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Alaska and Back Dave And Dorothy Left Michigan In Their Motorhome For The Alaska Highway Formerly Named The Alcan Highway On Their Dream Trip Of A Lifetime Two Months Later They Returned Home With A Freezer Full Of Fish, Hundreds Of Pictures, And Memories Dorothy Kept A Daily Journal Of Their Adventure, Driving, Hiking, Fishing, Observing People, Animals, Birds And Magnificent Mountains In This Full Color Book You Will Share Her Intimate Thoughts Of The Adventures And Misadventures Of An Ordinary Couple, Such As Yourself, You Will View A Sampling Of Their Digital Pictures And Learn A Few Things To Do, And Not To Do, Should You Decide To Make The Trip Of A Lifetime Enjoy The intrepid travelers, Dorothy and Dave Mercer, reprise Lucy and Desi Arnaz s roles in THE LONG, LONG TRAILER as they journey from their home in Canadian Lakes, Michigan to Homer, Alaska with two of every spare part we could possibly need for the truck, tools, tires, hoses, you name it but also with what counted the most their unwavering true grit and an irrepressible sense of humor.Along the way, they brave wrong turns, quicksand mud, sheared tow bar bolts, treacherous roads, and massive amounts of beautiful scenery I felt I was riding along with Dave and Dorothy, sharing all their good cheer, fun times, and minor stints of bad luck It was like taking a fun road trip without leaving my computer and getting stuck in the mud The author s plentiful and gorgeous photos wonderfully complimented her lively prose.Dorothy Mercer turns her fine novelist s eye to making this travelogue a wild ride that you won t soon forget.I couldn t help wondering at the end When is the sequel coming out This was fun Pure fun.As someone who s dreamed of visiting Alaska and seeing Canada, this was the next best thing a you are there experience that allows the reader to vicariously experience author Dorothy Mercer and her husband sidekick s journey in colorful detail.The author does provide a satisfying amount of detail while keeping her descriptions entertaining, almost as though you re reading an exciting novel instead of another dry travelogue One favorite scene was when they got stuck in the mud after making a wrong turn, and had to pull out all the stops to dig their way out I could feel that gooey mud clinging to my feet as read her description Ewww They have a few frustrating moments, which they handle with humor and flair, but the main thing I took from his book was that I d like to be standing outside their house in Michigan begging for a ride next time they embark on one of their great travel adventures Dave and Dorothy set out from Michigan in their motorhome to drive the Alaska Highway formerly named Alcan Highway , a dream trip of a lifetime After two months of Alaskan adventure, they returned home safely to a freezer full of fish fillets and a houseful of friends, all asking questions Driving to Alaska seems to be the dream of many residents of the lower 48 In this daily journal you will share the adventures of an ordinary couple living out that dream Learn from their experiences and enjoy their pictures in full color.

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