across as a bit of an asshat at first, I really felt for the poor guy For someone who never let anyone in, he fell hard for Becca To find out she was just infiltrating his life was a huge blow to his ego Watching him struggle with finding ways to punish her was both hard and funny I hated the way he treated her at times, and yet when we were allowed into his mind, and saw how much he struggled with NOT loving her, it was bittersweet.Lou I really enjoyed Jarret s character Yes, he could be an ass at times but considering his girlfriend betrayed him and sent him to prison, I gave the guy a break Like Minn mentioned, Jarret struggled with keeping an emotional distance from Becca It was clear from the start it was an impossible task for him A lot of Jarret s murky past was told but I never got a super dangerous or calculating vibe from him But I liked that he s now on the straight and narrow, and I loved the friendship he had with Wade and Sebastian Loved the bromance going on E Jarrett sigh poor wounded, secretive, broody, and so much fun At first I was prepared to feel sympathy for him but then I wondered how Dimon was going to redeem him enough so I could believe him as a hero Boy did she manage to play with my emotions as I alternated between loving him and wanting him to pull his head out and see what was happening He was so emotionally torn and had a legitimate reason to distrust Becca but as I started to see what was going on in his head and some significant incidents of his past I became firmly on his side regardless of his occasional idiocy.3 Favorite SceneMinnChica Oh man there were a lot of really good sexy ones, but I think the one I liked best would probably have to be the big standoff between Becca, one of her co workers, Jarrett, and his business associate and lawyer It gave the reader the chance to see just how far Becca would go for Jarrett, just how much the side romance between Wade and Elijah had developed, and another side to Sebastian It was such a pivotal scene for everyone, and I loved the tension Lou The sex scenes were super hawt Like, really hawt I especially loved that we saw m m action I adored Wade and I can t wait for him to have his book I hope he gets his book, though I m not 100% sure on Eli He broke Wade s heart sobs E So I have to say that the drawback of adding your thoughts last is sometimes an earlier commentator takes the scene you were going to choose In this case BOTH MinnChica and Lou grabbed my scenes I LOVED the standoff because it really showed just how deeply a couple of individuals had begun to care about others I also thought the m m secondary relationship was very well done and I have hopes I really want to see those two work through their issues and watch Eli perform a massive grovel.4 Dislike MinnChica Like I said before, Jarrett was a bit of an asshat in the way he treated Becca in the beginning, and I had a hard time liking him at first He used sex as a way to try and punish her, and sometimes that came across as degrading However, like I said, when we got to see into his thought process, it was all understandable It was just a little difficult to get through at first.Lou Jarrest was an asshat at times, like Minn mentions, but I think he and Becca were on the same wavelength at times when it came to sex I suppose my only dislike was that I thought Eli was sometimes whiny, especially towards Becca I m guessing he s Wade s HEA but I hope he stops whining and controls that childish temper of his because he hurt Wade pretty badly with his carelessness I love Wade Wade needs his heart mended E I struggled a little bit believing the unexpected support Becca, Eli, and Jarrett received at the end I didn t quite buy the motivation given the behavior of that individual through most of the story I am being deliberately vague so I don t go into detail about what I consider a major spoiler It was enjoyable I just wish I had noticed of a transition.5 Misc Thoughts and GradeMinnChica All in all, I thought Dimon had an amazing first book in a sexy new series I loved all the secondary characters, especially Wade and Sebastian I can t wait to see how Wade s relationship with Elijah develops throughout the series, and what s in store for Sebastian next This book was super sexy, and had lots of intrigue I can t wait to read the next one I give Mercy a B Lou Mercy was a sexy romance with hawt smexing that was so engaging on an emotional level also There is a lot of smexing in this book but for me it really worked because of the dynamic of Jarret s and Becca s relationship, which I thought was about power at times I loved the secondary characters, especially Wade, and I m looking forward to Sebastian s book.I also give Mercy a B E I thought Dimon really stepped up both the heat and her character development in this first installment I found it an enjoyable and captivating read Like the other reviewers I can t wait to see what happens with the secondary m m relationship and the other supporting characters I grew to enjoy I am looking forward to seeing what Dimon comes up with next.I am also giving Mercy a B A female black ops agent is on the run after someone gave the kill order for her whole team and she runs to the last place she should go straight back to the man she betrayed and had sent to prison during her last mission Becca knows that all she can expect from Jarrett is anger and a need for revenge and he can have that if he will keep her safe.Jarrett can t afford to let Becca come anywhere near his heart again and he definitely doesn t trust her explanation of why she came to him in the first place This time he ll do the using and makes that clear to her anything he says and anytime She agrees to his conditions She has her secrets, but so does he Becca needs to figure out who set her team up and sold them out and she needs access to lots of information and intel to do it Jarrett has it, but she just needs to persuade him to give her access She can tell that he s not as unaffected as he seems, but that doesn t mean he plans to trust her or allow himself to let his guard down around her again.Between scorching moments in bed, the two circle ever closer to a solution A CIA agent is putting the pressure on and others are less than happy about Becca s presence in Jarrett s life The danger is still out there and waiting for everyone involved to make a mistake Jarrett himself has finally come to the conclusion that there is only one way to save them all.Alright, so I was excited to read this one knowing that based on the blurb that things were going to get intense both inside and outside the bedroom In the beginning, it had all that for me The angry, vengeful, powerful man who allowed his betrayer back near him to put her at his mercy and the woman running for her life not knowing who her enemies were The power dynamics were part of the tension Unfortunately for me, the power shifted quickly when the gal went all femme fatale to grab the reins and the guy let her The book shifted from a strong romantic suspense to an erotic romance with some suspense to break up the bedroom scenes.There were some other things that didn t work for me At times, a suspension of belief was required It was tough to believe that this was a life and death situation when these two would rather play their bedroom power games then figure out who did and was still trying to set them up for burial Then there was that scene at the end where all the CIA agent s threats just went away Another thing that I m not sure what was the purpose was the other romance between Wade and Eli Oh, and I suppose this a good place to warn that there s some nearly closed door m m action there It distracted than anything the way it was wedged in between things causing scenes to jump forward instead of transition smoothly.Now, its not like I hated the book because I didn t I found it enjoyable just not riveting like it started The characters were likeable if not engaging for me I was vested enough to want to see them through their situations and get their happy endings and I wanted to see the situation wrapped up The romance between Jarrett and Becca had a long ways to go from its beginning of revenge and betrayal to full trust and love was a big draw for me I loved how it took its time developing.I figured out who the bad guy was early on, but not why so I did have that to chew on view spoiler I wish there had been a direct engagement with the villain instead of him working off scene It took away part of the intensity of the read in my opinion hide spoiler

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HelenKay Dimon is a divorce lawyer turned romance author After dedicating years to helping people terminate relationships she now writes romance novels full time Her books have earned praise, appeared on bestseller lists, won numerous awards and twice been named Red Hot Reads and excerpted in Cosmo She sometimes writes erotic romance, sometimes writes romantic suspense and sometimes writes cont

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