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Overwhelmed (Blurred Lines, #1) It Was A Chance MeetingThat Changed EverythingBefore Only One Man Loved MeNow Two DoOne Is My HusbandThe Other A LoverI Didn T CheatWe Had A ThreesomeBut The Problem Was What FollowedMy Lover Wanted Than One NightMy Husband Got AngryMy Lover Got DirtyAnd I Got Overwhelmed

About the Author: Marita A. Hansen

SOME FACTS ABOUT ME NATIONALITY I am a New Zealander with Croatian heritage.SPORTS As a teenager my favourite sports were karate, badmington, and running I also did unarmed combat and played in a touch rugby team my gym teacher made me do the last one As an adult, I ve couched soccer and have completed two marathons, numerous half marathons and one 30K run Though, I have been slack of late,

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    Please note OVERWHELMED s price will be changing back later today.

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    Where to begin Once upon a time a boy asked a girl out and they fell in love and got married and lived happily ever afterQueue the scratching sound, because twenty years later they are living not so happily ever after Kelly is unhappy She still loves Tom, and who wouldn t, he s fucking great, but with their differences in opinion on

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    It s now live Threesomes are by far the most common sexual fantasy Kelly and Tom have known each other for 20 years They met at school and even though Tom has had brief previous experiences before meeting Kelly, for her its only ever been Tom With the everyday pressures of raising teenage children and with Kelly s obsession with writing and

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    4 OVERWHELMING StArSIT S NOW LIVE There s no denying I m a big fan of Marita A Hansen and have enjoyed her books for some time.Overwhelmed is a great addition to her collection.The story begins with Kelly Hamlin.Kelly is determined to try and make a success at being a full time writer Working all hours on her writing and juggling her busy home li

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    REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised.4 STARS out of 5Genre Adult Romance EroticaNOTE This review contains mild spoilers as I discuss the characters But no major plot twist and or major reveals will appear Sex was now on the menu with me and Tom as the main course In Overwhelmed Kelly and Tom Hamlin go to a sex club called Top Hat in hopes of

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    4 1 2 Stars NOW LIVE

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review 4 1 2 Overwhelmed Stars Overwhelmed by Marita Hansen is one sexy read where fantasies, lust and desires becomes a reality Ms Hansen takes her readers on hell of a ride where readers are thrown into the lives of Tom and Kelly Hamlin When Tom brings his wife to a sex club, he wanted to fulfill her sexual desires Being t

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    MY RATING Overwhelmed Blurred Lines, 1 by Marita A.Hansen Complimentary copy provided by the author Marita A.Hansen in exchange for an honest review One night that changed everythingThis book got to me on such an emotional level, it ripped my heart out and spat it out TEAM TOM How could they not see how much they loved each other, I just wanted to jump in the book and shake them

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    It s funny how the short blurb says a lot about the book, pulls you to the story, but still says so little Owerwhelmed is not a simple one dimensional story I thought it would be somewhere on the line of Tempted because they re both about a married couple including a third one in their sexual life But that is exactly where the similarity ends.This book is so much .Tom and Kelly are highs

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    ARC received from author for honest reviewI became a fan of Marita Hansen after reading My Masters Nightmare and fell in love with that series, shortly after I think I started cyber stalking her and getting any information I could on what she was working on When I found out she was working on Overwhelmed excited doesn t even begin to describe what I was feeling First of all she said the magic w

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