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The Man from Her Past This book was very annoying Yes there is rape but everything was explained in a fake way and it just didn t seem real. It S Taken Five Years For Cassie Warner To Come To Termswith The Violent Act That Shattered Her Life And Resultedin The End Of Her Marriage To Van Haddon Now, Forthe Sake Of Her Ailing Father, She S Returned ToHonestybringing With Her The Secret That Resultedfrom The Fateful NightCassie Knows Showing Up With Her Daughter Will Makeher The Object Of Scandalized Whispers, But She Still Hopesto Avoid Van Because Even Though Their Marriage Hasended, It Doesn T Mean Their Feelings For Each Other Have I liked the premise but the story itself is too slow I had to skip aheadthan a few times. i began then stopped hard read lots of rioting emotions and dealing w rape and the aftermath is never pretty not for the faint hearted. It s ok, it tries to be realistic but she changes her mind so often it s a bit annoying. WOW This book was beautifully written i loved the way the author brought everything together.Cassie She was a wonderful strong heroine, the shit she went through and the fact that she is still standing makes me so proud.Van the poor guy i felt for him, how do you feel when your put in the situtation in all honesty i dont know how anyone would feel unless your been through it yourself but god you could see how much he loved cassie, i loved that in this book you could see the love from the hero for once it was the hero acting like a lost puppythe secondary characters were great aswell will say this book contains rape aftermath of rape so if that triggers some people you have been warned.well done to the author who wrote this book kudos for an amazing book and one that i will re read GoodThis was a good book dealing with a tough issue The way this family dealt with tragedy was not good and it takes 5 years for them to deal with it.

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