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Secret Silver Nights Sometimes Secrets are a Great thing.This is book 4 of the series, it stayed true to the family lines It was interesting how the candidates were able to build relationship while running for office An avid fan of Zuri, I have fallen for the Drake family. Niko thought that his competitor for the next mayor of Paradise Cove is a guy name Mo Slater What he didn t expect is that Mo Slater is a women by the name of Monique Slater, the one person that has beaten him in a debates in college He is still bitter about his losing whenever he think about it Monique know she is playing dirty by purposely hiding her true identity She know that her competitor is strong and that she will have a hard time in running for the mayor office The sparks between them grow each time there met yet can they be together while competing for the mayor position Overall, it is a sweet read for me with lovable characters and story line The strong chemistry between the main characters is a page turner for me. CONCEPTThe concept of this story was a party two political candidates bidding for the same office, try to ignore the sparks flying between them, give in to temptation and embark on a secret sizzling affair while on the campaign trail STORYThe third son of a powerful Northern California dynasty, Nico Drake has dreams of one day becoming governor of his state First item on his agenda beating his newest mayoral challenger Ivy League dazzler Monique Slater is already swaying voters with her innovative ideas and arousing an irresistible desire in the heart of her unattached opponentMonique has big plans for the small scenic town of Paradise Cove plans that don t include falling for her sexy political rival Keeping their sizzling relationship under wraps while running against each other is a tightrope act Now someone is trying to not only ruin Monique s reputation, but also make sure Nico does not win the race With both their futures on the line, can Nico convince Monique that there are no losers when it comes to love CHARACTERSNico and Monique were college debate rivals and unbeknownst to Nico, Monique has had a crush on him and she now finds, after reuniting, the crush is a full blown attraction, she tries to ignore Monique is strong willed woman and very dedicated She remembers the promise she made to her relative to run for mayor of the town that he lost the mayoral race years prior She uproots and relocates to the small town of Paradise Cove and comes face to face with Nico Drake and her feelings, she thought were suppressed, were even deeper than before Nico s magnetism and charm sweep Monique into a sizzling secret affair that is true typical Drake man and would make Poppa Dee proud DIALOGUEThe dialogue was engaging and stays in line with the flow of the story STRUCTUREThe structure of this of this story was in line with the theme and made for an interesting read The storyline stayed on course and make the readers fall in love with Nico.OVERALLSecret Silver Nights was the latest installment in the Drake family series and I truly enjoyed it The dialogue between Monique and Nico was great as well as the interaction of Nico with his family This was a good read. Secret Silver Nights is Book 5 in The Drakes of California series by Author Zuri Day This book centers around the third son of the powerful California dynasty.Niko Drake is very confident when it comes to becoming the next mayor of Paradise Cove He has used all of finesse to guarantee that he will be victorious What he didn t count on was his competitor, Mo Slater aka Monique Slater Once he finds out Mo Slater s true identity the race heats up Monique Slater was the only person to beat Niko during his college debates He is still bitter about the loss that happened years ago But he can t deny the attraction he carried and still carries for her.Monique Slater aka Mo Slater knows she was playing a little dirty when she concealed her true identity to secure a nomination for mayor, but it was her dying relatives wish that she runs for office She uses that as motivation to pull out all the stops In the process, she has left some unfinished business in her past Will something or someone from her past destroy what she has worked so hard for Author Zuri Day continues to wave her magic wand over reader s hearts with her new book, Secret Silver Nights The strong chemistry between Niko and Monique melted the pages of this book It got to the point I didn t care who won the mayor s race I wanted to know who would win the war of hearts This book does center around a mayor s race so it s only right that Zuri sprinkles a little ounce of secrets, betrayal, and corruption.I recommend this book for your reading pleasure. Secret Silver Nights is another great book in the Drakes of California series Niko and Mo s story is wonderful Sometimes the political aspect in a book can get boring really fast but Zuri Day didn t put too much emphasis on political stuff She was still able to show the readers what happens during a campaign and how some politicians play dirty But the love story was still there I can t wait to read about the other Drake siblings. Another Drake finds his true love As with her other books, author Zuri Day gives you hope and belief that love does indeed conquer all This book was an awesome read, I loved the storyline, with love politics making good bed fellows, and it was easily readable in one sitting Whenever I pick up one of her books, I know that I m practically guaranteed to fall in love with the characters story, and that the book won t disappoint me I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a great romance. Shockingly boring.I love zuri day work so I was shocked that this book was boring Monique and Niko have no chemistry at all I ve fallen asleep multiple times while reading this book And that s unknown for me I m use to her characters having some kind of spice or sizzle this book fell way short of that. This book was an excellent read that had quite a different storyline that led to a happy ending Both Niko Drake and Monique Slater ran a good clean race to see who the Mayor of Paradise Cove would be There were also a few kinks that took place before the race was won and most definitely some hot and steamy nights that produced a wonderful love story Awesome read for me ExceptionalI ve fallen in love with all of the main characters Loved their story Thanks for writing such an amazing story. Will Winning The Race Mean Losing Her LoveThe Third Son Of A Powerful Northern California Dynasty, Nico Drake Has Dreams Of One Day Becoming Governor Of His State First Item On His Agenda Beating His Newest Mayoral Challenger Ivy League Dazzler Monique Slater Is Already Swaying Voters With Her Innovative Ideas And Arousing An Irresistible Desire In The Heart Of Her Unattached Opponent Monique Has Big Plans For The Small Scenic Town Of Paradise Cove Plans That Don T Include Falling For Her Sexy Political Rival Keeping Their Sizzling Relationship Under Wraps While Running Against Each Other Is A Tightrope Act Now Someone Is Trying To Not Only Ruin Monique S Reputation, But Also Make Sure Nico Does Not Win The Race With Both Their Futures On The Line, Can Nico Convince Monique That There Are No Losers When It Comes To Love

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Zuri Day is a hopeful romantic She believes in happy endings, half full glasses and dreams coming true That s why she s thrilled to be a contributing writer to this genreone of her favorites Zuri doesn t remember exactly how old she was when she picked up her first romance novel, but she does remember it was love at first sight It was probably a Harlequin, she recalled during a recent inte

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