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Love Hacked 5 Zing my Fig Stars Love Hacked A Reluctant Romance is the third book off of Penny Reid s successful Knitting in City Series Love Hacked is Sandra s reluctant romance with the mysterious Alex And while I enjoyed reading the first two, this book is my favorite thus far The StorySandra is a successful psychotherapist who is unlucky in love She s been dating for two years, trying to find the one Instead, all she succeeded in doing was making her dates cry Enter Alex, The Waiter Alex the waiter was on my Spank Naughty list in third place, right after Henry Cavill the actor, then Henry Cavill as Superman He was proof that God existed and that God loved straight women Alex is both gorgeous and mysterious Sandra had been crushing on him for as long as he s been serving her on her dates The catch is Alex is way younger than her and so not the type of guy she sees herself committing to But love has other ideas While I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in this series, Love Hacked is definitely my favorite thus far It has everything that I needed and wanted in my romance novel To say that this book hit all right spot for me would be an understatement Everything just worked.The laugh out loud moments So many of them Sandra s penchant for psychoanalyzing her datesAlex s back story Sad All the girls from the knitting groupNicoletta Oh yes, Nicoletta All the elements just came together for me and it made for one hell of an enjoyable ride from beginning to end This is just your penis having the feels for my vagina So your penis is making prank calls And every time I pick up Every single time your penis makes the prank call my vagina answers the phone And then, you hang up Or your penis claims wrong number or misdial or no hablo Ingles It s infuriating and it s called genital call me maybe Yeah,I already know Penny can write funny like nobody s business but she surprised me in this book She actually made me cry Okay Maybe not the ugly sobbing one but kind of like this I just adored this book I loved Sandra I am a tad bit hard when it comes to heroine but Sandra was such a great character She is my favorite heroine in this series bar none She s funny, witty and her struggles were relatable And of course, there s Alex Alex sigh There is nothing sexier than a man of intellect And the way he loves Sandra is justperfect Swoooon I dream of your voice, daydream about it I spend a good part of my day thinking up ways to make you laugh, counting the hours before I can hold you just hold you feel you breathe, your heart beat I ve memorized your walk, I look forward to your butchering of the German language, I look forward to your every occasion t shirts I want to tell everyone about you, how brilliant you are, how generous and kind and amazing and I will keep you safe This book definitely deserves to be on my favorite shelf A definite keeper Favorite Quotes view spoiler And even though you think you want a free pass to walk inside my brain and fix me, you re wrong I am exactly what you need because I m not going to give you that pass All my broken pieces are going to love you, just as I am now, without ever being fixed You had me at wait, wait You ve shown me joy where before I saw only despair You ve taught me hope where before I knew only hopelessness I may be broken, but all my pieces are yours And I ll work every day of my life to deserve you And why did men insist on buying the largest size Didn t they understand the concept of sizes Did they think buying a magnum sized condom was going to fool me into thinking their Toyota Camery was an aircraft carrier Maybe I m old fashioned, maybe it s because my father brainwashed me, or maybe I m a free loading cow who is a blight on feminist principles, but I typically staunchly believe the man should pay for dinner Especially if it s early in the relationship You are woman You are lovely in every way inside and out But he will always have ugly balls and there is nothing he can do about it hide spoiler This Is A Previously Published Edition ASIN BISBThere Are Three Things You Need To Know About Sandra FieldingShe Makes All Her First Dates Cry,She Hasn T Been Kissed In Over Two Years, AndShe Knows How To Knit Sandra Has Difficulty Removing Her Psychotherapist Hat Of Her LastDates,Have Ended The Same Way The Man Sobbing Uncontrollably After One Such Disaster, Sandra Near Desperation And Maybe A Little Tipsy Gives In To A Seemingly Harmless Encounter With Her Hot Waiter, Alex Argumentative, Secretive, And Hostile Alex May Be The Opposite Of Everything Sandra Knows Is Right For Her But Now, The Girl Who Has Spent All Her Life Helping Others Change For The Better, Must Find A Way To Cope With Falling For Someone Who Refuses To Change At All This Is A Full Length, K Word Novel And Is The Third Book In The Knitting In The City Series All Books In The Series Can Be Read As A Standalone 5 Snarky, Inventive, Transformative, ZINGING Stars In Kindle Unlimited The Whole Series FREE Spoiler FreeOk, I admit it I am a sucker for smartbooks No, I am not talking about the encyclopedia, full of analysis books I am also not talking about books which are full of how smart they present themselves to be with SAT vocabulary with pages and pages of words which could be reduced to 3 and say the same thing equally as well.No, I am talking about books which have unique, snappy characters..People who immediately draw you in with what is happening in their heads They feel things deeply express their thoughts and feeling so I can understand why they do what they do If they have a sharp wit, many friends to share said sharp wit, all the better Add a real story, of course, a swoon worthy man and I am all in.Loved Hacked is all of the above andI saybecause it brings some very interesting questions about we as people and how we can separate who we are with our careers with how we may need to be with our loved ones.Sandra is a Pediatric Psychiatrist She has been through all of the mistakes in love had her heartbroken and is on the quest for the guy the one to have a real life with At 28, she has been searching through a system of first dates for 2 years Her looks are lovely, her personality a little quirky and self deprecating everything should be all systems go She seems to be shopping in the same pool of respectable, professional career driven men getting the same results at first fun banter then the men all seem to key into her reminding them of someone in their past, a friend, ex or even their mother and then the men start to pour out their trauma to her she sits, listens in her professional manner, gives them a pat or hug depending on how affected they are and hands them off with a card for a fellow shrink to help them on their journey Many stay friends.All this takes place at Sandra s favorite Indian restaurant as their Butter Chicken is beyond compare and the vision of Alex, her waiter over these years, is equally as stunning In fact, if Sandra had to choose between the two I really don t think she could Alex seems to be younger than Sandra, yet has a worldliness about him Physically, he is something to behold penetrating eyes, lanky body, and grace When he talks with her, it is if he sees into her soul.It is during one of these Friday night dates when Sandra s horoscope seems to come to pass as it told her be watchful you will meet the catalyst of your future the other day She thought it meant the fella she was sitting with but he too did whatever other Friday night date did he cried and left with the shrink s card No, what was about to be the change in her life was Alex coming and sitting at her table, drinking the wine and actually having a conversation with her Earth shattering Alex sits as comfortable as can be eating and drinking the wine the place is now empty and he is talking to her Sandra has to formulate the words to his questions as he is not being very nice He goes through his theories of who she is and why she has brought these men to the restaurant he has correctly deduced she is a shrink but is shocked to learn these are first dates While having this conversation, he has been repeatedly filling Sandra s wine glass resulting in a very tipsy Sandra Things come to a head when he says he doesn t understand why she does all of this as she is attractive she in her state shares she hasn t been kissed in over two years, close to 3 and doesn t intentionally wish these men to cry She gets up unsteady goes to the bathroom and upon returning walks directly into Alex, who is blocking her way He mentions 3 years is a long time to go without a kiss while holding her close Sandra decides to graze her lips across his does once, and then again Alex then takes over This is a man who knows how to kiss he sets off Zings throughout Sandra making her experience what it really feels like to have that overwhelming stupid brain want.As they pull away they have the most telling conversation because Alex asks Sandra a basic question she shakes her head no but tells the truth with her mouth doing again what Alex has seen over and over again Sandra can shut down how she is thinking and feeling about things in order to hear the other person s story without giving herself away Alex focuses in on this and stops all of the action they were having Sandra goes home not really understanding what took place Alex is closed off.This book is wonderful We follow the two of these people getting to know each other in spite of the boundaries each uses Alex has deep, serious ideas of life what it has dealt him how he needs to live as freely as he can Sandra has her own ways and some she doesn t really wish to address defense mechanisms which have been used for years Alex pushes her and she does the same with him.The real obstacle for these two is something not oblivious right away Can Sandra be there for Alex and just be rather than be the Sandra she is used to being the listener, than fixer that is the critical question I felt in this book.I came to Loved Hacked Knitting in the City 3 by Penny Reid totally blind I did not know of the series or Ms Reid The characters from the past books are here the repartee is fast, hysterical and smart Words are created and used perfectly I want to be part of their knitting group and I don t knit The storyline is really current and funny enough Real Life magazines have been doing articles about the topic used as the focal point The chemistry between Sandra and Alex is off the charts and ZINGING all over the place so this is a true yummy romance.I will be looking forfrom Ms Reid and will probably work my way backward through this series Now if I learn how to knit one and purl two it will be an added bonus Neanderthal Seeks Human Knitting in the City, 1 Neanderthal Marries Human Knitting in the City 1.5 Friends Without Benefits Knitting in the City 2 Love Hacked Knitting in the City, 3 and the Mustache Knitting in the City, 4 Winston Brothers, 0.5 Happily Ever Ninja Knitting in the City, 5 Dating ish Knitting in the City, 6 Marriage of Inconvenience Knitting in the City 7 was received in exchange for an honest reviewForReviews, Free E books and Giveaways 3.75 stars As usual he was looking at me with thoughtful, deep set indigo eyes behind black horned rimmed glasses I want youthan the easiness and comfort of numbness I can t really say too much in my review as there is a lot of stuff going on in it that you are better off just coming across as you read it His favorite book a collect of short stories was The Dubliners , written by James Joyce I remember telling my then boyrfriend who is now my husband that I had read Ulysses He was studying for a Doctorate in English Literature at the time and I said it to impress him He was impressed he married me It wasn t until years later that it came out that I have never read the book Loved meeting all the friends again The world is an unbelievable place full of unbelievable people doing unbelievable things A good solid read a very enjoyable series. 5 Stars So over Christmas I took advantage of the extra time to catch up on this series, I read the whole thing out of order and what with book 5 coming out very shortly, I thought I should finally read both Friends without Benefits, and then this one, Love Hacked.What the HECK This was my favourite out of all 4, I bloody loved it Why didn t anyone tell me how good it was Sandra is a shrink, she has been dating for years, without success She goes to the same restaurant every other Friday, and ends up counselling her date instead of being woo ed As you can imagine, these men never end up becomingthan a friend, in fact, Sandra has lots of male friends, but never any boyfriends.Alex has been a waiter at the Indian restaurant she takes her dates to for two years, and although she finds him very sexy, he is much younger than her so she just treats him as the very lovely eye candy he is Also, for reasons unknown, he seems to treat her with some kind of disdain That is until one night, when he takes the bull by the horns and decides to find out what her thing is with making grown men cry You re a shrink, he saidHe might as well accused me of being a traitor or a murderer or a Kardashian I absolutely loved these two together, I cannot describe how perfect their paring was She was a quirky, independent and very funny woman, and he, well he was a mysterious stranger who blew hot and cold I never knew what he was thinking or what he was up to, and then all of a sudden he would come out with the most swoony thing, I bloody adored him Remember that I ve been watching you for over two years You are the most exquisitely beautiful woman I ve ever seen And I ll never say that you re pretty, because that word is pathetically inadequate This was a very intelligently written story, it was funny, it was adorable and it was pretty sexy at times I just thought the whole story was so unique, I have never read anything remotely similar and although it has Penny Reid s signature style, it has a very different feel to the rest of this series so far The world is an unbelievable place full of unbelievable people doing unbelievable things I just LOVED it, I can t say anyPure brilliance.Love Hacked is the third book in a series of standalone contemporary romances, focusing on a ladies knitting group Told in the female POV. Review Vanilla Spice Books LOVE HACKED is the third installment in the Knitting in the City series and so far my most favorite It is amazing how creative Penny Reid s stories are, they always have a special something that only this author can pull off It s this combination of science, quirkiness, loveliness and wonderful characters in her stories that pull me in and move me every time.Love Hacked is about Alex and Sandra Sandra is a psychiatrist whose dates always end up with the men crying Being on the outside, watching that whenever she meets her date at a restaurant I d be pretty confused This is where Alex, the waiter of the said restaurant, finds himself After two years of watching Sandra and seeing her date yet again cry during their meal he talks to her Sandra is completely smitten with Alex, despite his aloofness she feels that he is special As they get to know each other, Alex sheds his natural distrust of people in minuscule doses But to base a relationship on attraction and the little she knows about him Can that be enough I loved Alex He was THE BEST He was nerdy yum , had Henry Cavill good looks yum and wicked smart ZING But his best featurehe was deeply and irrevocably in love with Sandra, so deep that you know that there is no recovery from it It almost felt desperate, that if she turned her back on him he would never recover Alex s trust issues came from a past raised in foster homes and him being too intelligent and smart for his own good He knew things we all probably never even suspect For Sandra getting answers from Alex was like pulling teeth He really didn t give a lot of himself, mainly because he was scared she would leave My heart broke a little for his frustration with himself and the world You ve shown me joy where before I saw only despair You ve taught me hope where before I knew only hopelessness I may be broken, but all my pieces are yours And I ll work every day of my life to deserve you Sandra s natural tendency to help people has landed her a harem of good friends The men she meets for first dates always tell her their life stories and, frankly, she s tired of it She watched her girlfriends Elizabeth and Janie fall in love and wants nothingthan what they have When she meets Alex she senses the broken boy in him and her innate urge to help kicks in But it s not what Alex wants, he doesn t want Sandra the therapist but the woman, who he thinks is the most exquisitely beautiful woman in the world SWOON I loved how protective he was of Sandra, how mature beyond his young age.Their banter was hilarious at some point Elizabeth got sexually frustrated and the snark came out to play This is just your penis having the feels for my vagina Your penis is making prank calls and every single time your penis makes a prank call, my vagina answers the phone And then you hang up Or your penis claims wrong number or misdial or no hablo Ingles It s infuriating, and it s called genital call me maybe Of all of the KITC girls I love Sandra best so far She is such a levelheaded, lovely, sweet, endearing heroine She has so much love to give and I m so happy that she was paired with somebody who is deserving of that She is easy going, smart, kind It was hard for her sometimes to shrug off the psychiatrist in her but Alex always called her out on it Alex and Sandra were perfectly matched They stole my heart with their sweet connection I looked at him, lost in him, found in him He was my remarkable, extraordinary, unbelievable Alex Despite what he thought, he wasn t broken His missing pieces provided a home for my heart And I knew no matter what the future held that life was good What you don t get to see often enough is a older heroine younger hero pairing I loved that Ms Reid used it for these two, it was perfectly balanced with Alex maturity and his need for love To be able to lean on somebody without them being motherly.This book is a dream for all nerdy Star Wars fangirls as there are a lot of references sprinkled throughout the story In the end I wanted to high five Alex for the coup he pulled what a smart thing to do I applaud Penny Reid for explaining Bitcoins, which have always been a mystery to me, in a way I actually understood the whole concept Now, The Beauty and the Moustache is upDan and Kat, I m on to you Soon you ll be mine Find all of my reviews atMy name is Alex and I ll be serving you tonightPenny Reid has become a go to gal for me when I m in the mood for a light romance I have readthan a handful of her stories and have not disliked any of them, which is pretty much a miracle if you know me at all I m living proof that you don t have to read her stuff in order either I pick up what I call The Bearded Brothers in whatever order they come to me and I had only read 6 in this series before requesting this 3 I will say I m not a knitter so the knitting club as well as some of its members aren t necessarily my cuppa The good thing is you can just skip the characters you don t want to hearabout like I did and go right for the one that made you want to take your pants off Our leading lady this time around is Sandra shrink by day, dating failure by night For the past two years she s been taking potential Mr Rights to a restaurant near her house where she gets dolled up, orders the butter chicken and then proceeds to make them cry like tiny little bitches Alex is a waiter at said restaurant who has watched these near weekly failures withthan simple curiosity Sandra and I share the same feelings when it comes to Alex He gives me zings in my thingsNow let s cease with the talky and get to giffing to splain why this worked for me.1 Not only was our female lead a doctor who actually had her shit together, but she was also significantly older than the leading male which made me go 2 The leading MALE was a virgin You know what that was like It was like seeing this3 I was also familiar with him from Book 6 and his storyline was most definitely a delightful blast from my past 4 Not to mention he was described as looking like both this Henry Cavill As well as this one Sidenote Normally I like to picture this Henry Cavill being that I m a pervert who reads motorcycle porn like it s a part time job5 Back to our leading lady Her claim to fame was a collection of oddball t shirts To say I could relate might be an understatement 6 Reid doesn t give up the goods instantly, but you do get to some a lot of this Starting right around the mid point.To sum it up, Reid delivers what I order an actual plot, well developed characters including friends not just the two leads , females who aren t pushovers, males who might be a little alpha but who don t behave like cavemen, just the right number of pages and a bonus in the form of some LOL able funny for good measureI like how you say my name I can t wait to hear you scream it Wait, did he mean scream it as in yeah babyof that sexy stuff, or scream it as in please stop murdering meESPECIALLY when it came to the realistic reaction to a ginormous wangNo Do not want Please un supersize my orderThis time around she even offered up a trip down memory lane in the soundtrack that my family is hoping will get out of my head so I stop singing and gyrating all over the house THROWBACK THURSDAY5 starsThere is boring There is sensational There is mediocre There is lazy There is good There is evil People do implausible things all the time, and they run the gamut of moderately weird to truly extraordinary But there is no normal The world is an unbelievable place full of unbelievable people doing unbelievable thingsSo, I kind of adored this book I m really kicking myself now for having put off reading it, and I have no clue why I did Love Hacked is my favorite of the Knitting series and unexpectedly blew me away This is the story of Sandra and Alex Sandra has gone on a number of unsuccessful dates over the past three years, with most of her dates ending up sobbing based on the personal issues unearthed Lots of her dates take place at an Indian restaurant where the sexy Alex works as a waiter After her most recent date fails, Alex sits down and takes his place, yet remains a complete mystery to Sandra The two have an obvious connection, but Sandra has her doubts about Alex and how he s so quiet about himself Despite this, the two find themselves thrown togetheroften than not and tentatively forge a relationshipWhen I was younger, I wanted plenty of things, plenty of people, until I realized there was no point in wanting Since then, I ve never had something I wanted, not really Not til youI loved the back and forth between Alex and Sandra The two were so different and yet seemed so perfect together Alex is an extremely intelligent individual and he wouldn t fall for a dumb girl or a fake one I loved Sandra in this book and her low bullshit meter She fought hard for him, believed in him and didn t judge him too harshly In return Alex did his best to take care of Sandra despite his trust issues and .I also loved the intelligent sense of humor in this book Lots of Star Wars references that made me smile Much of the banter had me cracking up as well Alex and Sandra had a great push and pull relationship but neither went too far I also was impressed with the age difference, personally at 26 I would have a hard time dating a 21 year old guy, so I can kind of identify with Sandra s struggle with the 6 7 year age difference between them, but ultimately age didn t matter It really was the case of loving someone for who they are despite differences So again, like I already said, I loved this book Loved the characters, story, angst andand I highly recommendYou ve shown me joy where before I saw only despair You ve taught me hope where before I knew only hopelessness I may be broken, but all my pieces are yours And I ll work every day of my life to deserve you Third time reading

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