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Life As We Knew It Miranda S Disbelief Turns To Fear In A Split Second When A Meteor Knocks The Moon Closer To The Earth How Should Her Family Prepare For The Future When Worldwide Tsunamis Wipe Out The Coasts, Earthquakes Rock The Continents, And Volcanic Ash Blocks Out The Sun As Summer Turns To Arctic Winter, Miranda, Her Two Brothers, And Their Mother Retreat To The Unexpected Safe Haven Of Their Sunroom, Where They Subsist On Stockpiled Food And Limited Water In The Warmth Of A Wood Burning StoveTold In Journal Entries, This Is The Heart Pounding Story Of Miranda S Struggle To Hold On To The Most Important Resource Of All Hope In An Increasingly Desperate And Unfamiliar World

About the Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer

Susan Beth Pfeffer was born in New York City in 1948 She grew up in the city and its nearby suburbs and spent summers in the Catskill Mountains When she was six her father wrote and published a book on constitutional law, and Pfeffer decided that she, too, wanted to be a writer That year she wrote her first story, about the love between an Oreo cookie and a pair of scissors However, it wasn t

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    Okay, I was really looking forward to this book I ve been reading a lot of dystopias lately and they ve surprised me in a positive way Not this one.Why SCIENCE Listen, if you re writing fantasy or sci fi that s not based on Earth you can go all out, like, That asteroid knocked Zhogenaqn, our moon, out of or

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    This book is was very overwhelming for me I felt like it could really happen After I read half the book I honestly wanted to go to the grocery store and get as much food as I possibly could It showed me how fragile our lives really are, and I was reminded again what really is important in life Miranda grows so much

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    i don t know who i am trying to kid i keep reading these survival stories, thinking to myself, i will know what to do if this happens i will have tips and tricks and i will be the last one standing that s pretty much bullshit while its true i probably could survive, i wouldn t want to i m a fat lazy american i don t want t

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    Opening Line Lisa is pregnant Dad called around 11 o clock to let us know I loved this, easily one of my top reads this year although maybe love isn t the right word because this book scared the crap out of me It also depressed me, made me very cold and gave me OCD about stockpiling food I mean just how long could I survive on wh

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    Now I know a one star is pretty bad but when I put my cursor over the one star it says didn t like it and I did not like this book at all I m not going to go into full detail because it would torture me but heres the plot You are reading about a family that lives in Pennsylvania and the character Miranda is a teenage girl living with her

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    I m all for the survival of the fittest when tragedy strikes novels I normally like the hardcore kind Given this was a young adult novel, I didn t expect it to be graphic, violent or truly horrific which is why I went into it expecting light hearted fiction and that s what I got Nothing too clever or deep, but it did make me sad a few times The

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    Life As We Knew It Last Survivors 1 by Susan Beth Pfeffer is a book that sounded so intriguing and it certainly was A giant asteroid hits the moon from the dark side I think and it had a greater force than expected and pushes the moon out of it s normal orbit, path, rotation, and closer to Earth This book follows one family before and after as everything

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    I warn you, this is going to make me sound a little odd, if not insane I read this book in bed, on the way to work, whenever I had free time I d be walking along the road thinking about how it s probably good that someone shared their lunch with me today because we need to save food And it s really grey today Damn those volcanic ash clouds blocking the sun I ima

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    I don t usually give 1 star unless I really hated the book I really hated this book.I m a sucker for dystopian end of the world books, let me tell you I picked this one up at Barnes And Noble last summer in the hopes of finding another book I really loved, but unfortunately that was not the case The most important part of an end of the world thriller, in my opinion, is

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    This story gives you page after page of quietly powerful sentences and deep life lessons that will stay with you loooong after you ve put this book down. Miranda, once a typical teenage girl, now faces the unthinkable for herself and for her family A large meteor has collided with the moon, pushing it closer to Earth, causing tidal waves, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanoes T

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