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Temper Sanguine (Sanguine, #2) One Bite Won T Kill You Unless It Does Gabe Vadas S Slayer Ancestors Would Be Spinning In Their Graves If They Knew That Not Only Is His Boss A Vampire, So Is His Lover But That Lover, Harvey Feng, Is Cooking Something Up In His Lab That He Seems Reluctant To DiscloseThe Secrets They Keep From Each Other And The Nightmares They Share Are Driving A Wedge Between ThemHarvey Fell Off The Vegetarian Wagon With One Taste Of His Lover S Blood Except Recently It S Been Having Some Unusual And Disturbing Side Effects And He Fears Their Connection Has Awakened Something Dark And DangerousSent To New York City To Help The New Top Vamp Clean Up The Mess The Old One Left Behind, Gabe Finds Than A Few Stray Feral Vampires A Doctor With A Dubious History Is Hell Bent On Creating A New Race Of Unkillable BloodsuckersThe Investigation Takes Gabe And Harvey Across An Ocean, And Deep Into The Past Where They Discover Demons That Have The Power To Reach Across The Centuries To Destroy Them BothWarning Contains A Tasty Hungarian Goulash Of Dirty Boys Doing Dirty Things, Bilingual Dirty Talk, Evil Scientists, Shifty Eyed Lab Assistants, Fun With Lab Rats, And Smexy Times In Romantic Old Europe Jo Etvagyat

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    Gabe Harvey met in the fantastic Spirit Sanguine Gabe s a vampire slayer Harvey s a Buddhist, vegetarian vampire Gabe tries to kill Harvey but is felled by Harvey s incredible peach like ass.Okay, there s slightly to it than that, but Harvey s ass is all that really matters.Well, that and Gabe s rather intense hunkliness Gabe probably looks slightly le

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    The previous book, Spirit Sanguine, was only supposed to be a short about a quirky vampire, but Harvey and Gabe hijacked the story They had so much mystery surrounding them that 73,000 words later there were still loose ends floating about.In the sequel our plucky heroes pick up unresolved threads, and then some Harvey and Gabe just can t stay out of

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    Temper Sanguine is the sequel to the Rainbow Award winning paranormal romance Spirit Sanguine, about a vampire slayer new to Chicago who finds that his assumptions about vampires are turned on their head when he attempts to stalk a hot young vamp named Harvey who s a vegetarian, a bad driver, and has a penchant for sexy role playing Instead of slaying him

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    This is just a really fun series Yes, that will they or won t they sexual tension is absent here, but I still really enjoyed the book Harvey has got to be one of my favorite vampires in ages, and Gabe is his perfect match The tension in this one is why Harvey won t drink from Gabe, and how that makes Gabe feel, along with the tracking down of a vampire trying to make

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    Lou Harper is a favourite writer of mine, ans I love Harvey and Gabe I just liked the first book But this is stll very good, and a must read if you like vampires.

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    I liked it Harvey and Gabe have some issues that they happily resolved, but I m still curious about where they re going to from that point We get a continuation of the Vegas mystery from the first book, and half of it happens in Hungary which is right next door to me so that was also fun Some parts of the mystery were solved and some weren t, so I really hope we ll get at least

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    I made it a bit over half way but am very apathetic so I m calling it quits It s of a mystery than romance which isn t bad but I just didn t care about the vampire mystery they are dealing with Bummer.

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    Quite the world hopping adventure Not quite as enjoyable as the first, although I can t quite put my finger on what was missing I do still get a kick out of the Buddhist, vegetarian vampire, though.

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    Lou Harper gives us a second amazing installment in her Sanquine series, Temper Sanguine For those unfamiliar with the first novel, Spirit Sanguine, the story revolves around the unusual pairing of Gabe Vadas, vampire slayer and his lover, Harvey Feng, vampire This delicious duo, whose tastes run from frisky and impossibly sexy role playing to hunting down rogue or feral vamps, returns with y

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    Harvey and Gabe are back and this time they ve brought vampire rats Ok, so the vampire rats don t play a humongous part in this story, but I can t help but feel that Harvey is one cage mishap away from a full on Vampiric Infestation of Chicago Rat Edition Coming off of their trip to Vegas, Harvey and Gabe have been left with questions than they have answers They ve got mysterious poker chips, sha

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