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The Clinic They Didn T Have Much To Live For Malcolm, Darren And Eddie, All Had Their Own Tragedies, Their Own Demons To Face Malcolm Was Alone In The World, Darren Might As Well Have Been And Eddie, Well, Eddie Wished He Was The Isolated Rehab Clinic Was Not An Easy Target For These Opportunistic Thieves, On The Contrary, It Revealed A Dark Past And An Evil That Was Sown Way Before Their Time The Sterile Corridors And Soulless Rooms Swarmed With A Depravity That They Never Imagined Possible The Clinic Is The Story Of A Regrettable Heist, Of Three Delinquents Who Find A Lot Than They Bargained For A Gripping, Thrilling And Spine Chilling Story Of Suspense, Fear And Pure Evil This story lulls you into a false sense of security then bam the gruesomeness hits you full on in the brain.It is well written and absolutely brilliant, it keeps you gripped from start to finish.The book is about 3 mates Eddie, Darren and Malcolm.Eddie comes from shall I say a middle class back ground, his parents both work and he wants for nothing but he craves attention of his peers and doesn t like them calling him a posh boy so he tries to be harder and cruel then anyone else.Malcolm comes from a broken home and his mother just upped and left one day and he hasn t a clue where or who s she s with The local council is still paying the rent so he s trying to save for when they catch up with the charade and throw him out onto the street to fend for himself.Darren he also comes from a broken home and his alcoholic druggy mother has taken up with Ian who s cut from the same cloth as her Darren hates been there with them both but he has no choice.They start off doing petty burglarising but they aren t getting anything decent Then Eddie comes up with a plan of doing over a rehab place that his uncle told them about in the middle of no where.The 3 of them go off to go find this place and scope it out Eddie s uncle was right it s at the back of beyond but doesn t look like a fancy rehab place for the rich and famous but can looks be deceptive They decide to do the deed later that night.This is when the book starts getting gruesome.Darren becomes angry and kicks his mam s boyfriend to a bloody mess and his mam tells him to leave and never come back as she doesn t want to see him again.Malcolm has a bit of friction with the local idiots who live near him.Eddie is just stood waiting outside near his house for his mates.They finally get to the big mansion to the deed but all is not as it seems, The front door is open and the security guard is still in the same position as he was earlier in the day, surely he can t still be asleep Alas no he s well and truly dead, had his throat slit and just left there.I won t give any away but there is lots of twists one way and another keeping you gripped with bated breath, you never know when you ll feel like jumping out of your skin. Terrible Terrible Terrible I understand that the author s style of writing appeals to some readers, however, it s like he emptied the entire thesaurus into 207 pages and then recycled all the words as mortar to fix poor writing flow I NEVER want to hear a descriptive depiction about fucking florescent lights EVER again The characters and plot were two dimensional The plot twist was blows raspberry No atmosphere, just lots of sinister, wicked, sadistic, mischievous, devious, menacingly, evilly, depraved, sly, hideous, repulsive, repugnant, teasing, malicious SMILING or In other wordsbeaming, grinning, laughing, giggling, grinning, smirking, gleaming SO MUCH SMILING It was kinda like a battle Royale Psych Ward Version It could translate well into a torture porn movie if they added depth to the characters, clever cinematography and ditched the storyline in its entirety So the usual Hollywood book to film treatment shrugs Original Review Mad Book LoveMalcom, Eddie and Darren have been friends since childhood Malcolm and Darren are trying to make ends meet by breaking into people s houses, Eddie just enjoys the thrill of it all Tired of taking risks and walking away with junk, Eddie convinces Malcolm and Darren to do a bigger job Eddie knows of a fancy, isolated rehab clinic for the rich and famous, and he thinks it will be easy pickin Unfortunately, there is much to the clinic than any of the boys realize, and shortly after they make their way in, they realize they ll be lucky to get out with their lives.To begin with, this is SO not my genre Yes, I knew it was horror when I selected it You know who else is often labeled horror Stephen King and Dean Koontz And I read them and enjoy them That said, I always wonder why they are labeled horror because I ve never once been scared or horrified by any of their work not that I ve read it all To me, horror is applicable to movies like Saw, The Hills Have Eyes, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre You know, disgusting, overly graphic, super violent, horrific, nightmarish stuff The kind of thing that you re watching reading and wondering if you can keep going and why you even would because they are just beyond the pale But I digress I didn t enjoy this book because it was actually horror Not horror lite, or pretend horror, but Saw horror Gory, gory, gory Violent, psychotic, over the top carnage Exactly the kind of thing I have zero tolerance for not in a judgy way, in a that s way too uncomfortable for me, I need a Xanax, I can t unsee that kind of way So, why did I give it 4 stars if it wasn t for me Because even though it isn t my genre, it delivered exactly what I m always expecting from horror books, but thankfully never get I continually had to take breaks from it I dreaded picking it back up again Not because it was terribly written, but because everything happening in the story was terrible Perfectly Horrible So why, if it was everything horror should be, did I only give it 4 stars Because the ending was weak sauce Honestly, for all the effort I put in emotionally to continue reading, I expected way in the wrap up Not a happy ending because horror, people , but one that didn t seem like an afterthought It just felt like the train ran out of steam when it finally came into the station, know what I mean I wouldn t recommend this to anyone I know because I don t know anyone who reads this genre But if you like the movies I mentioned earlier Saw, The Hills Have Eyes, or Texas Chainsaw Massacre this might be just the book for you Note I received this book from the publisher via Edelweiss I pride myself on writing fair and honest reviews. This was really uneven The story set up was quite, quite brilliant, but is let down by really bad editing, in some cases there were no spaces between the words, some really confusing dialogue, meaning it was difficult to tell in places who was talking and thinking, etc It also felt really juvenile in places, the way things were phrased, which lets it down even further I also found the big reveal to be pretty stale and flat, almost like it was thrown in just for the heck of it In short, it felt a bit like a first draft rather than a finished novel, and really should have had an editor somewhere along the line. It s about three teens who like to break into houses and each have a different background and at times I wondered why they were even friends Malcolm didn t have parents and was on his own, Darren had one parent and Eddie had two parents and was the most horrible, crazy and psychotic of them all They hadn t made as much as they thought they would with the one house and Eddie tells them about this rehab place out in the woods that his Uncle said was for the rich Well, was he ever wrong It was a Clinic for the insane and they was on a killing spree Once they get to the clinic it s just a bunch of blood and gore and I had no clue what was going on Did the crazies decide to kill the doctors and take over the clinic What the heck happened, I didn t like not knowing what was going on and it was just to much crazy and not knowing, plus I couldn t stand the three teens and wanted them all to die I didn t care and they seem to only know how to say the F word and other vulgar things, especially Eddie Now I don t mind a curse word here and there but when it seems to be their only vocabulary I get put off It wouldn t have surprised me if he decided to join the crazies I just didn t like what I was reading and even though I seen in a review that the end was pretty cool I didn t care and at 44% I DNFed and I don t feel a bit bad about it. I would like to thank Skyhorse Publishing for my e copy.The Clinic is a dark and twisted story that finds three teenage boys deciding to go from robbing houses to robbing a clinic meant for wealthy alcoholics and drug usersor so they have been told Darren, Eddie, and Malcolm are good friends Some might say best friends They have known one another for a long time Sometimes they act like brothers smarting off to one another, getting into fights, but also having the best of times The Clinic, as it is known, is located in a desolate area far from anywhere and anyone As soon as they reach it, Malcolm begins to think that something isn t right about the place It is mid afternoon and there is no one in the garden Cups have been left on a bench, a robe has been left on the pathway, and the security guard is asleep But the boys decided that tonight is the night and nothing will ever be the same They see each other in a new light and secrets are revealed that none of them would have guessed.If you are easily offended or just offended by strong cursing and stronger language, this is NOT a book for you I am not usually off set by such but this one even got to me a bit It is extremely descriptive and you can see each thing happening as if you are there The scenes are graphic and can be disturbing. The Clinic has been on my TBR for a while now I think I started this one about 3 times before I finally got into it enough to want to keep going The begging is a bit slow The book follows three teens who have been robbing houses in the evenings and want to try for something bigger to get better loot Eddie s uncle tells them about a clinic that hosts rich rehab patients They think this will be their lucky break.For me, this was just kind of meh Part of my disappointment in the book was I thought I was getting a paranormal horror But, I didn t find it here It s definitely horror It s also really gory If you aren t into a lot of blood and guts, then this is not the book for you That doesn t bother me too much, but at about 75%, it got to be a bit much I stuck it out until the end but, honestly, I kind of wish I had just DNF d it There were two twists that really came out of nowhere and were pretty laughable None of the characters were vary likable I know each boy had their issues, but that didn t excuse their behaviors I also felt like the book was a bit all over the place and probably could have used a bit editing.I m not sure I would really recommend this one I ve read better gory horror It is a quick read, so it has that going for it. As always with a David Jester novel this is a well written and atmospheric horror story that sucks you in from the first page I ve read many other Jester novels, because I enjoy his writing style so much and I think this is one of his best, simply because of the level of detail in the descriptions, the plot twists and the character development This is a fine piece of writing and once again would make a good movie if, and one hopes so, he s eventually snapped up by a big publishing house You won t be disappointed by this and you ll most likely be checking out his other works straight after finishing. A spine chilling thriller that does not disappoint

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David Jester is a novelist and short story writer living in the North East of England His books include the comedy, An Idiot in Love, and the gruesome horror, This Is How You Die.He is published by Skyhorse Publishing and represented by Peter Beren.

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