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Slash From One Of The Greatest Rock Guitarists Of Our Era Comes A Memoir That Redefines Sex, Drugs, And Rock N RollHe Was Born In England But Reared In LA Surrounded By The Leading Artists Of The Day Amidst The Vibrant Hotbed Of Music And Culture That Was The Early Seventies Slash Spent His Adolescence On The Streets Of Hollywood, Discovering Drugs, Drinking, Rock Music, And Girls, All While Achieving Notable Status As A BMX Rider But Everything Changed In His World The Day He First Held The Beat Up One String Guitar His Grandmother Had Discarded In A ClosetThe Instrument Became His Voice And It Triggered A Lifelong Passion That Made Everything Else Irrelevant As Soon As He Could String Chords And A Solo Together, Slash Wanted To Be In A Band And Sought Out Friends With Similar Interests His Closest Friend, Steven Adler, Proved To Be A Conspirator For The Long Haul As Hairmetal Bands Exploded Onto The LA Scene And Topped The Charts, Slash Sought His Niche And A Band That Suited His Raw And Gritty SensibilityHe Found Salvation In The Form Of Four Young Men Of Equal Mind Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler, And Duff McKagan Together They Became Guns N Roses, One Of The Greatest Rock N Roll Bands Of All Time Dirty, Volatile, And As Authentic As The Streets That Weaned Them, They Fought Their Way To The Top With Groundbreaking Albums Such As The Iconic Appetite For Destruction And Use Your Illusion I And IIHere, For The First Time Ever, Slash Tells The Tale That Has Yet To Be Told From The Inside How The Band Came Together, How They Wrote The Music That Defined An Era, How They Survived Insane, Never Ending Tours, How They Survived Themselves, And, Ultimately, How It All Fell Apart This Is A Window Onto The World Of The Notoriously Private Guitarist And A Seat On The Roller Coaster Ride That Was One Of History S Greatest Rock N Roll Machines, Always On The Edge Of Self Destruction, Even At The Pinnacle Of Its Success This Is A Candid Recollection And Reflection Of Slash S Friendships Past And Present, From Easygoing Izzy To Ever Steady Duff To Wild Child Steven And Complicated AxlIt Is Also An Intensely Personal Account Of Struggle And Triumph As Guns N Roses Journeyed To The Top, Slash Battled His Demons, Escaping The Overwhelming Reality With Women, Heroin, Coke, Crack, Vodka, And Whatever Else Came AlongHe Survived It All Lawsuits, Rehab, Riots, Notoriety, Debauchery, And Destruction, And Ultimately Found His Creative Evolution From Slash S Snakepit To His Current Band, The Massively Successful Velvet Revolver,Slash Found An Even Keel By Sticking To His GunsSlash Is Everything The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Inspires It S Funny, Honest, Inspiring, Jaw Dropping And, In A Word, Excessive

About the Author: Slash

Saul Hudson, better known by his nickname Slash, is a British American musician, record producer, film producer and songwriter.He is best known as the former lead guitarist of the American hard rock band Guns N Roses, with whom he achieved worldwide success in the late 1980s and early 1990s During his later years with Guns N Roses, Slash formed the side project Slash s Snakepit He then co foun

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    Well, Slash, holy fuck man I sort of want to take you under my wing and give you a hug dude But first, I want you to have a shower because you are dirty And I don t mean that in a dirty sexy way I mean it in a remember Pig Pen from Charlie Brown, how filthy he was way I would like to introduce you to soap and laundry detergent and, what the hell, underwear I get that living on the road, touring, has its challenges And I get that junki

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    There s this line in Bull Durham where Kevin Costner s character tells Tim Robbins s character, You got a gift When you were a baby, the Gods reached down and turned your right arm into a thunderbolt A lot of the point of this movie is that while the young pitcher has been blessed with incredible talent and is also, being played by baby Tim Robbins, very sexy , it s the seasoned but mediocre career minor league journeyman Crash Davis who s t

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    I like the kind of music Saul Hudson Slash is famed for making In fact, Guns n Roses was one of the first heavy bands I got hooked on in my teens, because even with all the boycotts and sanctions not to mention that the country was firmly in the grip of the Satanic Panic in fact there is a Wikipedia page just for this phenomenon in South Africa, which was the only country with an Occult Related Crimes Unit , Appetite for Destruction found its way h

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    I give this an extra star for the full page color photos Slash is a sexy, sexy man What s behind the untamed hair and top hat We ve all wondered The erratic curls part just enough to reveal sexy full lips Is he purposely teasing us Is he hiding something Slash lead guitarist of Velvet Revolver and the former Guns n Roses is one of the most enigmatic musicians of our time, and if you ve ever been enthralled by the opening notes of Sweet Child O Mine or wan

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    I am a huge gnr fan and I have to say that I am terribly disappointed with this book I could not wait to be done with it I always found Slash to be, besides Axl, the most articulate of the band This is the reason I wanted to read this book But his articulation didn t lend itself well to the written word This book is so badly written that is reads like a blog or email message badly written blog or email message, that is The storytelling is horribly tedious and fo

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    I swear, I do read than just rock biographies just not lately I guess.I asked for this book for Christmas and my mom told me she was totally embarrassed about buying it personally, I don t think anyone should be ashamed of being associated with old school Guns N Roses though being associated with the current incarnation is than a little embarrassing didn t Axl recently get his ass handed to him by Tommy Hilfiger anyway I ll start this review the way I m sure I ll sta

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    Sex As we mixed down the song Rocket Queen , Axl felt that the bridge needed something some other element to elevate the drama He suggested that his girlfriend Adrianna Smith, who was with us in the studio that day, fuck him in the live room so that we could record her vocals and layer them over the breakdown So we lit some candles for atmosphere, then she and Axl went out into the live room, got down on the floor by the drum riser, and we recorded Smith s performance in a

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    slash was on loveline, back when it used to be on mtv in the mid 90 s, and he smoked the whole time he was on the show, dishing advice to quick boys and oversexed girls, and his face was covered in hair, as usual, and midway through a sentence he leaned over and his cigarette fell into his boot and the crowd gasped and then got real quiet for about 20 seconds and then he leaned over, pulled the still smoking cigarette out of his boot, put it back into his mouth, leaned back and said

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    I actually enjoyed this book than the three stars would indicate because I m a big GNR fan and enjoy reading about people drinking, fucking and doing drugs until their livers, blood vessels and wangs fall off But asking Slash to author an auto biography is predictably going to end up like this I picked up a guitar when I was young and was good at it Then I had sex with a bunch of girls and did a lot of drugs Then I drank a gallon of vodka every day All the while, I was still really good a

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    You know who was a great guitar player Slash Would that I could say he is as good a storyteller Instead he seems content to write what amounts to a 482 page Creem article The poor guy is so pickled, he can t even remember the name of his music school and by remember , I mean hire someone to research it for him so that he could at least avoid embarrassment in his own autobiography We should also wish this book s crappiness ends at poor storytelling, but it doesn t There is a fundamental failure of

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