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Truth Trapped On A Flood Ravaged Island Full Of Orphans, Natives And Wealthy Citizens Of The Prosperous City Lux, A Young Girl Named Geneva Finds Herself Enslaved At An Orphanage With No Future And A Past She Can T Remember That All Changes When She Meets Someone Who Promises Her That There S In Store For Her Than She Ever Could Have Imagined Her Once Dull Life Rapidly Spirals Out Of Control As She Starts To Acquire New Magical Powers That May Be The Key To Unlocking An Ancient Legend Along With Her True Identity But First She Must Master These Powers, All While Trying To Keep Them Secret From Her Friends And The Evil Head Mistress At The Orphanage Before She Knows It, Geneva Is In Over Her Head And Has Inadvertently Wrapped Her Friends Into Her Web Of Magic And Lies And Now All Of Their Lives Hang In The Balance Once The Head Mistress Finds Out Her Plan To Prove That The Legend Of Lux May Not Be A Legend At All Who Will Geneva Trust And How Far Will She Go To Save Her Friends And Find Out Her True Identity

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    4.5Such a lovely, thrilling read A group of teens finding their abilities on a island where they are used as SLAVESFantastic describes of the magic powers Brilliant world setting and I think this book is perfect for setting up the series..N

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    I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review First Impression A dark cover is sweetly foreboding, and the blurb makes for an interesting premise Characters Geneva and a motley band of orphans are stranded on an island orphanage

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    Christina Benjamin in her novel The Geneva Project Truth follows the journey of a young female orphan, Jane 65, on her journey of self discovery in the tides of a society born out of disaster Christina creates an amazingly complex world that not only captivate

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    I feel so relived to have finally finished this book As you all might know, I don t really give out one star ratings I can imagine the effort it takes to write and publish a book and I respect that This said, this book has nothing going for it The writing is a mess I wa

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    Better than divergentby a lot

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    A fabulous read for middle graders and up I loved this book Why did I love this book It is SO far from the norm that it totally won me The plot, the characters, the story world They were all a breath of fresh air, and I breathed deeply.In an island world where we meet a dystopian society o

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    This review was first published at M s Bookshelf Christina Benjamin approached me for a review, she pitched the book as being a mash up between Harry Potter , Twilight and The Hunger Games according to a fan Although skeptical at first, I was sold And importantly, with expectations that high, I was

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    I was given an ARC book for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book CONTAINS SOME SPOILERSThis was a good book It was a little slow at times, not a fast read for me, but I did enjoy the book as a whole I enjoyed getting to know each of the characters and ho

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    Beautifully defined characters and a twisting plot with plenty of danger and thrills seamlessly fill the pages of this book, with description, emotion and the discovery of the unknown Reliance on friendships made, and the importance of learning to trust as you find your way through challenges are all high points for th

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    4.5 Stars This book was great Besides being very well written and fun, it also had suspense , great friendship, magic and romance I loved how the author dished out just a little bit of history at a time This really helped me to stay in the story and not get confused or lost I loved the friendships and they made me happy for thes

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