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Aztec Fullcolor Photos Unravel The Remarkable Mysteries Of The Ancient Peoples
who Built Great Palaces And Pyramids, And Developed An Accurate Calendar And A
knowledge Of Astronomy Without The Benefit Of Telescopes Or Written Language

About the Author: Elizabeth Baquedano

Elizabeth Baquedano is a Lecturer at University of London, United Kingdom.

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    Has a lot of information, plenty of pictures and is easy to read and understand. The DK range of eyewitness books is perfect for school history topics.

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    Aztec, Inca & Maya: Book Review

    As in all DK Eyewitness Books, it's all about the pictures!

    In this volume, author Elizabeth Baquedano focuses on the lives, culture, and deaths of the ancient civilizations that were spread out along what is now Mexico, Central America, and the western coast of South America.

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    Aztec, Inca, and Maya
    Baquedano, Elizabeth
    a great children's resource aztecs and mayan culture

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    Ugh. This was awful. [If you're going to go with DK than a better book by them was "DKfindout! Maya, Incas, and Aztecs"].

    This was poorly laid out and edited. The double pages look like they've simply been filled with many photos of museum artefacts jumbled on pages (not always identifying origin) instead of carefully curated infographics a

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    This informational books provides an overview of life among the Aztec, Inca, and Mayan civilizations. It covers a wide variety of topics, but it takes a very shallow pass on those to accommodate information about three distinct cultures. I would put this book in a fifth through eighth grade classroom as it deals with the sensitive topic of human sacrifice and

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    Estonian version is titled Aztecs, which is rather misleading if you pick it up to learn only of them - the information about different civilizations is all mixed up, also adding in Nazca, Chimu, Moche etc. That made reading it like taking a spin in the tumble drier. It does have really pretty pictures.

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    Excellent pictorial history book specially intended for young people. Very clear photographs and gives a much detailed ideal of ancient Mesoamerica and Andes people. It is utterly disgusting and unfortunate that a few people from Europe destroyed such ancient civilization due to greed. Tey not only killed life but destroyed and devastated whatever they saw.

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    Aztec have very unique way of using things. We don't use it anymore the way they use it. but we have new designs. Aztec have great things and great way to use in their daily life. Everything they use its made by hands.

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    Clear illustrations and explanations. The Incan's seemed to be different in many ways from the other two cultures so I am not sure why they are grouped together.

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    The things that used to be lasted now we don't use it anymore. But they has given us an ideas how can we use and make things according to the design . We still can see them in Museum.

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