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Defiant Surrender Elise D Evereaux Was Horrified When She Spilled Wine On The Pants Of The Tall, Handsome Stranger And Even Shocked When The Bold Englishman Made Her Clean It Up She Had Noticed Tony Fletcher The Moment He Walked Into The Room The Tight Fit Of His Breeches Left Nothing To The Imagination The Broad Muscled Torso Made Her Want To Be Crushed In His Embrace She Was Attracted To This Arrogant Rogue, No Doubt But She Was Unprepared For The Rush Of Desire Than The Mere Touch Of Him Would IgniteTony Fletcher Was Mesmerized By The Stunning, Sensuous Serving Girl Her Hair Had The Jeweled Sheen Of Autumn Leaves Her Slim Waist Invited His Caress Her Lips Seemed To Cry Out For His Kiss Had He Been Watching Her Serve Instead Of Admiring Her Beauty, He Probably Would Have Moved Out Of Harm S Way Instead, It Was As Though Fate Had Given Him The Chance To Take Her In His Arms And Teach Her The Ways Of Love And Tony Vowed To Hear Her Murmur His Name In Ecstasy, Until She Screamed Out In DEFIANT SURRENDER

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