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You Wouldn T Have Been Able To Resist Either, Believe Me He Broke Down My Defenses As If They Were Paper One Dark, Unfathomable Glance From Alejandro, The Notorious Duke Of Alzacar, And I Was His It Was Only Later That I Realized Why He D Seduced Me, And I Had No Choice But To Flee Nine Months On, He S Found Me No Matter How My Body And My Heart React To Him, I Can Never Let The Duke Take Our Son Away From Me But Alejandro Will Stop At Nothing I Just Have One Card Left To Play Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret

About the Author: Jennie Lucas

Jennie Lucas had a tragic beginning for any would be writer a very happy childhood Her parents owned a bookstore, and she grew up surrounded by books, dreaming about faraway lands Her mother read aloud to her in French when she was little when she was ten, her father secretly paid her a dollar for every classic novel Jane Eyre, War and Peace that she read As a chubby teenager, Jennie covere

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    Finally an absolute WINNER after some very disappointing Mills Boon stories that I have read lately.A first for Mills Boon..a romance novel written in 1st person Now that s something different.Jenny Lucas did not disappoint me..I had the feeling that I was going to love this story..from the opening lines I was pulled into Lena Carlisle s head I experienced what she saw, what she felt, what sh

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    Well This had a 2014 copyright date, but I felt like I was reading an old school I mean 1970 s old school HP because not only was the plot OTT with fun twists, there was a travelogue of the Alhambra in Spain The hero had a deep dark secret that involved view spoiler mistaken identities hide spoiler

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    First of all this book is written in first person perspective, heroine s the narrator Heroine is an innocent poor orphan young woman mistreated by her rich evil cousin She even works for her and sleeps in a shabby attic A Cinderella heroine She meets Alejandro a handsome duke and falls for him fast and hard But so does her evil cousin and she eventually breaks them up Nine months later Alejandro fi

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    4.5 Stars This is a safe read Both were celibate during time apart HURRAH I just completed my fourth read through Although I liked it the first time, I was a bit torn but I understand it better now The first time through I made some hasty judgements because the hero was so horribly mean at the beginning of the story but it takes a couple of chapters to understand that he had good reason to be, but tho

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    Love, like trust, is earned, It is kept, day by day, night by night, as we reveal to each other who we were Who we are And most of all, who we hope to be Secret baby plot can be a hit or miss for me But with this one, I can honestly say that I loved this story It hit all the right spots for me So many raw emotions between Alejandro and Lena And it drew me in completely from the first page and m

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    I loved this book It will be on my re read list for sure I loved the h I got all teary eyed when she went back for her son s legacy and I could just see the look on the Heroes face when he realized how she had lived and how she was treated It was very sad I hated her cousin She was unbelievable When the h asked her why she couldn t love her, it broke my heart I loved the H after he realized how special she

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    I loved this book I was in the mood for something romantic and sweet and this hit the spot just right.Low level angst,sweet heroine,sweet baby,loveable abuela,and a great lead alpha male.I was prepared to dislike him at the beginning, but as the book came to a close,I loved him.Very strong 4.5

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    This is one of a two part series written in first person point of view I don t usually like first person but the stories kept me involved.The heroine Lena fell in love with Alejandro the Duke of Alzacar a year ago when they embarked upon a summer affair Then he left, before she could tell him she was pregnant Her step sister then revealed it was a plot and afraid of having her baby taken from her, Lena fled with

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    Well, my first HP of 2015 and my first one in a long while, was a success I ve always been a Jennie Lucas fan since I read her first book At times she can get OTT with the drama but this one didn t reach that level I thought the story was very sweet.Alejandro after he realized the truth about Lena was very sweet to Lena He wasn t a huge jerk, which was refreshing and there were even times that Lena seemed to win sho

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    I really like to read harlequin since my teenager time And only some authors become my favorite One of it is Jennie Lucas The book she writing usually have a fast pace, clear plot, and have pregnancy thing And I really really like how the angst all over the book So when I need an angst book, I will go for her The male lead is acceptable, cold but not cruel and loyal The heroine is kind of strong in heart and not sassy.

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