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Ann Maries Asylum (Master and Apprentice, #1) Ann Marie Has Just Earned Her PhD In Chemistry At Age Sixteen When She Receives A Mysterious And Lucrative Job Offer The New Position At The Infamous Asylum Corporation Takes The Young Chemist And Her Alcoholic Mother From Their Working Class Philadelphia Neighborhood To Coastal California She Grows Fascinated With Her New Boss, Famed Scientist, Dade Harkenrider, A Handsome And Reclusive Asexual Labelled Dr Death By Internet Conspiracy Theorists And Rud To Be Involved In Witchcraft And Murder A Young Pioneer In Drone Warfare And Mind Control Drugs, Harkenrider Conducts Secret Experiments That Defy The Boundaries Of Space And Consciousness In An Advanced Laboratory In The Hills Perched Over Los Angeles As Ann Marie Grows Closer To Her New Mentor, A Sinister Plot By A Secretive Coven Is Unfolding In The City This Monstrous Force Is Stealing Pets And Children In An Effort To Breathe Life Into An Ancient And Terrifying Evil A Different TakeA pretty interesting story, a slightly different take on witches and sorcerers with something else thrown inI guess it is the science Moves along well, characters are engaging enough, but a little predictable A nice diversion. Thus we venture deep, deep into the uncanny valleyTrippy, scattered, horror inducing I was going to read something else to avoid nightmares, but sleep mugged me in the middle of reviewing and I just woke up without dreaming anything particularly brain bleach requiring So, yay I would like to know how it all turns out so I ll be reading the next one There s nothing particularly gory, it s of a creeping sense of discomfort and skew Definitely got triggered by the mom in the story, reminded me too much of my own Ann Marie s Asylum is not just your typical horror or science fiction novel I mean, it definitely has everything I love about horror and science fiction like witchcraft, sorcery, futuristic advanced technology including great little drones called DeathStalkers , gory and unique kills and some very violent and horrifying ones at that , manipulative evil characters who do unspeakable things, and the innocent children you root for However, it is so much than that Amongst all of the supernatural adventure and scares, you also have extremely well written and moving characters who are on deeply emotional journeys The characters are developed so well that you are immediately pulled in and care about them, and your heart breaks for them when they find themselves in peril Basically, even though there is all of this otherworldly supernatural stuff going on, this book tells a very human story and it touches on struggles we all face, such as loneliness, the feeling of not fitting in, and the desire for a soul mate or someone we can cling to and trust in this life Ann Marie s Asylum also goes beyond storytelling to open your mind and challenge your way of thinking It is not really a political book and it doesn t shove an agenda down your throat however, through its story, it does offer some very interesting and unique ideas on some controversial and difficult subjects like hallucinogenic drugs, the numbing effect corporate America can have on workers, homelessness, poverty, addiction, and strained family relationships It asks tough questions like who the real psychopaths and monsters are in a society or even in a family, and it really makes you think and feel something as you read it Now, all of this isn t to say that the story is all serious all the time There are great moments of levity and humor throughout the book as well, and when the book ends you are left with a significant sense of satisfaction and even a strange calmness Strange because you know that the story is definitely not over and the characters struggles have only really just begun I really enjoyed reading Ann Marie s Asylum, and I appreciate its strong female characters and its unique storyline, and I am very excited for the next chapter in the saga.

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