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First Sight (Jane Yellowrock, #1.5) In The Jane Yellowrock Companion

It Is In Skinwalker That Jane Yellowrock First Meets George Dumas Bruiser And Leo Pellissier Now, In "First Sight", That Encounter Is Revisitedonly This Time From Bruiser’s Point Of View

About the Author: Faith Hunter

http://www.facebook.com/official.fait... for pics. She works with stones, pearls, crystal, and glass, wire wrapping larger, undrilled, focal stones. Labradorite, Amazonite, apatite, aquamarine, and prehnite are her favorite stones.

Faith loves orchids. Her favorite time of year is when several are blooming. Pictures can be seen at her FaceBook page. And yes, she collects bones and skulls. Many of her orchid pics are juxtaposed with bones and skulls —a fox, cat, dog, cow skull, goat, and deer skull, (that is, unfortunately, falling apart) and the jawbone of an ass. She just received a boar skull, and the skull of a mountain lion (legally purchased from a US tannery) killed in the wild.

She and her husband RV, traveling to whitewater rivers all over the Southeast.

And that leads Faith to kayaking – her very favorite sport. Faith discovered whitewater paddling when she was researching her (Gwen Hunter) mystery book, Rapid Descent. She took a lesson and—after a bout of panic attacks from fear of drowning—discovered she loved the sport.

Faith is one of the founders and a participant at the now defunct and archived

10 thoughts on “First Sight (Jane Yellowrock, #1.5)

  1. says:

    First Sight
    A Jane Yellowrock Story
    By: Faith Hunter
    Narrated by: Khristine Hvam
    A bit disappointed that this isn't even a full short story it's a small piece of a short story!
    Narration was good with what little there was!

  2. says:

    So far, I’m in George’s camp. Rick has been annoying and Leo is, well, Leo. Granted, Jane could do better than these three, but based on what little I’ve read, I’m rooting for George.

  3. says:

    Read as part of The Jane Yellowrock World Companion

    Oh, here is my man Bruiser!
    I am an unapologetic fan of George and this shortie is told from his pov and covers his first encounter with Jane.
    She kicked his ass, he was charmed. ;)


  4. says:

    I found this micro short story on Audible and I loved it. Bruiser tells the story of his meeting Jane Yellowrock for the first time. Jane kicked his ass. It's sexy and he loved it.

  5. says:

    A short scene from Bruiser's point of view, depicting how he first met, (view spoiler)

  6. says:

    I'm currently going through Jane Yellowrock withdrawal, so when I found the audible version of this novella on sale, I decided to purchase it.

    As usual, Khristine Hvam does an excellent job bringing the characters, both women AND men, to life.

    Who knew that kicking men's asses would be the way to their hearts - and ... *other* body parts! ;-)

    When it comes to Bruiser (and Leo) I don't mind insta-lust one bit. I'd love to listen

  7. says:

    First Sight is an audio short story from the Jane Yellowrock series written by Faith Hunter and read by Khristine Hvam. It takes place during the events of the first novel, Skinwalker, and centers on the first meeting between Jane Yellowrock, Leo Pellissier, and George "Bruiser" Dumas told from the perspective of George Dumas. It is first written and collected in The Jane Yellowrock World Companion.

    First Sight revisits a scene where George "Bruiser" Dumas

  8. says:

    A brief short story where George aka Bruiser sees Jane Yellowrock for the first time.

    The narrator is really good. Her ability to switch between accents is awesome.

  9. says:

    Very short but satisfying.

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