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Wisconsin Death Trip First Published In , This Remarkable Book About Life In A Small Turn Of The Century Wisconsin Town Has Become A Cult Classic Lesy Has Collected And Arranged Photographs Taken Between And By A Black River Falls Photographer, Charles Van Schaik

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    After reading Miss Peregrine s Home for Peculiar Children, a story inspired by photographs, I realized I had never added this strange and wonderful book to my list Essentially nothing than a s

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    The time traveller stepped cautiously out of his machine and looked around the wide field The day was bright, the country fecund He permitted himself a smile An elderly man was walking purposefully ahead

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    There is no better evidence than this book that the concept of a simpler, happier time is a straight up teleological mendacity concocted by some archetypal mom to make us all feel guilty for ipods and Lady Gaga It

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    Ran across this book when I was about 15 and it seared my teenage brain like hell Definitely had a visceral impact on my whole neural pathway development and all Looking back on it now, I think I d have to relegate it to th

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    I picked up this book after reading that it served as the inspiration for A Reliable Wife, but it was just a bit too strange for me As a history buff, I appreciated the photographic portraits and newspaper stories demonstrating the d

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    Reason for Reading In the book A Reliable Wife by Roderick Goodwin, the author mentions in a note that this book gave him the idea for the atmosphere to set his own book in His characters read from the newspaper regularly and his description o

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    Wisconsin Death Trip doesn t entirely deserve its cult reputation The tedious Freudian opening and closing essays and the super groovy 1970s art collages get in the way of the reader s enjoyment of its morbid and interesting little nuggets of Am

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    Not like any other book don t read it so much as dip into it and marvel at how tough life was back in the Wisconsin of the 1890 s Snippets of newspaper articles touching on deadly epidemics, bank failures, suicides, arson and doctors notes from the Mendota State

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    I recently read and loved A Reliable Wife The author, Robert Goolrick, claimed this book was his inspiration Wierd, wierd, wierd Disease Mental illness Corruption Deceit Murder Crime Psychosis Love affairs Suicide Death Lots of death This is a bizarre book, a collection of

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    great book for overly moody man children who think a passing interest in death makes them deep.

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