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The Weather Girl I received this book from the First Reads giveaway, and here is my review I liked this book a lot It was perfect size for travelling and the copy I received was large print, so incredibly easy to read The story is so sweet I found it very clever, and liked the way the author incorporated the weather and football themes in the book She also was very clever with naming the characters I liked the dual point of view, because most novels I ve read that were similar to this always had just the woman s point of view, so for me, it was something new and refreshing I really liked the characters, they were quirky and adorable The reason I rated it only three stars was because though it was sweet, and all that I found that it wasn t as amazing as other books that I gave a higher rating to It is definitely worth a read if you want a little distracting and it works perfectly for when you are travelling. I absolutely loved how the relationship between Travis and Summer developped It was not insta love and that s even better, believable, and all the lovely The story shows real character growth, and doesn t sacrifice it to fit stereotypes Also the secondary characters were as good as the main one I really want to have lunch at Mimi and Big D s The kind of story that remains with you for a long time I read it in one day and will recommend it for sure Turbulence Is In Their Forecast Summer Raines Knows When It S Going To Rain She Can Feel It That S Why The Local Weather Girl S So Good At Her Job Too Bad She Couldn T Have Foreseen The Tumultuous Arrival Of Travis Lockwood, Everybody S Favorite Star NFL Quarterback Make That Former Star NFL Quarterback Sidelined Back To Texas After An Injury, The Golden Boy Is Trying To Steal Her Precious On Air Time Summer Is Reduced To Reporting From Football Games It S Enough To Make Her Quit And Become A Storm Chaser Like Her Parents She S Stuck With A Career That S Going Nowhere And A Man Who Delights In Her Refusal To Be Charmed Falling In Love Isn T Nearly As Easy As Predicting The Weather I thought this was a fun premise Summer Raines is a Meteorologist at a local TV station She wants to be a storm chaser like her deceased parents, but doesn t want to leave her grandparents all alone Travis is an ex football player who is now the show s new sportscaster He is not very good at his job and Summer is upset that he is taking away some of her time.Summer was pretty likable I liked that when she got nervous, angry or happy she would start telling random weather facts She is obsessed with the weather Travis feels a little lost, not knowing really what to do with himself Football was always his fathers dream and being a sportscaster is just a job Summer helps him find himself and teaches him how to follow his own dreams I thought they were cute together The best parts of the book are the ones where they are together They butt heads at first, but a nice friendship forms I thought they had good chemistry.While I enjoyed the story, I did find it to be a bit too wordy at times and overly descriptive view spoiler I wish we could have seen of their on air time together I also thought the middle dragged a little I think it would have been fun if she started her new job earlier on and then shown them together I actually thought he d end up being her co star, not just an assistant photographer I wasn t sure why we were introduced to so many new characters there at the end, or in so much detail By that point I just wanted to see Travis and Summer together again I would have preferred the time spent with their reunion instead of learning about side characters I also thought his dad did a 180 a little too quickly His change was a little unbelievable I thought the drama could have been amped up a little Her boss was a loser, he wanted her to be the star of the show and treated her rather poorly She s worked for him for three years and has no faith in her and wouldn t back her up He overreacted quite a bit hide spoiler What to say, what to say I really enjoyed reading this book Summer Raines is a meteorologist who has a knack for knowing what the weather is going to do Travis is a former NFL hot shot who ends up working at the same TV station and Summer Everyone worships the former football star turned sports caster Espec ailly Rachel the night time anchor Much to Rachel s dismay Travis doesn t seem to see anything in Rachel, but Summer is a whole other story.I have to say that I loved that this story took it s time to be a love story I don t like insta love it s so unrealistic I don t mind the love at first sight thing, but even then I think it takes times to develop a relationship This book does such a great job of that.Summer is convinced that Travis is only part of the team to ruin her time as a weather girl The news manager takes 30 seconds away from Summers time to give to Travis as a newbie Summer, is convinced it s all Travis s doing The relationship between Summer and Travis is strained, and it s actually quite entertaining It s fun to see a man work so hard to make an impression on someone who doesn t seem to care either way Made me chuckle a few times I love Summers grandparents They are such sweet people, who love Summer unconditionally They are her rock in a world that sometimes was hard for Summer I have to admit I usually mock the weather people on TV In AZ they have two things to report hot, or not so hot which Arizonans call Winter When there is actual weather they get all excited like a kid at Christmas It s so entertaining This book was a little glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes The author did a great job of getting me involved in the daily goings on at a news station I just love that Summer is a strong, and determined woman I like that she makes sure that Travis is genuine before she allows herself to fall for him.This is such a sweet story of finding friendship that can turn to true love Those are my favorite kinds of love stories I enjoy when there is to the relationship than the insta love Travis and Summer connected as friends before they truly allowed themselves to be connected in a real relationship.If you like love stories this book is definitely for you It s so sweet, and it flows well It s a fun story It has some interesting twists and turns, and it ends well I like those stories best I don t like cliff hangers Okay, I kind of do, but it s nice to read a story that ends sometimes This one did just that, it ends and I felt very satisfied at the end.I hope you get a chance to pick this book up It is fun Happy Reading SO cute and swoony I really had the best time reading this. I was up past midnight on New Years Eve or New Years Day since it was after midnight and I looked on my kindle app and there it was I had been waiting and waiting to get this book I was not disappointed.I was lucky enough to meet the author last summer and shes just one of the nicest people I ve had the pleasure of meeting She s funny and down to earth Having previously only interacted with her via social media, I was glad to know that the way she is there is the same in real life.Now the book Dude, this book captures you from the very beginning Summer is in to the weather and I mean she knows about weather then I could even imagine exists She s smart, cute and good at her job She gets feelings about rain and usually those feelings pan out She s a meteorologist and all she wants in life is to share her knowledge and be with her family When she s nervous she blurts out facts about weather Most people think shes weird Most people avoid her.Travis isn t most people He s new at the station, ex pro football player and all american guy Born and raised in Texas and people worship him because he s a football golden child Instantly he s aware of Summer, mostly cause she s PISSED he s getting thirty seconds from her weather spot for his sports spot, but there is something about her that he likes Maybe its that she doesn t seem the least bit interested in him or maybe it s because she doesn t give a hoot about football She doesn t even like football Travis just wants to find what he s good at and not stop on toes Summer just wants her thirty seconds back and nothing else Right Nothing else Except Travis doesn t give up so easily If he can t be to her then he ll take friendship with her and maybe she can teach him something about journalism along the way.Everything comes to a head, and Summer has to decide if she is going to stay in Texas in a job that doesn t excite her but with a man that does and also her family She s been offered what is essentially her dream job but she can t leave can she What about Travis There is a ton of love in this book Also a rivalry that is causing some serious problems This book was good from page one and kept me interested in it to the end If I hadn t had to travel on New Years Day I would of been able to gobble this book up in less than a day It s that good folks 3.5 starsI ve been looking forward to reading The Weather Girl since I signed on for the tour I love that Harlequin makes a Heartwarming line for people like me who love a good romance but also love them clean.I think Travis stole the show for me in this book Haunted by the career that could have been, he is trying to figure out who he is Who is he without football What does he really want to do with his life Travis feels like a failure and it doesn t help that his Dad is the one telling him that Travis is lonely and really needs a friend His job as a sportscaster has him completely out of his comfort zone but he really wants to do well Travis sees Summer as someone who can help him and teach him how to be better Too bad she has already decided not to like him.Summer is quirky and she takes the weather seriously Very seriously It s her life It s in her blood She lives for the weather Summer sure has a chip on her shoulder when it comes to Travis Even though they get off to a rocky start, Summer is all kinds of prejudice against poor Travis and just can t let it go She holds grudges a long time Anger is usually a cover up for other emotions which is exactly how it is for Summer She is also fiercely loyal to her family and I really loved that.But as most good romance books go, they find a way to work things out There sure are plenty of bumps along the way Like I said before, I love Travis He is the one that made this book great for me This was a fun, romantic read A kick back and relax sort of book.Content There was some mild swearing and profanity in this book. Summer is a weather girl in case you didn t pick up on that from the title She s got a great job and a great family what s left of it but she s most passionate about is the weather She s not only fascinated by all things Mother Nature, but she knows all kinds of crazy awesome factoids that she unwittingly gives up time and time again when she gets a little nervous Which she never is Until Travis Lockwood arrives at her T.V station, threatening to take over her precious air time Not that he did it on purpose Travis is very new to the world of television If it were his choice, he d still be playing professional football as a matter of fact but as fate would have it, he was injured pretty badly and cannot play any so, T.V spokesperson, it is When the two of them collide and are forced to work together, even, Amy s talent for giving us feels and making us crazy with UST shines through These two make me swoon so hard There I said it That s a load off I m serious though She s perky and driven He s broken and sexy And there are not many writers that can pull off giving me heart fail and swelly hearts and steamy scenes without one ounce of sex in their story Amy is one of those who can She doesn t need it either The banter between these two is just one of the things I love about it Their tender moments as they get to know each other are another The secondary characters are a third For example, Summer s grandparents I love them so much I think I have a soft spot for grandparents in stories, honestly, since I have none that are alive but Amy s are special And engaged, and awesome The way they take Travis in and love on him just makes me ridiculously happy. This is a fun, clean read Summer Raines works at KLVA as a meteorologist Her parents were storm chasers but were killed in an accident that left Summer an orphan at 16, so she s lived with her grandparents ever since She s passionate about the weather and is working on a new segment to share her interesting weather facts with the viewers Then Travis Lockwood shows up He s a former NFL quarterback who is the new evening sports anchor Summer appears to be the only one unimpressed with him, but to make matters worse, her boss, Ken, gives Travis 30 precious seconds of her weather segment so he can connect with the audience That s just one mark against him as far as she s concerned Travis starts talking to her and has the nerve to call her Weather Girl She s determined not to like him but that s a problem when he s charming and likable However, there are opportunities for each of them that make a relationship between them difficult.I fell in love with Travis Summer is quirky and funny and sweet and I certainly like her, too, but Travis made the scenes come alive He s persistent and funny and doesn t try to mold Summer into his perfect girlfriend Part of that could be because he had the perfect girlfriend, who wound up dumping him when his career as a quarterback ended and he now has a better sense of the kind of girl he should be looking for When Summer gets nervous, she spouts off random weather facts and Travis is the only person that doesn t get scared off by that There are some great moments between Travis and Summer.There are amazing job opportunities available for each of them that, if accepted, will take them far away from each other The solution seemed obvious to me, but their lack of communication meant they had to live through some pain and heartbreak first It also added a wonderfully dramatic ending, which I absolutely loved I haven t read a Harlequin in years, but this is now the second book I ve read in the Harlequin Heartwarming line in the last couple of months and it won t be the last I love this clean line of romances and look forward to reading I received a copy of this book to review My opinion is 100% my own.

About the Author: Amy Vastine

Amy Vastine has been plotting stories in her head for as long as she can remember An eternal optimist, she studied social work, hoping to teach others how to find their silver lining Now, she enjoys creating happily ever afters for all to read Amy lives outside Chicago with her high school sweetheart turned husband, three fun loving children, and their sweet but mischievous puppy dog.

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