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Testing the Limits Gabi s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewThe story between Jace and Quinn was an easy read I at time found my self giggling and at other times rolling my eyes at the banter between them They fought so hard to respect the memory of Michael I felt they struggled to the very end I do however felt that the characters were hard to get behind I LOVED the storyline and the way the story played out I did however find that the characters contained almost every identifiable character trait in the recent books Such as Jace is in the army and into MMA fighting Quinn has lost her family and her fianc I felt there were so many trendy details to each they lost some realism to me and almost made me struggle to stay with the story I believe if the author would have stuckto the story line without throwing in all of the little details that have made great book boyfriends and Heroines I would have appreciated the storyAll in all this was an easy good read with an HEA. An ok read..So, this story has been told again and again The hero should stay away from his brother s girlfriend, even though the brother has been dead for 2 years And the brother feels guilty because the brother died Really He actually had suicidal thoughts because his brother died Something he had nothing to do with He gave up his Ranger career to give his brother a kidney then took up MMA fighting He gave up his suicidal thoughts because he didn t want his parents to lose two sons Wow How thoughtful of him His guilt lasted until the very end of the book, which I thought was ridiculous One of the good things about this book was that Quinn wasn t afraid of that dirt bag Warren AND the sexual tension between Jace and Quinn was almost palpable I don t care if there s sex in the book as long as there s sexual tension I hate, hate, hate when there are no feeling of passion on either of their parts then somewhere between 50% and 100% of the book there s explicit sex HUH WTH kind of sex is that Neither of them shows any kind of interest in each other then they decide to screw Yuck Anyway, the story about Warren and the tension made this a decent read However, there s not much chance of me reading ANY other Desire book in the future They are ALL sooo overpriced it s just ridiculous Which is kind of stupid when some of them are years old and yet there s only 6 or 8 or 10 reviews I don t know who s pricing these books but they are idiots Take this book for example, it s been out since 6 1 14 and it only has 7 reviews AND 4 of those were from people the book was given to for an honest review Seriously, does that make sense to anyone I guess they d rather sell a few books for 3.99 than maybe selling 100 books for 99 Oh, well, that s just my opinion, for what it s worth. Wanting Him Was Wrong, But It Felt So Right Social Worker Quinn Keller Sees The Best In People And The Worst When She Rescues A Prominent Businessman S Battered Wife, Quinn Is Targeted By The Woman S Violent Husband Her Only Option Is To Place Her Safety In The Hands Of Ranger Jace Hyland Tattooed, Scarred, Incredibly Hot And The Brother Of Quinn S Deceased Fianc An Entirely Different Kind Of Dangerous Quinn Is The Woman Jace Has Always Wanted And She S Strictly Hands Off But Keeping Her Safe Means Taking Her To His Small Apartment And His Bed So For One Unforgettable Night, Jace Will Give In To The Temptation He Can No Longer Resist One Night Of Forbidden Hunger One Night He Prays Will Be Enough To Satisfy A Lifetime Of Longing Worth reading but it is a little insta love Originally posted HERE.I figured I might as well give this one a go, even though there were a few things I wasn t too sure about It turns out Testing the Limits is a really well written book If I ve read anything by this author before I don t remember, but I think I ve been missing out on one of the better Harlequin writers.The things I wasn t so sure about were characters traits that are popping up in so many new books they ve become clich s The guy with the tattoos who is an MMA fighter, for example This guy seems to be in 50% of the romances being published at the moment, and I don t find it appealing at all.However, Kira Sinclair wrote him as a guy I really liked I might have worried he was going to be just another clich , but she writes good characters realistic characters with regular human motivations.I don t need to go into details about the plot, as it s there in the blurb The thing is that this is an author who can take something that has been done a thousand times before and make it a page turner.One thing I couldn t get my head around was the heroine s name Maybe Quinn is a name used for girls in the US , but right up until the end of the book I kept forgetting and thinking it was the hero who was talking It s been ages since I read a book from Harlequin s Blaze line The overly sexy packaging doesn t really appeal to me It s a silly reason to stay away, because so many good authors write for the line If Testing the Limits is anything to go by, I should definitely be readingof them Review copy provided by NetGalley. This woman has not only lost her parents but also her fianc She is a person that wants to help other people with whatever crisis they may be going through The one woman she is protecting may come with consequences but no matter what she will protect her however she can.I immediately knew that Quinn Keller and Jace Hyland were attracted to each other Only that he felt guilty for the way that he felt for her She was together with brother and there was no way that he was going to get close to her Her parents had passed away and now Michael was gone so all she did was work and help other people She didn t think about herself but she did know one thing she was attracted to Jace Hyland, from the moment that she saw him at Michael and Jace s parents home Jace felt the same way so he stayed away but when his brother passed he promised Michael that he would protect Quinn so when he finds out that a husband of a woman that she is protecting threatens her he knows that he needs to do something She needs to take it seriously because when she least expects it he was going to strike He started with invading her home but that is just the beginning Testing the Limits is a fast paced read that I enjoyed The characters are well written and the emotions that the characters are going through are felt in the author s writing The story could have hadbackground to both of the characters It could have given a littleinsight into Jace s past and also into Quinn s relationship with Michael The sex scenes were hot and tastefully written I recommend this book to readers I think it s an easy read and captivating I know that I will be looking to see what other books Ms Sinclair has published.Received ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an Honest Review Books, Coffee PassionThis was the first book I read written by Kira Sinclair and I have to say I loved it, so it probably won t be the last.First of all, let me just say that, in general, I m not a fan of the angle of lust or deep feelings for the dead boyfriend fianc e husband s brother I usually don t read this books because I always feel it s very difficult for an author to pull this off But Kira Sinclair totally did it So, I m happy I let my curiosity get the best of me and I can say that the cover played a big part in this another first.The characters were strong and the story was captivating, I couldn t put my kobo e reader down after starting it Jace s guilty feelings were somewhat understandable but, when the author discloses how his brother died, his intense struggle made perfect sense The fact that Quinn was being targeted for, basically, helping a woman who had an abusive husband, also felt realistic as well as all the details regarding her job.There are two reasons why I m not giving this book 5 stars 1 the story jumped forward in a few moments that could probably benefit the story if better explored 2 Quinn s lack of common sense when she was threatened, I mean the guy was rich, well connected, suspected of being involved in shady businesses and she thought he was harmless Her reaction just didn t seem very realistic.I totally recommend this book to all the readers that love a HEA.I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed for Where the Night Kind RoamIt was ok, I was reading this one for the scarred, tattooed hero, he sounded delish and he was, all protective and sexy Yum He s probably why I m giving this book a decent rating. the rest of the story was just ok I liked Quinn s passion for her job but it kind of got in the way of the romance a bit for me Quinn and Jace have known each other for years in fact, Jace is the brother of her passed fianc Jace has always had a thing for Quinn but his brother met her first and while he was alive they were so obviously in love Now he s been passed for two years I think the length of time is the only reason I wasn t disturbed by the whole brother s thing and Jace is still taking care of Quinn, doing small things like making sure her lawn is mowed, fixing things, etc Now Quinn needsthan that, she needs his protection from one of her client s abusive husband For me Quinn seemed to havepassion for her job than she did for Jace I felt it on her end, maybe because he s been carrying a torch for so long but hers isn t as on the surface In the end it was an ok book with a sexy hero and not much else. I read this cute little book in one sitting When Quinn s life is threatened by the husband of one of her clients, her almost brother in law Jace steps in to protect her These two have tried for the past two years to ignore the heat that simmers between them Jace does not pursue Quinn because he feels responsible for his brother s death Quinn hides her attraction to Jace because she believes he is not interested in her When they are forced to share the same quarters they can no longer ignore the attraction between them Both Jace and Quinn are dealing with pain and scars from their past experiences Quinn was a really down to earth, strong likable heroine She had a big heart and really just wanted to help those around her Jace was loyal and protective, he was willing to do whatever it takes to keep those around him safe When he is unable to save his brother from dying and leaving his fiance behind and alone, Jace blames himself and vows that he would take care of Quinn.I loved the slow build up between these two, as much as they tried to stop it they just couldn t resist each other This was a quick, steamy enjoyable read.Rating 3.5 Stars Complimentary copy received via Netgalley in exchange for honest review. For some reason I always connect with this author s books and find a depth in them which is usually lacking in the Blaze line Both the hero heroine lost someone they loved and have been ignoring their burgeoning feelings for each other I loved their journey to finding love and happiness.

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