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Kristy McCaffrey 2 In 1 Specially Priced, The First Two Historical Romance Bestselling Books In The Wings Of The West Series From Author Kristy McCaffrey, Including THE WREN Ten Years Have Passed Since Her Ranch Was Attacked, Her Folks Murdered And Molly Hart Was Abducted Now, At Nineteen, She S Finally Returning Home To North Texas After Spending The Remainder Of Her Childhood With A Tribe Of Kwahadi Comanche What She Finds Is A Deserted Home Coated With Dust And The Passage Of Time, The Chilling Discovery Of Her Own Gravesite, And The Presence Of A Man She Thought Never To See Again Matt Ryan Is Pushed By A Restless Wind To The Broken Down Remains Of The Hart Ranch Recently Recovering From An Imprisonment That Nearly Ended His Life, The Drive For Truth And Fairness Has All But Abandoned Him For Ten Years He Faithfully Served The US Army And The Texas Rangers, Seeking Justice For The Brutal Murder Of A Little Girl, Only To Find Closure And Healing Beyond His Grasp Returning To The Place Where It All Began, He S Surprised To Stumble Across A Woman With The Same Blue Eyes As The Child He Can T Put Out Of His Mind THE DOVE Disappointment Hits Ex Deputy Logan Ryan Hard When He Finds Claire Waters In The Midst Of A Bustling Santa Fe Trail Town The Woman He Remembers Is Gone In Her Place Is A Working Girl With Enticing Curves And A Load Of Trouble As A Web Of Deceit Entangles Them With Men Both Desperate And Dangerous, Logan Tries To Protect Claire, Unaware His Own Past Poses The Greatest Threat Plagued All Her Life By Shame, Claire Is Stunned When Logan Catches Her On The Doorstep Of The White Dove Saloon Dressed As A Prostitute She Lets Him Believe The Worst But With Her Mama Missing And The Fancy Girls Deserting The Place, She S Hard Pressed To Refuse His Offer Of Help As She Embarks On A Journey That Will Unravel The Fabric Of Her Life One Thing Becomes Clear Opening Her Heart May Be The Most Dangerous Proposition Of AllLook For Book Three In The Series, THE SPARROW, Available December

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